2 Responses to Archbishop Nichols on Interreligious Relations (Given at the University of Birmingham).

  1. Toadspittle says:

    “This is where the global experiences of faith are so important, for they mean that every faith lives in some places in a majority situation, and in others in a minority one. And in our dialogue we must not only learn about these different experiences, and learn from them, but we must also keep very much in mind the reciprocity which is due to each other whatever the situation we are in. “

    It’s clear, from the above, that The Inimitable Vincent is not only a master of the English language, as she is spoke, but also a dialectician of unique ability.

    Holy Mother Church is in safe hands!


  2. teresa says:

    Toad, I am off topic here, but I think you will like this film:
    the second part here:
    It is about a hunting dog (a Scotland setter) and his master. I put the links in brackets so that the comment won’t be containing the videos as then it will divert the thread. (to the others, sorry for being off topic, can’t resist it!)


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