The role of the collectors and offertory processors

This article was contributed by guest columnist Bob Knighton, from New Zealand.

There are many important roles in a parish that often fail to get recognised for their sacredness and their importance. Two of these roles are that of the collectors and the offertory processors.
We may think of the collectors as merely gathering the money necessary for parish costs. They and the offertory processors are more than this.

When we place our offering in the collection plate we are placing our ‘first fruits’ before the altar to be offered to God. In ancient times the offering would have been actual first fruits  – the best offerings from our crops or herds. Nowadays it is generally in the form of money and we are expected to ‘give from our abundance’.  For some, money is scarce, but everyone has something to lay before God’s altar, such as our time and our talent in the service of the church, our suffering and our hardship. The collection is a special time when we reflect on what we have been given and place our gifts and burdens, not just money, before God as an offering to Him.
As the collectors and offertory processors carry these gifts forward they represent each of us. How appropriate it is then when we see our youngest members of our faith family take part in the procession.  Who among us is more worthy than these innocent children to perform this sacred task.

Thank you to the families who bring their children to fulfil this role.

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1 Response to The role of the collectors and offertory processors

  1. kathleen says:

    It’s good to be given a bit of a shaking up from time to time with a reminder like this, especially now in the season of Lent. We should indeed offer our ‘first fruits’ to the Church, instead of just getting rid of some of our ‘abundance’ (or loose change, to lighten our pockets!)
    Yup, I have to admit it, mea culpa, first of all!

    Look at Our Blessed Lord’s words to the poor widow who put in two small coins in the box for the poor, but who ‘gave more’ than the all the riches poured in by the wealthy as she was ‘in need’ herself.

    For a time, on hearing an insightful sermon on this topic, I started giving up something I wanted in order to place my offering in the plate e.g. the money I would have spent on having a coffee and bun in a bar; or the equivalent cost of a pretty (and unnecessary) clip for my hair, or in fact any other whim, big or small.
    Then I drifted back into my careless old ways :-(.

    There are so many needs in our parishes and in the world, and all offerings given to the Church go to fund these numerous good causes.

    And for those who cannot give money, there are indeed so many other talents and sacrifices we can offer to God.


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