The Isle (Ostrov): A Film on Sin, Guilt and Forgiveness

Everyone who has read Count Tolstoy’s Resurrection must know that Sin and Guilt have an existential meaning to us human beings. Those who like to explain sin and guilt away as scarecrow invented by the religion don’t really succeed in expelling our instinctive feelings, they can just persuade us to suppress these feelings, which can lead to deeper psychological disturbance on the long run. Who sins needs God’s Grace to free himself from the onus of sin which is pinching his conscience. People might assume that this very unpopular topic will never get any audience in the entertainment industry. But they are wrong: existential questions like this will never be get outdated, they are eternal like the cycle of life. People are seeking salvation and freedom. One just has to be bold enough to address these questions and of course, find a good story to tell. The following film of year 2006 is an excellent example for it. What’s more, it incorporates also the topic of exorcism and clairvoyance with so much casualness, without making a hysterical fuss out of them like those Hollywood films on religion and the Church. For Christians, Religion is a part of our Daily Life. Only a totally secularized society tends to treat religion as something exotic and mysterious. This film succeeds in showing us how we are to live a life as Christians, and yet, with the greatest Mysterium which enriches our life and fulfils our life, without having to create artificially an overflow of stimili which, after the first excitement, will only leave a total blank in our mind.

The film is available on youtube, with English subtitles. Here is the first part, the rest of the film can be easily found by clicking the video links showed beside the film on youtube.

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