8 Responses to Pope on Abuse Scandal, Williamson Case, Communion on the tongue

  1. leftfooter says:

    This is so full of good things that everyone should resd it. Thank you and God bless. Tweeting now.


  2. rebrites says:

    “in this book we can read… without the distortion of the media”…. Hmm.
    Here I thought books were media.

    (this does look like a good interview book, and it´s about time someone did a papal issues review in a Q&A form. But if it´s been edited at all, somebody´s put “spin” on it. Even if it means removing all the “um” “er” and “you knows.” Although I kinda doubt the pope drops “like” into every sentence, like, you know?)


  3. toadspittle says:

    “Distortion” happens when ‘the Media’ publishes, or broadcasts, something Teresa doesn’t agree with. (Which is practically everything.)

    When ‘the Media’ comes out with something Teresa does agree with, it’s “Fair, unbiased and balanced coverage.”

    To be fair to Teresa, though, we are all like that, aren’t we? Yea, even unto Toad.


  4. teresa says:

    rebrites, as far as I know, the interviewer Peter Seewald was a Marxist and worked for the leftist Spiegel which pulled a hard critical line against the Church, until the Chief editor retired. This Peter Seewald got to know Joseph Ratzinger as a Cardinal in Munich, and made the first interview book “Salt of the Earth” with him. And this time, the same journalist was granted 6 hours to talk with the Pope, alone. He recorded the dialogue and sent the Pope the manuscript, but the Pope, as Peter Seewald, didn’t change a thing in it.


  5. teresa says:

    Toad, you are right, the press is not a place for truth, it is a place for opinions, so it is quite natural to say that it is well said, when we agree with something in the press, and to think it is badly expressed, when we disagree.

    In physics, you can never do the same.


  6. toadspittle says:

    “But it was imperative not to lose sight of the fact that there is good in the Church and not only those horrible things.”

    Said His Holiness. (Undistorted by ‘the Media’.)

    And Toad will go even further and suggest there there are at least as many good things in the Church as there are horrible things.
    Maybe even a few more, for all he (Toad, that is, not His Holiness) knows.


  7. toadspittle says:

    “… people are afraid when someone says, “This is the truth,” or even, “I have the truth.” We never have it; at best it has us.”

    “We never have it (the truth.)” says His Holiness.

    Well, he can say it, and get away with it.

    If Toad had said it, all Hell would have broken loose.

    Would it not, Omvendt? Honestly, now?


  8. toadspittle says:

    Toad gets the impression that the Q and A parts above have got out of sequence, ‘logically.’

    And he supposes that he should not be too disturbed by this..

    As Toad understands it ‘logically,’ all the bold paragraphs are the words of the Pope.

    And if Toad is correct, don’t get too upset.
    (He finds – all too often, that – before posting – he would very much like to edit his posts for typographical reasons alone, but can’t do so.)

    Oh, well.

    Still, Up here, Toad supposes that all the paragraphs that have the word ‘I,’ in them were spoken by His Holiness.

    And the paragraphs that ask questions are by the wicked ‘Marxist’ Eeewald.

    Whether they are presented in ‘Bold’ or ‘Roman’ or ‘Italic,’ or any combination thereof, seems utterly indiscriminate.

    It is a shambles to Toad.
    But then, he is a Toad.

    Might make perfect sense to everyone else on here, though.



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