Football and Nuns

Portrait of an Argentinian feminist nun on a good day.

We read here on Rorate Coeli that Argentina might be better at football than at producing good nuns. At least judging from what you will read if you follow the link.

It makes for a rather shocking reading (or an amusing one, according to your mood of the day). I can tell you with certainty that not even an MP of a big Italian left wing party would ever express himself with such unashamed fanaticism. This is fringe-group feminist talk of the purest water.

It would please some Australian angry feminists.You know the type.



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33 Responses to Football and Nuns

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    What about rugby? I’ve heard the all-blacks are pretty good.


  2. cumanus says:

    What’s their team called, “Las Brujas” ?


  3. teresaholysmoke says:

    Pope Benedict said in issue football his heart beats for the homeland!
    I wish Germany will win today too. (Is it too controversial?)



  4. Mundabor says:

    I loved “appraisal of diversity” a lot.

    It sounds so progressive and at the same time so unbelievably patronising.


  5. Mundabor says:

    I do believe that the Germans have a formidable team.
    But I can’t avoid thinking that on meeting the Argentinian nuns they would run away screaming “Die Nonnen kommen!” (new version of “Die Russen kommen!)”.


  6. Brother Burrito says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I was worried about you, as I hadn’t seen your posts for a while. Lots of loop catching up for you to do. See you there.


  7. Benedict Carter says:

    Just kick them out of the convents. Get rid of them. We need a strong and determined wielder of a yardbrush to sweep these places clean of this secularised trash.


  8. Mundabor says:

    don’t you think that since the HF has announced his new “ministry for re-evangelisation” a lot of people seem to show that the re-evangelisation should begin within the Church first?

    I wonder how the message of re-evangelisation can be presented with any amount of credibility until such things are allowed to happen.


  9. Mundabor says:

    I don’t want to be cruel but is is now 5:30 pm and it does seem as if the Argentinian footballer were in the end not so much better than some of their nuns.

    Although as an Italian I am fully aware that I should just shut up 😉


  10. Caroline says:

    LOL. I haven’t even read the blog piece yet, but I am laughing because after looking at the portrait I misread the caption. “Feminist” became “terrorist!”


  11. Benedict Carter says:


    That’s about right!


    You are spot-on. Internal re-evangelisation is vital. But the Church will always attract and we must look out at the same time as cleaning house.


  12. cumanus says:

    During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries very many communities of religious women were in a scandalously abominable state, some of them were practically houses of ill-repute (yes, the documented evidence is available and well-known to historians).
    The conciliar Fathers at Trent resolved the problem by imposing solemn enclosure on as many of them as possible – in practice it meant locking them up and throwing away the keys.


  13. Benedict Carter says:

    I went to a school called Wymondham College in rural Norfolk. Twelve miles away in the old town of Wymondham there are the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey (destroyed we know when). Archaologits found walled up there the skeleton of one of the Abbots who apparently was caught with his trousers down (or habit up, not sure which). That seemed to me at the time I learned about it a trifle harsh! But perhaps …. ? 🙂


  14. Gertrude says:

    Actually the illustration above reminds me of a non too flattering Lucian Freud I once saw! I’m all for Nuns Having Fun but……………………….


  15. Caroline says:

    Cumanus: “Many communities of religious women were in a scandalously abominable state….”

    Well, something similar has been said of some communities now in the US, albeit for slightly different reasons, LOL. The outcome of the Apostolic Visitation will be most interesting. Enclosure may once again be the answer…. 😉


  16. Mundabor says:

    “in practice it meant locking them up and throwing away the keys”.

    Sensible, practical people were around back then…. 😉

    But seriously, I do wonder: have these people become so bad after entering their “religious” life, or were they so before entering it, during their “formation” and afterwards? How can such an aggressive mentality have remained unnoticed and unchecked during their formation? What they say is so far away from any reasonable concept of Christianity that a person in an uncharitable mood could think that such organisations have simply become the port of refuge of unemployable aged hippies without any qualification, any prospective in life and any desire – let alone opportunity – to win the sympathies of a man….


  17. Brother Burrito says:

    Tell me, good people,

    Can these modern enclosed orders, with their strict asceticism, be accurately
    described as “ne-Gated Communities”?


  18. Mundabor says:

    “Can these modern enclosed orders, with their strict asceticism, be accurately
    described as “ne-Gated Communities”?”

    How about “gated Communists”? 😉


  19. Caroline says:

    Er, “Communes.”

    That would be in the hippie, flower child sense of the word, of course.

    Mundabor says, “have these people become so bad?” I am not sure that it is a question of being “bad” in the usual sense. I think a lot of them actually do some good as measured by a secular and sociologically-attuned society. The problem is that they probably mostly WERE hippies. And I think that a lot of hippies were/are narcissists at heart, even if they appeared to be purely altruists at first blush.


  20. Mundabor says:

    “I think a lot of them actually do some good as measured by a secular and sociologically-attuned society”.

    Ahaha, yes I believe that ! 🙂 “Diversity appraisal” is probably one of those 😉

    What I resent is their being paid by the Catholic society to act according to the system of value of a completely different set of people…

    If they were called the “benevolent society of the feminist sisters of the Wiccan Enlightenment” and paid for by those who share their “values” I would still wonder where Cumanus keeps the faggots, but we’d have a problem less I think.. 😉


  21. Caroline says:

    Mundabor, if they were called the “benevolent society of the feminist sisters of the Wiccan Enlightenment” they would no doubt be receiving governments grants.


  22. crouchback says:

    Shurely that is ………..Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham……….

    With a couple of cantaloupes shoved up his jumper…… and a ferret in his knickers judging by the look on his coupon…..?????

    Or do I need my specs changed….????


  23. Benedict Carter says:

    Crouchback, you are very welcome! Specs are working well I reckon.


  24. Mundabor says:

    Catherine 15:08,

    you do are a star. Suddenly, a huge way out for both us and them appears at the horizon 😉

    Let us share the burden of the maintenance of the sisters’ loud mouths with the secular society that loves their (I love this; I really do) “appraisal of diversity” so much 😉


  25. Mundabor says:

    Crouchback, may I give you my most heartfelt welcome!
    I did not doubt that you would be one of ours, but it is beautiful to see you in anyway! 😉


  26. omvendt says:

    Perhaps if that portrait could be shown to homicide bombers as an example of the “virgins” awaiting them in ‘paradise’ we’d see a significant decline in these heinous acts.


  27. Annie says:


    Welcome to the blog!!! Your postings are always well worth a read.


  28. omvendt says:

    Thank you, Annie.

    That’s very kind of you.


  29. Benedict Carter says:

    Omvendt 20:40

    Very droll! She’d frighten me, that’s for sure. Looks like my neighbour.


  30. Caroline says:

    Well, clearly she’s having a bad hair day…..


  31. misticmouse says:

    What does fanaticism mean (Sorry Im only 12)


  32. misticmouse says:

    Also i was just wandering where you got this information?


  33. Tom Fisher says:

    Can these modern enclosed orders, with their strict asceticism, be accurately
    described as “ne-Gated Communities”?

    Yes, they can! (Sorry, had to think about that one for a bit)


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