Dear Readers

This blog was announced to the public at 14:07 BST just two weeks ago on Damian Thompson’s blog. By the Monday evening, we were receiving 1483 visits per day, by non staff.

We received a mention by Fr. Tim Finigan on 12th July, and that day we received 1855 visits.

Enormous effort has been put in by all the blog staff, several in behind the scenes jobs during that time. As of writing, 36 articles have been posted, and 1391 comments made. Not one piece of spam or troll comment has survived moderation, so the air here remains pure.

So, we want to know, are we doing it right? Could we do it better?

Any suggestions? Please leave your feedback below.

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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70 Responses to Dear Readers

  1. marcpuck says:

    Might it be clarified, perhaps on the About page, that not all of you are necessarily in agreement with every sentence written by every Author? or ought that to go without saying? such a clarification is often found on group blogs.

    In any event, congratulations on all your good work!


  2. afcote says:

    It’s all marvellous. May I please ask for more coverage of Traditional monastic orders, as I have a friend searching for one such in this country.

    Other than that, great!

    Oh, and can we add a link to Redemptionis Sacramentum to the Church teaching pages, as it is something which is frequently ignored and could be useful to cite at liberalistas who have “ministries” in the parishes, especially Extraordinary Ministers, the most abused position of them all.


  3. glynbenedict says:

    You know my views, Burrito, so I won’t repeat them! Other than to say, change the ‘About this blog’ message, which sends a most unfortunate and unnecessary message. Also: fewer threads, please. Give people time to reflect and respond.

    You are doing a great job.



  4. johnhenrycn says:

    I don’t like the banner. I don’t deserve a vote; but I don’t like it.

    I doubt I’ll ever post an original comment; but I shall be a frequent observer.

    God bless your mission.


  5. Mundabor says:


    the “about the blog” message is the message explaining what the blog is about. It has been written by BC and every one of us woul dhave written it in a different way. But make no mistake: this is the spirit of the blog.

    That’s why it is there and has been since the start, under “about the blog”



  6. teresa says:

    Marc, many thanks!

    yours teresa


  7. Mundabor says:

    “or ought that to go without saying?”

    Goes without saying. You’ll see this reflected in the beautiful variety of entries published up to here. Everyone signs his own entry. No entry has been signed “the blog” or with some other collective denomination implying that there is a “blog mind”.

    Apologies, I have been away all day (as written this morning) and I now really need to cook and eat and perhaps relax a bit.

    I think this is a good entry to post something about why the “about this blog” was written that way (from the beginning, mind). As BC is temporarily occupied with his house I might do it myself. Might be tomorrow, though.



  8. Gertrude says:

    I do not think it ‘exemplifies the spirit of the blog’ as said by Mundabor. I think it is a personal statement.


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Why don’t I like the banner? Because of the white snow on Christ’s head. Sorry. That’s the way I feel. God Bless this blog.


  10. teresa says:

    My favourite Pope is Pope Benedict.


  11. teresa says:

    And I would like to treat others with due respect and charity.


  12. Mundabor says:


    allow me to point out that yours is a contradiction in terms.

    It is the same as to say that the Italian Constitution is a personal statement. No it’s not: as the name says, it is the Constitution of Italy.

    It is called “about this blog”. It is in the name. It is what it is and it is what this blog was created for. You can dislike it if you wish, but to say that it is not what…. it says it is, is a contradiction.



  13. Cecilia says:

    john henry,
    To me, the banner makes me think that, although it may seem like winter in the Church in Europe, the sun behind the crucifix shows there is hope and the Resurrection.


  14. teresa says:

    Who is the spirit of this blog?


  15. johnhenrycn says:

    Is this what Teresa worries about:

    ‘…and be a lash to the backs of those clergy and laity whose quasi or actual heresy is destroying our and our children’s Catholic Faith”?

    I have no opinion, save to say that I wouldn’t come here if this site was namby-pamby.

    Teresa, though, is a better Catholic than I am, I think.


  16. misericordia2 says:

    I was dismayed by the complete deterioration of Damian’sblog. A year ago it was vibrant, informative and topical but sadly now, apart from the author’s posts themselves, it contains complete drivel!

    You are only two weeks old and therefore still finding your feet but there have been several interesting articles and the response has been encouraging. With time, you will discover what topics inspire a good response and which ones fall flat, but I do hope you keep up the good work.

    I like to read about current affairs within the Church and to discuss the problems that arise from these!


  17. Cecilia says:

    I should like the archive to be easier to access. Unless I am doing something wrong it seems you have to search through an individual poster’s archive rather than simply go back through the whole blog. There were some very interesting threads that dropped off the sidebar before I found the time to comment, so I would also like to suggest that new threads are opened at a slower rate, please.


  18. toadspittle says:

    ”Who is the spirit of this blog?”
    ..asks Teresa.

    Well, if I am, this blog is in real trouble.

    But, I think what Teresa is asking is WHAT is the spirit of this blog. (Unless she means the Holy.)

    ”Might it be clarified, perhaps on the About page, that not all of you are necessarily in agreement with every sentence written by every Author? or ought that to go without saying?”

    Asks MARCPUCK.
    Yes, it goes without saying, Puck, or it would be the World’s Dullest Blog. (Which would be quite an achievement.)


  19. rusticus1 says:

    A wonderfully civilised blog, full of deeply thoughtful – and in many cases moving – posts. God bless you all.


  20. glynbenedict says:

    I think you know the answer, Teresa, sadly. GB


  21. rusticus1 says:

    misericordia2 – I completely agree about Damian’s blog. When it was still “Holy Smoke” it was superb; but now…….


  22. heracletian says:

    Pace glynbenedict, I quite like the plentiful number of threads. Older threads are easily accessible, and the variety of threads means that I can find something particularly engaging. I also like the different styles of the contributions, incorporating in their varied ways cultural, historical, confessional and catechetical elements. More power to you all.


  23. Frere Rabit says:

    In answer to the question about the “Spirit of the Blog”, we will be providing a new statement of our position very shortly. The page banner is not appearing due to technical problems but will be restored soon.


  24. Cecilia says:

    I would also like guest posts by people knowledgeable in their field, for example, the director of my church choir is an expert on Tallis as well as an excellent choir master. There is so much in the Church’s treasury to be shared and celebrated.


  25. Cecilia says:

    Are you sure, dear toadspittle , that you are not actually a frog, perhaps one day you may even become a “grenouille de bénitier”? (Don’t know how to do a smiley, but assume one is here, please.)


  26. churchmouse says:

    I liked the ‘About the Blog’ section, so I hope that, whatever the new statement is, it won’t be too far off the original. Be bold, be true! So few people are. Didn’t mind the banner, because it reflected the sad reality of much of today’s Christian world — forgetting Christ and pursuing what is worldly. Please don’t get trendy or D—-n-like! 🙂


  27. churchmouse says:

    Forgot to add — I love the multiple posts, as long as you can manage it!

    Also, congrats on your stats — job well done! 🙂


  28. joyfulpapist says:

    I think the about this blog page is ambiguous. I am happy with the ambiguity because it allows me to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who I respect but don’t necessarily agree with.

    Catholicism Pure is for Catholics who love their Faith


    untainted by the heresy of Modernism or the implacable nature and mediocrity of the “New Church” that has emerged following Vatican II.

    Also check. By this, I mean Catholicism Lite, those people who keep quoting ‘the spirit of VII’ and have never read the actual documents. BC may have had something else in mind. 🙂

    We aim to defend and propagate authentic Catholic teaching, educate our readers about the Catholic Faith in all its “Splendour of Truth”, spread knowledge and love of traditional Catholic culture

    Yes, indeed.

    and be a lash to the backs of those clergy and laity whose quasi or actual heresy is destroying our and our children’s Catholic Faith.

    Not so sure about ‘a lash to the back’ – but certainly a powerful antidote.


  29. churchmouse says:

    Oh, a lash to the back of the clergy is long overdue … in my (humble, mea culpa) opinion. Bishop Fulton J Sheen advised the laity to be their watchdogs, because, as he said, if we don’t, who will?


  30. glynbenedict says:

    I normally agree with you, JP, but not on About this Blog. It sends a strident message with a harsh tone. We know what we stand for, and we will keep out trolls who seek to harm an orthodox Catholic site, but all this flagellation stuff is too ludicrous. Generosity, kindness, charity… these are far better advertisements for the Catholic faith. Why do we need to be so angry, so defensive? GB


  31. heracletian says:

    That guest post idea is a very fine one. I second it wholeheartedly.


  32. churchmouse says:

    Because, glynbenedict, and — my apologies in advance because you are a recent convert — but many of us (myself included) have seen the drastic change in the Church over the past 40 years. Truly lamentable. There were never Catholics becoming Protestants in such great numbers until Vatican II.


  33. churchmouse says:

    I do think that you might be quicker on the uptake of comments from non-authors, btw. Thanks!! 🙂


  34. churchmouse says:

    Figuratively speaking will suffice!


  35. Brother Burrito says:

    JP 22:50

    Surely, ‘a stern rebuke’ would be better.

    My computer lacks a button to inflict corporal punishment.


  36. churchmouse says:

    BB — my comment at 23:11 was meant for yours — 🙂


  37. joyfulpapist says:

    ‘a stern rebuke’ works for me 🙂


  38. New Templar says:

    I love this site. I was a frequent visitor to Damian’s blog but for about a year any interesting thread was getting sidetracked by trolls who were generally ignored. When the boot eventually went in it was badly aimed. I like the format adopted here with different people writing very interesting things, I can only say congratulations to everybody who set it up. I hope it runs and runs.


  39. glynbenedict says:

    @ churchmouse: sorry about my slow uptake – I have been very busy elsewhere in cyberspace tonight! I understand what you say, but surely the cause of truth is never best served by viciousness? Sorry to be awfully trite, maybe, but do you really think Our Lord spoke to people like that?


  40. omvendt says:

    Just to chip in: I like the fact that the the threads come thick and fast. It makes for a lively and stimulating blog.

    But I must admit I’m biased.

    I so just totally love this blog!


  41. churchmouse says:

    Well, glynbenedict, think of how He reacted to the money changers in the temple …


  42. glynbenedict says:

    Well, churchmouse, think of how he reacted to the woman taken in adultery, Zacchaeus, the penitent prostitute, etc etc etc… I don’t recall him demanding recitations of creeds before forgiving people – much to the scandalisation of the pharisees (ie the religiously ‘pure’ but utterly uncharitable).


  43. glynbenedict says:

    ps nor did he beat them into orthodoxy. Therein lies the nasty road to burnings…. and to Calvary.


  44. churchmouse says:

    To those who were repentent, He was merciful. I am not sure, based on what I know of clergy today, that He would be merciful unto them. Our churches are emptying because of lax clergy.


  45. toadspittle says:

    Cecilia, at 22,25

    I am fairly sure I’m not a frog, although, like Neitzsche, I am a big fan – Montaigne, Voltaire, Camus, Truffault, Braque, Matisse, even Sartre.
    I may even be a “grenouille de bénitier” if I knew what the last word meant. Not in Googletrans.

    As to this blog, I like it well enough, but like some others on here, I lose my place – can’t remember where I wrote what, etc. But the fault is probably mine, for not making notes, or whatever.
    While I’m banging on, I must point out, that whatever one thinks of some of the opinions expressed hereon, they are invariably written in decent English. This is by no means a prerequisite on some other forums. Good on you all!

    (I can’t do a smiley face, either. Sigh.)


  46. Caroline says:


    Look at the upper left corner of the blog for “My Account.” Click on “My Comments” there. It will show you what you’ve written. For a Smiley that looks like this: ;-), do ; – ) but without spaces between the semicolon, dash, and parenthesis.


  47. toadspittle says:


    Caroline, assuming the smiley works, thank you. I am technothick and barely understand wheelbarrows.

    What would Wittgenstein make of the 😉 though? I shudder to think…


  48. toadspittle says:


    (with a special nod to OMVENDT)

    “Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits.”

    Robert Louis Stevenson


  49. omvendt says:

    toad @ 09.24:

    Thanks toad, me old mucker.


  50. Frere Rabit says:

    Cecilia, you are the first person I’ve heard mention les “grenouilles de bénitier” since I first learned the phrase at the Abbaye Blanche in Mortain in 1992, shortly after being received as a Catholic by the Bishop of Coutances.

    We have now had our own little problem just with a slightly more dangerous creature, “le crocodile de bénitier”! He has perhaps met his match with the long-eared silly aminals of small brain: Burrito and Frere Rabit. Let us proceed in calm and get on with the work. God bless you all.


  51. Caroline says:


    What’s a wheelbarrow? ? 😉


  52. Mimi says:

    I liked the idea of the blog pub… 😉

    Can’t it be a regular feature?


  53. Mimi says:

    I have to agree with johnhenrycn about the banner. The snow looks like soap suds to me.


  54. toadspittle says:

    Caroline…I would like to be able to tell you I don’t know. But – Google it!

    You don’t know what a wheelbarrow is (we have three) and I don’t know what a ‘benitier’ is.
    And prolly never will. Know what a ‘pub’ is though.


  55. misericordia2 says:

    I realise you are undertaking some site management, but I hope you are not going to continue to publish the comments in the miniscule print that is presently being used on the thread about the Sacred Heart! It is quite painful on the eyes.

    I love the “recently posted comments” feature on the sidebar – very helpful.


  56. Brother Burrito says:

    Thanks for pointing that out M2. There is clearly a blog malfunction, ie it wasn’t a deliberate action. I shall try to rectify it.


  57. Cecilia says:

    bénitier: holy water stoup. The grenouilles are the fervent parishioners who always seem to be hovering at the back of the church. It’s a term usually applied to elderly women, sorry no aspersions upon your masculinity are intended!(Trust the French to come up with something like that.)


  58. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    The formatting of the main page has gone wrong. Whatever should be at the right hand side is now in the footer.

    Also, what have you done to Ben and Mundabor? And why?


  59. Brother Burrito says:

    11263, or 2BFF in hex, and misericordiae2, if you are still awake,

    The formatting problem was due to some errant http tags within mmvc’s post.

    I have removed them and everything is running smoothly now.

    Not bad for a donkey high on barley, donchathink?


  60. misericordia2 says:

    I ask the same question as you, (X)M CCLXIII. Where are Ben and Mundabor?
    Benedict Carter is involved in buying a house, and maybe is temporarily off the scene for that reason. I am worried about Mundabor, because he is essential to vibrant debate. I need to hear his fiery fulminations and absolute conviction, even when I disagree with him. I hope he is still here.


  61. Brother Burrito says:

    So many people asking about Ben and Mundabor!

    You’ll just have to wait! That’s all Donkey O’Tay can say!

    Goodnight to you all


  62. Caroline says:


    I was just kidding: unfortunately I have a wheelbarrow also. You have three?! Oh dear! Didn’t know what a bénitier was though. Thought it might be a relative of those delicious little things called beignets. Actually we have a local Den of Iniquity [Pub] that serves them up with drinks.


  63. toadspittle says:


    Had beignets in New Orleans. Some famous cafe. Not bad. Bit sickly, like some ‘modern’ church art (viz.).

    Interestingly,(although not very) in our little church, all the ‘old’ ladies (everyone is old except my wife) all sit up the front. All the men sit together at the back. Except me. My wife and I sit together in the second row. Foreigners, eccentric, so the rules can be relaxed.


  64. churchmouse says:

    Toad — it must have been Cafe du Monde (not far from the cathedral)?? I like how they dust them with powdered sugar, but not too much, just right — very French. I didn’t think they were that sweet, but maybe they’ve changed the recipe since I’ve been there.


  65. churchmouse says:

    misericordia2 and (X)MCCLXIII:

    You can now find Mundabor at home:


  66. Mimi says:

    Forgive me for being somewhat slow on the uptake, but has Mundabor left this blog?
    I may be getting hold of the wrong end of the stick, but it seems to me that there has been some in-fighting behind the scenes, resulting in a split in the camp. Am I wrong?
    Has Mundabor been banished? If so, I am very disappointed. He was one of my favourites on the old DT blog, which was never the same after his departure. I was so thrilled that all the old gang were together again on this blog. Surely things haven’t fallen apart after just two weeks? Does this new blog have its very own “political correctness” problem? How long before the rise of the Thought Police?

    Please, somebody, tell me I’m wrong . . .


  67. misericordia2 says:

    I fear that you are not wrong, Mimi.

    We really need a blog that speaks with an authentic Catholic voice, especially since the DT blog took a dramatic nose-dive in that respect, and so I very much hope that this new blog will fill that role successfully.

    However, I think many people have come here because we thought Mundabor and Benedict Carter were at its heart. Now we know this is not so and because of this, I am not very optimistic for the blog’s future. I genuinely hope I am proved wrong.


  68. toadspittle says:

    churchmouse says: July 20, 2010 at 21:42

    You can now find Mundabor at home:

    I don’t know what to make of him. But I suggested he read ‘The Human Stain’ and now he’s recommending it on his blog.

    And, you may well be right about beignets at the Cafe du Monde (possible name for this blog? Foreign, at least)
    Maybe they were not sickly, just good and sweet. Unlike me.


  69. churchmouse says:

    Mundabor is Mundabor — an orthodox Catholic.


  70. Caroline says:

    Re: Beignets

    Here they do them with powdered sugar and honey for brunch, but they add cheese to the dough for Starters and leave off the sweet stuff. They are quite addictive….


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