Word for word translation

This US video clip from LifeTeen has a good take on the new translation of the Mass.

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JoyfulPapist is an adult convert to Catholicism, with a passion for her God, her faith, and her church.
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19 Responses to Word for word translation

  1. Srdc says:

    I hope some of you will stop rallying against guitar masses now, because these kids can rock the house and pray in Latin too. We saw this at WYD.


  2. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    The text refers more than once to the ‘original’ Latin of the bible. I always thought the original language was Aramaic or maybe Hebrew, translated into Greek, then to Latin, then to English (for Anglophones).

    Is this mistaken?


  3. Srdc says:


    Latin is the language of the Latin church. The Eastern churches have their own languages. There were about five centres of early Christianity. Rome being one among them.

    There are Hebrew Catholics, Byzantine Greek Catholics, and those who speak Aramaic in the Middle East too.


  4. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    The strumming of guitars in the mass is of an Anglican culture, to accompany swaying and finger clicking, not to mention the raising of hands as if warming them at a fire. This is why they are gently sidelined into Ordinariates, to keep them out of harm’s way.

    It’s OK at Taizé, but that’s a place for youth who haven’t yet developed an instinct for the tacky things in life.


  5. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    “Latin is the language of the Latin Church”. Well, I never!


  6. Srdc says:

    Interesting article

    “For the most part, it’s a mistake to diagnose this trend in ideological terms, as if it’s about the politics of left vs. right. For today’s younger Catholics, it’s more a matter of generational experience. They didn’t grow up in a stuffy, all-controlling church, so they’re not rebelling against it. Instead, they’re rebelling against a rootless secular world, making them eager to embrace clear markers of identity and sources of meaning. Among youth, Evangelical Catholicism usually becomes ideological only if the older generation paints them into a corner, demanding that they choose sides in the church’s internal battles. That tendency, alas, seems equally pronounced on the left and the right.”



  7. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    “Generational experience…..eager to embrace…..rootless secular world…clear markers of identity…..sources of meaning…”

    Sorry Sr, sounds too much like clichéd ‘managementspeak ‘ to me.



  8. toadspittle says:


    If the above farrago of gibberish is , a good take” on the new translation of the Mass, Toad fervently hopes he never comes across a bad one.

    “Evangelical Catholicism usually becomes ideological only if the older generation paints them into a corner,” Says Srdc ( or so it seems to Toad: Hard to know who’s saying what, at times)

    Surely, any “ism” is an ideology, be it Catholicism, Marxism, Existentialism or whatever?

    And who are the ‘them’ that we old generation geezers are accused of ‘painting into ‘a corner?’

    Toad thinks we should be told.


  9. annem040359 says:

    Well I am from the generation who has live right straight under the shadow of Vatican Council II and even for myself, in middle age, getting used to returning to the “roots” of the Church, being Latin. Thankfully can go to YouTube and sites online that present chant music as well as iTunes. The new English translation is simply returning to those “roots” in the Church which included the Latin. Saw last Tuesday for example during the opening mass for WYD at the begining of it, when during the penence rite while done in Spanish which has been down for years.


  10. toadspittle says:


    “..today’s younger Catholics…didn’t grow up in a stuffy, all-controlling church, so they’re not rebelling against it. Instead, they’re rebelling against a rootless secular world,”

    Very interesting point here from Srdc.

    Toad, for one, grew up in the stuffy, all-controlling Church. Not his fault, he thinks. So he, as Srdc, would expect and approve, rebelled against it.

    And although the rootless, secular world has many drawbacks, he much prefers it to the stuffy world of his youth.

    But what does Srdc stand for in all this? With the stuffy, all-controlling Church?
    Surely not?


  11. Srdc says:


    That was John Allen, not me.


    I am starting to see your point, but the church I know is not stuffy or controlling. Why is everything black and white with you?

    “‘them’ that we old generation geezers are accused of ‘painting into ‘a corner?’”

    Younger Catholics like me, by making us choose between the secular world and a so-called stuffy church?

    Even in the wake of the scandals, in the media. It was the younger Catholics at my church, who said these are not the priests, we know, this is not the church we know.


  12. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Sr, I didn’t say that tosh was yours. You only recommended it. Relax, ’twasn’t your words.

    (I confess I struggled to understand your response to Toad. But then I’m an old generation geezer; whadda I know?)

    (Sorry, too much Damon Runyan here)


  13. Srdc says:


    No offence taken. It’s never too late to learn. Allen, is right that the media cannot look at this through a right/left lens, because it’s not the contemporary vs. the traditional.

    Some conservatives were angry there was not enough “fire and brimstone” at WYD. Some Liberals were angry that “there was too much tradition.”

    Well, this Catholicism. Here comes everybody. Including the protestors. (LOL)


  14. Srdc says:

    These are some WYD pictures from Lifeteen.



  15. toadspittle says:


    “Why is everything black and white with you?” Srdc asks Toad. Extraordinary question. Toad would have thought that was the last thing he could be described as. He is very grey himself, and has very few convictions about anything, thinks everything is relative, and frequently says so. Unlike Srdc, who is very sure about life and her faith, etc., and good for her.
    The only thing Toad fells strongly about is his suspicion that there is very little worth feeling strongly about. Except dogs, of course.


  16. Srdc says:


    The truth too accepts that distinction exist. It’s called context.


  17. The Raven says:

    Whippy, I’m going to be terribly unfair and pick you up on a point (playing the man and not the ball, etc): you’ve said above that the vid refers to the “original Latin of the bible”; it doesn’t, it refers to the original Latin of the Mass. The only inaccuracy was referring to the Church using Latin for 2000 years: I recall being taught that the early Church in Rome used Koine, not Latin, for the first couple of decades.


  18. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Thank you Raven
    Please pick me up on anything you wish. I claim only that I am imperfect.


  19. Srdc says:

    The new translation is not drastically different from the V2 Novus Ordo. We are not getting a new Mass.


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