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Pondering Punishment in the Light of Love

By: Msgr. Charles Pope Consider this text from the Prophet Amos.  He has God speaking of some rather strong punishments coming Israel’s way due to her lack of repentance. God says the strong shall be brought low and the swift … Continue reading

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Archives on the role of the Church during the Spanish Civil War are published

A recent article regarding the coming Beatification of the Spanish Civil War Martyrs provoked some discussion on the ‘rights and wrongs’ of the Church in Spain during that turbulent time. Aware of my own ignorance of this, and recently reading … Continue reading

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Hauled Aboard the Ark – Coming home to Rome.

Hauled Aboard the Ark by Peter Kreeft I was born into a loving, believing community, a Protestant “mother church” (the Reformed Church) which, though it had not for me the fullness of the faith, had strong and genuine piety. I … Continue reading

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A Joyful Warrior for Life

Motherhood has too often been downplayed in our secular society today. Having a successful job that pays well is often deemed more worthy and fulfilling than being a stay-at-home Mum, cooking, cleaning and bringing up a string of children. (There … Continue reading

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