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John Henry Newman. Part One – The Man

In a matter of weeks the Holy Father will come to Birmingham to beatify the Ven. Cardinal John Henry Newman. Views on this saintly man are varied with many Catholics knowing very little about him. To non-Catholics his authorship of … Continue reading

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Practicing, but nowhere near perfect!

From time to time, I fall into the sin of the contented Pharisee – ‘Lord,  I thank thee that I am not as others are… extortioners, unjust, adulterers.’ It is so easy to compare myself favourably with those in public … Continue reading

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On being rescued: part 2.

(For “On being rescued: part 1”, follow this link ) 6/7/89, a date, and a series of consecutive digits, of enormous significance to me. Was it a message from God? I bought books on numerology, astrology, divination, demonology and many … Continue reading

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The Mediaeval Rosary

 One of our first posts on Catholicism Pure and Simple introduced us to the Holy Rosary. This much loved devotion is always associated with St. Dominic – and rightly so. It was Alan of Rupe who started the first … Continue reading

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Oremus pro eo

by MMVC The following heart-warming item was recently published on Zenit, an online Catholic news agency ( that provides up to date coverage on the Holy Father, life in the Holy See and events of specific interest to the Church: … Continue reading

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The Suffering Church

The Catholic Herald carries a story about the increasingly perilous position of Christians in Pakistan, where Christians and the Church are coming under increasing attack by people describing themselves as Moslems. The situation is not helped by Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, … Continue reading

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St Mary Magdalen

She has loved much Today is the feast of St Mary Magdalen. Who is this woman whose story more than any other in the gospels speaks to us of the Mercy of God? From fragments of scripture, an image emerges. … Continue reading

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Black humour

A medical colleague sent me this. It is a computer generated cartoon movie depicting a “professional” conversation between two junior doctors. It is amazingly true to life. Can I ask you to watch it first-stay with it to the end, … Continue reading

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Perusing the Catholic Press this weekend the following was in the inside pages of ‘The Universe” and I think is worthy of some debate. A Catholic diocese has launched an appeal after being found liable for running a boys’ school … Continue reading

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Become one body, one spirit in Christ

The headline is the title of the resource that is apparently on its way to teach us about the new translation of the missal. Here’s the website: Meanwhile, here in New Zealand, we had this letter read at every Mass … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter

by Maryla The heart is seen as the essence of a person, universally recognised as the wellspring of human emotions and love. In artistic expression or everyday life, we hear words such as ‘heart-rending’, ‘heart’s desire’ and ‘heart-throb’. We speak … Continue reading

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Dear Readers

This blog was announced to the public at 14:07 BST just two weeks ago on Damian Thompson’s blog. By the Monday evening, we were receiving 1483 visits per day, by non staff. We received a mention by Fr. Tim Finigan … Continue reading

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The Rosary: a short introduction

Your priest has probably never told you anything about the Rosary. Let us correct this unfortunate situation with some short remarks. The Rosary is both a cycle of prayer and a small object used to help the faithful in reciting … Continue reading

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A Journey to Rome: Part One

On 27 August 1974, at the age of nineteen, I was baptised in the Church in Wales, a branch of Anglicanism; on 12 July 2010, at the age of fifty-five, I was received into the Holy Catholic Church.  I have … Continue reading

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