Active Participation

Week two of the new translation of theses has been and gone, the new words of the responses still feel unusual and awkward and more than a few “and also with you”s (followed by chagrined expostulations) were heard at Mass.

The new translation has a very different feel to the older ICEL version: above all it gives one a sense of a hieratic language, a fitting language reserved for devotion. It’s a long way from perfection, but the new ICEL are to be congratulated on having produced a sacralised language that aspires to the richness of Cranmer’s English (if not the idiom).

The new translation has brought two unexpected realisations: as the clergy are now having to make an effort to read the words of the Eucharistic Prayers, we have time to listen to them and internalize these prayers in a way not afforded to the faithful when Priests were almost able to drift through the prayers on autopilot; and, for myself, stumbling through the new responses, how much the need to recite responses gets in the way of my active participation in the Mass – seemingly every time that one has settled comfortably into the prayers of the Mass, one is disturbed by the need to fumble for a response.

Active participation as envisaged by the Council Fathers (h/t LMS Chairman’s blog)

If only we had someone to make the responses for us…

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3 Responses to Active Participation

  1. Mimi says:

    Nice one, Raven! 🙂


  2. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    This is a tad off tangent, tho’ I have no other way of posting this question.

    May I take “Active Participation” to mean that as CP&S approaches 500,000 glorious responses that there will be some kind of gifts/or celebration on offer?

    Is CP&S thinking of sending out commemoration mugs stuffed with sweets as I dimly (of course) remember as a child on the coronation of Elizabeth I of Great Britain? 1952 I think.

    Or perhaps a draw for a trip to Rome and an audience with the Pope where we might gossip and share our views on forum members? I suspect the Holy Father looks in here anyway, for I have seen “Vatican” appear on the Traffic Feed – often when I posted.

    Perhaps others might care to suggest gifts and prizes on the 500,000 mark celebrations. Can we have something for all please? – we don’t want anyone to feel left out.


  3. Gertrude says:

    What a good idea Whippy – but since this site receives no income, all we can offer is our prayers for the next 500,000 visitors, our thanks to the last 500,000 and our bountiful thanks and prayers to those, like yourself, our beloved amphibian and others who regularly post here.


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