These things will destroy the human race:

These things will destroy the human race:

politics without principle,

progress without compassion,

wealth without work,

learning without silence,

religion without fearlessness

and worship without awareness.

(Thanks to Anthony De Mello, One Minute Wisdom)

As always, I post to start a conversation. Please converse. I might even join in!

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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14 Responses to These things will destroy the human race:

  1. toadspittle says:

    Well, Burro -“..destroy the human race”? Bit downbeat for you innit? Toad got the impression that you were fairly cheerful about the prospects for this vale of tears, unlike him.

    Not much to quarrel with on your ‘without’ list.
    Except that Toad would prefer the more outre elements of Islam to be a tad more fearful, rather than less.

    Religion with fearlessness is the crusade and the jihad, to him.

    And maybe add, “Accepting without questioning” to the tally

    ( and possibly, Bacon without eggs.)


  2. toadspittle says:

    Interesting couple of debates on Joyful’s blog, re: atheists an’ all..

    Catholicism without tears?

    No. Impossible!


  3. The Raven says:

    I dunno, Toad, it seems to me that radical Islam really is the religion of the fear-filled: people don’t tend to want to blow up things that they don’t perceive to be threats.


  4. toadspittle says:

    Very good point Raven. Hating things they fear, and contrariwise.

    But they don’t seem to fear ‘holy martyrdom’ as they see it.
    Seems to Toad they are making a good old college try at destroying, if not the whole world, then everything reasonable in it.
    Starting with tolerance. More hoo-ha over Danish cartoons yesterday. Cor! The power of the press! Publish and be bombed!


  5. The Raven says:

    Toad, a death wish is the ultimate expression of a young man’s egotism (Russian literature is full of young men getting themselves killed because they weren’t slapped enough as small children – cf Lermontov & Turgenev). It’s all part of the process of convincing themselves that the acts of shabby cowardice that they’re about to perpetrate are somehow brave, glorious actions: they haven’t even got the guts to face up to the consequences of their “heroism” (do you think that the Mumbai attackers would have behaved as they did if they had to face their wives or mothers afterwards?).


  6. toadspittle says:

    Toad hopes you don’t think he endorses this kind of behaviour?
    However, Toad suspects Islamo-terrorists don’t see their wives and mothers in quite the same light as we do.

    Out of interest – who didn’t get slapped in Lermentov?


  7. Brother Burrito says:

    “Wealth without work”.

    Those words spring to mind every time I read of another banker’s fat bonus.

    Scandal, outrage, envy fill me. Do they really work that hard to deserve that amount of dosh?

    The original bankers were monks, and money meant very little to them, personally. Bring back the monasteries, I say!


  8. toadspittle says:

    Wealth without work
    “Scandal, outrage, envy fill me. Do they really work that hard to deserve that amount of dosh?”
    asks Burro.
    Mostly, it seems they get vast bonuses for making a bollocks of it all.

    But take comfort in the fact that it’s all meaningless. There was a full page advertisement in El Pais yesterday, for a hugely expensive watch studded with diamonds and utterly hideous. Toad wouldn’t wear it on a bet.
    And it’s all like that. So don’t be envious. Vast, ugly, ‘macmansions’. Detestable, tasteless people. You wouldn’t want any part of it.

    As to the banking monks, research here in Sahagun reveals that, in their day, they ran monopolies, closed shops, and protection rackets.
    Grew fat while the peasants starved. Plus ça change!


  9. The Raven says:

    Toad, I rather suspect that both Pechorin and Grushnitski would have benefitted!


  10. Frere Rabit says:

    Well, Burro, you posted to start a conversation… So here´s a rabit, staying at the home of Toadspittle, at the end of a winter camino in memory of a young lady killed in a car crash in November here in this village in Spain. And I´m not really sure what the point of these high-flown ideas is, but I wish you all well. I return from here, with my blisters and aching limbs, on a train to the warmth of the south, to tend my vegetable patch and prepare the shed for the arrival of my donkeys. Happy new year.
    Frere Rabit


  11. Brother Burrito says:

    How lovely to hear from you dear Rabit!

    And I wish you and your hosts, Toadster and Rebs, the happiest of all possible happy new years!

    I also wish your blisters and limbs safe passage too.

    Amongst all of the things I have found within this world, you are of the most amusing.

    (No flattery intended!)


  12. The Raven says:

    Good to hear from you, Rabit, a happy New Year to you too. Good luck with the vegetables and the donkeys.


  13. kathleen says:

    “wealth without work”

    Well, my young son, having gained his degree in economics, has managed to get a job (Deo gratias) in a bank, and could now be included as one of those dreaded bankers!! But apart from his modest wage as a starter, he is a boy with principles, and is no more likely to take advantage of his position or of any bonus than anyone in any other employment. I think it’s wrong to generalise professions as “baddies”, whether it be bankers, politicians or whatever. A good person with firm Christian ethics fits in anywhere, in any field…….. and it is necessary to have them there for the wheels of life to roll just a little more smoothly.

    Perhaps an inherited “wealth without work” was more what Anthony de Mello had in mind as a ‘destroyer of the human race’ perhaps?


  14. Brother Burrito says:

    Hi kathleen,

    Yes, that too (inherited wealth). I was only railing against those fat cats at the top of all large commercial structures. One reads of their bonuses and golden hellos/handshakes every day. They seem to receive these gifts for being hard on the little people below them, in the name of profit maximizing.

    I am glad to hear your son has got his foot on the ladder. More good people with firm Christian ethics, like him, are always needed. Is UK society currently interested in producing such people? Please God, yes.


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