Papal Visit Promotional

Thanks to JANE MOSSENDEW we find this lovely video. Hope it will raise your spirit, despite the irritations and disappointments combined with the dissatisfying organisation and preparation for the papal visit in September:

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9 Responses to Papal Visit Promotional

  1. rebrites says:

    A video fit for a rock star, or a movie preview. Except for one glaring fact: in five long minutes of slo-mo footage, only two women are seen, a total of maybe four seconds. One´s a pretty girl, gasping in awe. The other is the Queen of England.

    Maybe it´s just me, but I feel kinda left-out.


  2. Brother Burrito says:

    Yeah, Rebrites, maybe it is just you, being in Spain ‘n’ all.

    World leaders are ten a penny, but there is only one Vicar of Christ.

    Promo’ videos are just that, and this one was quite stirring.

    Sorry for my not doing a woman count, I was watching the movie. Normally, women fill my visual field, being a man, myself. On this occasion I was concentrating on the near-future visit of The Pope to my country.

    An extraordinary happening, a Blessed event. He may get assassinated, he will get ridiculed, spat on, roughly treated and the rest.

    He knows this, and he still comes.

    What sort of ‘superstar’ does that?


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    I saw lots of women. Is it just me, or did Rebrites mean little people don’t count?

    Hope the Papal visit is a resounding success, and I hope all Catholics who wish to take part are able to do so. Now’s about the time to start having a very positive attitude, as per the above video.


  4. Mimi says:

    What a fantastic video! Stirring, moving, magnificent! And the music! I was nearly in tears. So beautiful!

    (And there were LOADS of women.)

    My daughter and I would love to go over to see the Holy Father. Do you think there might be any resentment towards Irish pilgrims “butting in” and occupying spaces on the footpath that might otherwise be occupied by English Catholics? Or am I just being over-sensitive?


  5. kathleen says:

    No, no Mimi…… please come! You don’t have to be an “English Catholic” to be there (or even Catholic I suppose) just favourable to our Holy Father. I’m half Irish myself anyway! It would be wonderful to have as many of our Irish friends from the Emerald Isle as can make it, cheering our dear Benedict XVI on this memorable visit to the UK.

    And how brave of the HF to come knowing, as we all do, what a lot of nastiness awaits him from the anti-Catholic brigade! But his supporters will be out there in full force too. See you there Mimi….. I hope.


  6. rebrites says:

    I´m sure this pope, being a world leader, expects all kinds of responses, but doesn´t take much of it personally. He´s been navigating the deep and shark-infested waters of Vatican politics for decades, so I suspect his skin is pretty tough!

    I met the last pope a couple of times. He was completely sanguine about public response to his visits — he knew some people were going to love him, some no. Very philosophical fellow, JP2. A man of great integrity, who knew when to give a damn and when to just let it go. I trust his successor has a similar professional distance from his public.


  7. teresa says:

    Rebrites, I think our Pope won’t care too much for the negative responses, I am saying this instinctively.


  8. Cecilia says:

    I think this video was produced by lay people quite independently: it isn’t an official video from the Catholic Church in the UK, as far as I am aware.


  9. toadspittle says:

    “An extraordinary happening, a Blessed event. He may get assassinated, he will get ridiculed, spat on, roughly treated and the rest.

    He knows this, and he still comes.

    What sort of ‘superstar’ does that?”

    Elton John, Burro.


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