Prime Minister’s message on anniversary of papal visit

Sunday, 18 September 2011 07:05

One year ago, the landmark visit of Pope Benedict gave millions of British Catholics an opportunity to celebrate their faith, while sharing a powerful message with everyone in our country about the importance of compassion, tolerance and justice.

The Pope’s message is just as relevant today. The shocking riots in the UK underline that we need more than ever to build a new culture of social responsibility and develop strong and powerful communities as we deal with tough economic challenges.

We should also be proud that Britain’s generosity is saving the lives of millions in East Africa and countless others affected by disasters across the globe.

I am deeply proud of the enormous contribution people of faith have made to our society and look forward to continuing our ever closer co-operation between the UK and the Holy See as we work for the common good.
David Cameron
10 Downing Street
SW1a 2AA


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4 Responses to Prime Minister’s message on anniversary of papal visit

  1. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Yes, the millionaire Cameron, public school and all that, as well as a totally manipulative politician tells us how wonderful the UK is. 18 millionaires in his Cabinet – just the sort to understand how the other half lives.

    Compassion, tolerance and justice? Don’t make me laugh. 40% of British kids live in poverty – and rising. Justice? Bankers and MPs stealing billions and not in jail, yet an inarticulate, shortchanged hooligan gets two years for stealing a bottle of water.


  2. afmm says:

    Those chips really must be hurting your shoulder, whip.

    Until you came along, this blog, including Toad, in large part reflected its title. It did touch on politics when relevant, i.e. the plight of Christians in the Middle East, and made a refreshing change from what DT’s blog — outstanding in its early years — has degenerated into. It still does, but the large part is being chipped away a bit.

    In Christ


  3. Gertrude says:

    I sincerely hope we still do reflect our title afmm. Whilst we (the authors) are completely orthodox in our Catholicism, our readers are obviously of various degrees! This makes for interesting points of view – I hope with good humour. We have always had a policy of listening to people who disagree with us, but I hope would not allow the blog to descend in any way from our original pledge of loyalty to the Church, the Holy Father and the Magisterium. Personally, I would not like these ideals to be chipped away – even a bit!

    If any of us comment on political matters these are purely our own views and do not reflect the ethos of this blog.


  4. afmm says:

    Dear Gertrude, And thank you so much for your excellent contributions, I note that WEMrW’s
    comment has gone — humour? — so my comment seems to be replying to nothing. Doesn’t matter, really.

    I will continue to read CPandS .

    BTW my name is AnneM but it was difficult to register it as such.

    In Christ and


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