2 Responses to Vigil for Life

  1. toadspittle says:

    “As the silent holocaust of countless defenceless lives continues relentlessly, we must make our voices heard. Let our prayers of intercession and atonement rise to heaven, so that hardened hearts might melt, wounded souls be healed and innocent lives might be saved.”

    Do we think that the fact that the Church is anti-contraception has anything to do with this hideous situation?
    Nobody is going to stop people having sex, making love, whatever you want to call it. If the world’s poorest insist on having huge families, what can the rest of us do? But, then the poor don’t have abortions. Can’t afford it. So that answers Toad, all right.


  2. toadspittle says:

    Re the above:

    Before the Wrath of God (delivered re the good offices of CP&S) descends on Toad’s poor old nut, he hastens to point out that he is no advocate of abortion. Doesn’t care for it at all. Wishes nobody ever had to have one. Ever.

    No problem with birth control though.


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