Remember our priests

Fr Raven (no relation, alas!) relates a distressing story about clergy under pressure from their superiors for failing to kow-tow to the modernist mores of the last century.

Similar stories can be found elsewhere as the forces of reaction make one last attempt to ossify the culture of the Church in the pseudo-völkisch model of the 1970s.

It brings home to me, again, how much we need to pray for all of our priests: for those leading the Church away from the experiments of the past and for those still unable to see that their marriage to the fashions of the day has left them widowed.

Feed my sheep

[Father,] I beseech You, direct the hearts and wills of the servants of Your Bride, the Holy Church, unto yourself so that they may follow the poor, bleeding, humble, and gentle Lamb of God on the way of the Cross. Make them angels in the shape of men; for after all, they have to administer and distribute the Body and Blood of Your Only Begotten Son! Amen

St Catherine of Siena

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1 Response to Remember our priests

  1. kathleen says:

    Thank you for drawing our attention to this distressing subject Raven, of good orthodox priests being victimized for teaching authentic Catholic doctrine. I have heard of many similar cases over the years. But one of the comments on the article you refer to brings us a glimmer of hope for the future:

    The good news is that there are several bishops coming up for retirement in the next twelve months. Let us hope for better things from their successors.

    It is not commonly known that every Catholic has the right to write to the Nuntio suggesting names to be put on the turna that he will submit to Rome. So if you know of a good and well qualified priest that you think would make an effective bishop, send his name to the nuntio.”


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