Assisi: now we know what the Holy Father really thinks

I have been troubled by the Holy Father’s decision to hold another beano at Assisi, it looked to me (as well as to many other Catholics) as if it was destined to be a hook that the syncretists and œcumaniacs could hang their relativist views on.

St Paul: “Syncretism? Not so much”

I freely admit that it was more in hope than expectation that I wrote “let’s trust the Holy Father” when this issue was last raised on this site.

I now know that those hopes were well founded.

Sandro Magister at Chiesa carries a report setting out the Holy Father’s expressed feelings about the event. The key passage is this extract from a letter to one of the Pope’s friends, a Lutheran minister:

“I understand very well,” the pope writes, “your concern about participating in the encounter of Assisi. But this commemoration would have been celebrated in any case, and, in the end, it seemed to me the best thing to go there personally, in order to try to determine the overall direction. Nonetheless, I will do everything I can to make a syncretistic or relativistic interpretation of the event impossible, and to make it clear that I will always believe and confess what I had called the Church’s attention to with ‘Dominus Iesus’.”

Please go over and read the whole thing. We are truly blessed by the Holy Ghost in His choice of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. Vivat Papa!

For a rather more down-beat assessment read Ches’s musings on the matter.

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  1. toadspittle says:

    Re: Che’s musings…it was Margaret Dumont, not Rutherford.


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