Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration in Walsingham

This Saturday, July 16,  Monsignor Keith Newton leads a pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration in Walsingham. At 3.50 pm he will perform a solemn Act of Consecration of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Church and the Ordinariate to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Walsingham, on the Abbey grounds, the spot of the original Shrine. The faithful will have the opportunity to participate in sacramental confession, Holy Mass, procession, Benediction and rosary prayers.

The following shrines throughout the United Kingdom will join with the pilgrimage and prayers of those in Walsingham:

• Carfin ….National Shrine of Our Lady in Scotland

• Cardigan … National Shrine of Our Lady in Wales

• Pantasaph…National Shrine of St Padre Pio

• Osmotherley,  North Yorks – Our Lady of Grace

• West Grinstead, West Sussex – Our Lady of Consolation

• Fatima – through the presence of the UK world Apostolate of Fatima Pilgrimage – who always unite with us in prayer.

Mgr Newton and pilgrims near and far will offer the pilgrimage “In thanksgiving for the Foundation of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and for the graces of the State Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to these IslesIn Reparation for the sins of disunity among Christians and for sins which lead to breakdowns in family life and world peace.”

Those unable to be physically present either in Walsingham or any of the other shrines, may wish to unite in spirit with the beautiful acts of prayer and devotion which will be raised up to Our Lady of Walsingham on behalf of these Isles.

In addition to the Rosary and other Marian devotions, the following reflections and prayers might provide some inspiration:

Walsingham, in thee is built New Nazareth

Where shall be held in a memorial

The great joy of my salutation,

First of my joys, their foundation and origin

Root of mankind’s gracious redemption,

When Gabriel gave me this news:

To be a Mother through humility

And God’s Son conceive in virginity.

O England, you have great cause to be glad

For you are compared to the Promised Land, Zion

You are called in every realm and region

The Holy Land, Our Lady’s Dowry.

In you is built new Nazareth,

A house to the honour of the Queen of Heaven

And her most glorious Salutation

When Gabriel said at Old Nazareth,

Ave, This same joy shall here be daily and for ever remembered.

(The Pynson Ballad recounting the foundation of the little house of Nazareth and with it, the dowry tradition)

Mary is our mistress, our advocate, our sweetness and our life, our hope and our mediatress. She is the Mother of God, the Queen of angels, the conqueror of the devils, the refuge of the miserable, the solace of orphans, the help of the weak, the strength of the just… But these are words which will sooner be exhausted than her prerogatives will be explained, so great is the fullness of her grace. Mary is the temple of the Lord. Like Anna in the temple of Jerusalem, let us not depart from it day or night. Let us venerate this temple, let us rejoice and exult in it; let us pray in it and hope in it; and praying, praising, and trusting, let us not depart from it. The humanity of Christ is a holy temple, indeed the holy of holies, in which dwells all the fullness of the Divinity corporally. But that temple also is holy, His blessed and glorious Mother, in whom He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and dwelt for nine months. Most glorious, most beauteous temple of the onlybegotten Son of God, open to us the door of your mercy and clemency; permit us to enter you, and receive the prayers we offer in you. We raise our voices to the Lord in you, that He may hear our voice from His holy temple, and our cry may enter into His ears. My brothers, never depart from this temple; pour out your prayer and declare your tribulation within it. Mary is the Mother of Christ, and the prayer you present through her will be listened to by God, who, born for us, yet yielded to be hers (qui pro nobis na- tus, tulit esse tuus).

(The Premonstratensian abbot, Adam Scot, c. 1180, writing in the most glowing language of the honour due to the Mother of God)

“Arise, Mary, and go forth in thy strength into that north country, which once was thine own, and take possession of a land which knows thee not. Arise, Mother of God, and with thy thrilling voice, speak to those who labour with child, and are in pain, till the babe of grace leaps within them! Shine on us, dear Lady, with thy bright countenance, like the sun in his strength, O stella matutina, O harbinger of peace, till our year is one perpetual May. From thy sweet eyes, from thy pure smile, from thy majestic brow, let ten thousand influences rain down, not to confound or overwhelm, but to persuade, to win over thine enemies. O Mary, my hope, O Mother undefiled, fulfil to us the promise of this Spring. A second temple rises on the ruins of the old.”

(Blessed John Henry Newman wrote of a Second Spring in which he foresaw that England would return to the consecration of Our Lady’s Dowry)

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2 Responses to Pilgrimage of Reparation and Consecration in Walsingham

  1. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    I believe Toad likes pilgrimage, so this one of Reparation might suit him to a T.

    He could then report back with his findings and experiences.


  2. Jacquelyn Taylor Baumberg says:

    I am very happy indeed to see that this is going to take place. Thank you for these beautiful prayers and reflections, which are very moving. I am much too far away (Canada) to be able to be physically present, but in mind and heart I will certainly be there. I pray that, with this act of Reparation and Consecration, the destructive tide of secularism in the U.K. may turn.

    “Arise, Mary, and go forth in thy strength into that north country, which once was thine own, and take possession of a land which knows thee not.”

    Indeed yes.


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