4 Responses to Why Society Fails to Support Marriage

  1. toadspittle says:

    Government Minister Duncan Smith’s measured and sympathetic views on marriage above, hardly seem to gel with the previous offering of a ‘modern society ruled by humanists,’ whose one idea is apparently to destroy such institutions at all costs.


  2. lutonia says:

    Okay toad, perhaps it was an overstatement! Nevertheless, Duncan Smith’s words are not exactly government policy either. I do not believe that there is actually a plot against organisations such as marriage; but I do think there is real emphasis on attitudes that cannot be seen as condemning or even criticising people who make their own life-style choices. And such things do erode marriage. If you offer people a choice between what seems an easy option and what seems a hard one, many or most will go for the easier!
    I think that one of the reasons Schools and even priests shy away from talking about marriage is that it might be seen as imposing their values on others. I knew one priest who actually said that he arranged to have charity appeals on a Sunday when the Gospel was concerning marriage and divorce because then he would not have to preach on it!
    Good for Bishop Davies and for Ian Duncan Smith – but I do notice that their comments were made in situations where they were really preaching to the converted. We need to hear such things said not only in Diocesan Marriage celebrations, but also in Education matters. We need them not only addressed to Married Couples but perhaps spoken in the House of Commons.


  3. lutonia says:

    Yes, Teresa, while there are a good few who do not wish to hear the truth there are in fact also many who do want to hear it – even when it challenges them – and all need to hear it. Sometimes people say to me that it was very ‘brave’ to preach on some theme or other. I reply that it’s not what people might think if I do preach on neccesary topics, but what God might say of I don’t that concerns me! However, I must admit that sometimes one does so ‘in fear and trembling’!


  4. kathleen says:

    That is what we need so badly these days in our western, secular countries Father – brave, faithful priests and bishops who are not afraid to preach on the necessary and ‘difficult’ topics! St.Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:16 come to mind.


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