Spiritual Navigation

I get lost, spiritually, all the time. As I am weak, it takes very little to upset my sense of being on the right road. The tide, that is the combination of my life’s events, and the workings of the Holy Spirit, is gently eroding the coastline of my ‘self’ by a combination of thrashing surf and sucking undertow. The tide erodes in some places, it also builds up in others. ‘I’ am being reshaped, by powers beyond me, that have a vision greater than mine, and to an end I cannot foresee.

The fool is the one who tries, like Canute, to resist the tide. The wise man is he who agrees to be refashioned gracefully.

Product recall: A Golden Compass is bad for your spiritual life. In fact, avoid anything made by Philip Pullman

OK, here are BB’s navigation hints. When you are lost:

  1. Stop thrashing, that is the surf’s job. Lie still and float. Remember that the situation is normal, and under control. Desolation must needs be interspersed between consolations.
  2. Scan the horizon for the Cross, and find yourself at the foot of it. You will be re-energised here, for all Graces flow from this place.
  3. Do not tarry there too long, but be taken on past it, to the vacated tomb, and on to the Ascension Mount, and beyond….

Flotation aids:

  1. Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.
  2. Jesus, I place all my trust in you.
  3. Into your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit.
  4. May it be done unto me, according to Your word.
  5. etc. (see Scripture for more.)

Life’s a beach…..

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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3 Responses to Spiritual Navigation

  1. joyfulpapist says:

    It is the lesson of the comb, as every mother of daughters has said at one time or another – it won’t pull if you stop struggling!


  2. Frere Rabit says:

    When a donkey is looking at the road ahead, she seems to have very little worry about the longer view. The donkey tends to look a few feet beyond her present steps, seeing what is there for nourishment for the moment. A few leaves off the nearby tree, a bit of dry grass with some earthy roots, a few daisy tops… it all goes down nonchalantly. Where she arrives at the end of the day does not really matter, and she doesn’t like being rushed to get there. But when you speak to her and stroke her nose, she will give you her full attention, and love. The donkey’s navigation is 90% feeling, 10% intelligence. It is a remarkably intelligent creature, so that’s a heck of a lot of feeling!


  3. Brother Burrito says:

    Dear Rabit,

    Thank you for your kindly exposition. If I am saddened by anything, I am saddened most by the way that modern life degrades human beings into mere functionaries. They are born and then ill educated, coming to see themselves and their whole lives as being part of some ultimately meaningless hive co-operative of either left or right, depending on when and where they are incarnated.

    With fresh souls arriving all the time, the role of us Evangelists must be to sow anew, the ever refreshing seeds of the Gospel. EVERY soul is precious to God, EVERY life has meaning, EVERY life has purpose, EVERY life has an eternal destiny.

    Dear Jesus, who loves every soul, give us the gifts to do Your loving Will. Amen.


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