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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ is the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!

Dear God,

Dear God, You know what I want before I do, You know what I sorely need before the need arises in my own mind. You know my greatest need is to learn to trust in You, totally. This need to trust in … Continue reading

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Synodalia: Have you noticed what’s missing?

Originally posted on Dominus mihi adjutor:
One thing sadly, disastrously, absent from the Synod from the scanty information we have been permitted to receive, is eternity. We look to the woefully deficient Relatio, or working document, that was so unwisely released (perhaps as…

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Here With Me

Please forgive poor Burrito who is suffering from another attack of sentimentalism. I have just worked a busy night-shift and am having trouble sleeping. These experiences tend to weaken me. You might remember in a previous post that I asserted … Continue reading

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Brotherhood And Sisterhood

It is a Catholic Truth that every human being who lives, has lived, or is yet to live, is our brother or sister in Christ. Yes, even the amoral, the criminal, the mad, and the wicked. One can only appreciate … Continue reading

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Scandal is dangerous because it makes us sheep skittish. It arouses strong negative emotions which can overwhelm us and lead to disappointment and even despair. It might even make us think that our carefully nurtured Faith might be false. Scandal is always … Continue reading

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Coins vs Fruit

My PP used a lovely phrase today in his sermon: “Good works are not coins with which to buy entrance to Heaven, they are the fruit of redemption by Grace”. Sorry about the picture, I was rushed.  

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Black Holes

Hi, BB here, interloping with something which is not pure Catholicism, but interesting nonetheless. I believe Catholics should be interested in everything that isn’t sinful, especially if it causes them brain-ache. Please watch Prof. Leonard Susskind from Stanford Uni, his mother’s … Continue reading

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As a junior doctor I was most taken by a senior colleague’s description to medical students of life-support as “air going in and out, and blood round and round”. Such simplicity of exposition! I have used that expression ever since, to … Continue reading

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Carrier Signal

As a teenager, I inherited a Russian made multi-band  AM/FM radio from my elder brother, after he had left university. In those pre-internet days, a teen’s highway to the wide world was by radio. With this machine, I could tune … Continue reading

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Saint John Chrysostom on the ‘Folly’ of the Cross

Originally posted on Journey Towards Easter:
Today is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, which celebrates the discovery of the True Cross by Saint Helena (mother of Constantine the Great) in 326 – a discovery which, nine…

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Armour And Amour

“Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create.” Pope John Paul II Violence can either be repelled with more violence, or absorbed and transmuted, with Love, or a judicious bit of both*, I suppose. … Continue reading

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Misogyny Is Stupid

“The hatred of women or girls (by men, usually) has to be the most idiotic attitude of all time”. The simplest (Catholic) explanation for this bald statement of mine is to present, as evidence to confound the contrary, the most perfectly … Continue reading

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Bread And Better

Following a hard day at work, my wife presented me with a delicious supper ( a Reuben sandwich on rye with pastrami, ‘kraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing), and without thinking I said to her, O (my beloved), you are much better … Continue reading

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Taking Sides

God is kindly hearted and doesn’t take sides. He loves all of us individually, but especially the weak and poor and afflicted. The devil doesn’t take sides either, but he wants there to be as many sides as there are people. … Continue reading

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Being a Catholic ultimately means being homeless, at least in this Creation. We are only really at home in God. During our exile here on Earth, it pays to be kind to the sick and strangers, to be fair in … Continue reading

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