Catholic Social **********

The missing word is ‘NETWORKING’, not teaching.

Aid to the Church in Need sent out this by email, 23 hours ago:

{Dear email subscriber}

We are pleased to announce that ACN has just launched, a private Catholic social networking site, dedicated to young people wishing to share faith experiences before, during and after the 2011 World Youth Day activities in Madrid, Spain this summer. This online forum is also a way to engage youth who cannot attend World Youth Day in person, but who still want to take part.

Please spread the word for us by simply encouraging your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends to visit the site. Though it is geared for those 16-35 years of age, all who wish to speak of their Catholic faith are encouraged to join the conversation! Connect with an existing group, start a new one, invite others to participate, upload photos, and more. All in a safe, exciting and faith-filled environment.

On this private site, we do not accept advertising and will not share any of the information obtained from those who register. ACN controls the environment and will monitor all content for appropriateness.

Please email if you have any questions. I look forward tomeeting you and all those who share our faith at

Thank you for keeping our Catholic youth engaged, informed and connected.

Please spread the word. The future of the Church depends in part on our efforts to pass on the Faith to the next generation.

“The glory of the young is in their strength, the dignity of the old is in their grey hair”

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10 Responses to Catholic Social **********

  1. Toadspittle says:


    “The glory of the young is in their strength, the dignity of the old is in their grey hair”

    Toad doesn’t know who said this, but he thinks it is idiotic, regardless.

    What on on earth has the colour of anyone’s hair got to do with their dignity?


  2. Toadspittle says:

    Toad’s hair, sparse though it be, is utterly grey.

    And, yet he is utterly undignified.


  3. Brother Burrito says:

    The beauty and dignity of Toadster is in his grey matter.

    Now, after that consolin’ bit of flattery, a command:

    Get yourself to a confessional, and receive Holy Communion, this Sunday, and save your soul thereby! Move it, soldier!


  4. Brother Burrito says:

    “Toad doesn’t know who said this, but he thinks it is idiotic, regardless.”

    He would, wouldn’t he.

    The text is a paraphrase of Proverbs 20:29. I have moved from having strength to having grey hairs myself, since first reading it. I still think it is a good summary of the “generation game”, though Brucie would disapprove, I’m sure.


  5. Toadspittle says:

    Does it mean you can’t be dignified if you’re ginger?


  6. kathleen says:

    What about light brown/fairish hair, greying at temples? Am I becoming dignified as I ‘go grey’? 🙂

    Just want to add: Madrid in August is a real furnace, beware! Anyone thinking of going, as I and some of my offspring are hoping to do, should take plenty of suncream, large sunhats and loads of drinks.
    Then after many sweltering hours of discomfort waiting for the Holy Father, his appearance will make ‘our sorrow turn to joy’. The same happened as we sat shivering, huddled in the rain last September for his visit to Birmingham for the Beatification Mass of Blessed Card. J.H. Newman. (Like a miracle, the sun came out as he arrived!) It was a beautiful and unforgetable experience I feel privileged to have enjoyed.


  7. Toadspittle says:

    No need to take loads of drinks to Madrid, Kathleen, even in August. They sell them there, in loads of places!
    Toad would advise taking loads of Euros, though.


  8. Toadspittle says:

    Generally, Madrid in August is a ghost town as all the locals who are able to leave town, do so. So this will be good for a business boost.


  9. kathleen says:

    Dear Toad, why do you always take everything so literally 😉 ? I didn’t mean taking drinks all the way from England, or wherever! (You’re not allowed to anyway, as we all know.)

    When we went to see Pope John Paul II at the old military airfield ‘Cuatro Vientos’ in Madrid on his last visit, it was May and incredibly hot even then. We drank gallons of water as we waited for the Holy Father under a relentless sun. The ‘bomberos’ (fire fighters) saved us from melting away entirely by driving through the crowds spraying – and drenching us – with their powerful hosepipes!


  10. Toadspittle says:

    Toad just does it to tease, Kathleen. In fact, he takes virtually nothing literally.
    Although he is interested in Burro’s Great Free Indulgence Offer.Some kind of sale on, this week, it seems. (Wasn’t this what the Reformation was all about? Just askin’.)

    But he suspects, that like a free lunch, or a free drink, there is no such thing as a free indulgence. There’s always a catch.


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