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Plenary Indulgence Reminders for the first week in November

There are several plenary indulgences available for the first week in November. They are the following: 29 For the faithful departed § 1. A plenary indulgence, applied exclusively to the souls in Purgatory, is granted to the Christian faithful who: … Continue reading

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The silence that draws one close to God

Rules and guidelines for the “proper etiquette” of contemplation Giacomo Galeazzi Vatican City During mass, it is always best to  observe silence: if one must speak, they must do so quietly. The rule of silence is in force in the … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s Greetings on the Solemnity of All Saints

(From News.Va) Marking the Solemnity of All Saints, Pope Benedict XVI greeted pilgrims gathered for the mid-day Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square. The Pope noted that Solemnity of All Saints offers an ideal occasion to look beyond the horizon … Continue reading

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Life holds one tragedy – not to have been a saint

Almost a year ago, I posted under this same heading – in response to those who felt impelled to explain to the Church who could, and who couldn’t be called a saint. In that article, I was addressing those who … Continue reading

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