News Flash: Italian Parish Prevented an Abortion by Adopting the Unwanted Baby

Father Maurizio De Sanctis (Nicknamed "Father Nike")

27th. Dec., 2011

An already large family with just one wage coming in faced an unexpected pregnancy in the midst of the economic crisis. But the abortion, for which an appointment at the clinic had been fixed, was blocked by “Father Nike”, or Fr Maurizio De Sanctis, the priest – and dancer – to whom the couple confided their decision. The story unfolded in Livorno’s staunchly left-wing La Rosa district, where the parish will adopt the new baby. “My parish community has a €200,000 mortgage and an even bigger heart. Today, we saved a child’s life”, Father Nike wrote on Facebook on 20 December. He later told parishioners the story at Santa Rosa church during the Christmas Day mass. “We’ll buy everything the baby needs – pushchair, clothing, bottle – everything it needs on a day-to-day basis”, promises Fr Maurizio, who holds a degree in psychology as well as one in philosophy and theology. “That was the only way I could persuade the parents”.

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1 Response to News Flash: Italian Parish Prevented an Abortion by Adopting the Unwanted Baby

  1. rebrites says:

    Finally, pro-lifers who aren´t harrassing and haranguing women… but stepping up and offering real, positive, on-the-ground support to a family in need. I just hope it is not delivered with too many truckloads of guilt and condescension.


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