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The Spiritual Trampoline

Every single part of creation has a a rhythm: from sub atomic particles and interatomic bonds, to the filling and emptying of your heart and lungs, and the electrical impulses in your cerebral cortex. It seems to me that all … Continue reading

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Six weeks old today.

On this, the beautiful feast of the Assumption, this blog will be six weeks old. We have some important developments to announce to our faithful readers. Firstly, we have provided a feedback form for the anonymous contribution of comments, ideas, … Continue reading

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The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady.

May I begin by wishing all visitors to Catholicism Pure and Simple a Happy Feast. Along with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th), today is one of the most important feasts of Our Blessed Lady in the Church … Continue reading

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The Benedictine Monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey, Louisiana. Enterprise or Interference?

Tim Drake of the National Catholic Register in America reports on the intriguing efforts being made by the State of Louisiana to prevent these holy men from making coffins, at their monastery, that they sell to the public. In 2007, … Continue reading

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A Hymn for Wick

Would you be kind enough to listen to the excellent Planxty playing “Arthur McBride”. Listen to it until you get the melody in your head. Ten years ago I was living with my young family in a town called Wick, … Continue reading

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Haunting face of Our Lady of Nagasaki

The Cathedral at Urakami was at ground zero on the day 65 years ago, at 11am on 9 August, that 75,000 people were reduced to ash . A US bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki, because its … Continue reading

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Teresa Benedicta a Cruce

“Blessed by the Cross” – to the world a laughable contradiction in terms, but to the Saint, following in the footsteps of her crucified Saviour, it was a name synonymous with a profound and radical way of living … and … Continue reading

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John Henry Newman Part II – The Priest

I shall start this overview of Newman’s priestly life with a word about the position of Roman Catholics in England during the 19th century. For generations, Catholics were prohibited from entering either the legal or medical profession, and were barred … Continue reading

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The priesthood: the love of the Heart of Jesus

by Maryla It hardly seems possible that a whole year has gone by since I knelt with my family before the incorrupt body of Jean Baptiste Marie Vianney, the Curé d’Ars, better known to us in this country as St … Continue reading

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Prayers of aspiration

Prayers of aspiration – brief phrases that turn our minds and hearts to the Lord – are ideal for filling odd moments when we are waiting at the lights, sitting in a waiting room, wakeful in the night, or otherwise … Continue reading

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Soul Man

One of our correspondents has pointed out a blog entry here that asks the question: traditional teaching has always had it that animals do not have souls, but men do; why is it that something that is fundamentally built from … Continue reading

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A Gift from Heaven: the Portiuncula Indulgence

by Maryla It was only a few years ago that I first learnt of this devotional practice. At the time I wondered why such a tremendous gift from the treasury of the Church wasn’t proclaimed from all pulpits and rooftops. … Continue reading

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