Inside a cell on B Wing, Nottingham Prison (Source: BBC)

(ANSA) – Enna, January 3 – A criminal has fled a halfway house run by a particularly austere order of monks for the second time in just over a month, saying he prefers life in jail.

“Prison’s better than the Santa Maria degli Angeli community home,” David Catalano told police on Monday night.

Catalano, 31, first fled the home near Enna in eastern Sicily on November 21 but was ordered back there.

The petty criminal has now been granted his wish and is in a local jail.

“I don’t want to go back with the Capuchins,” Catalano said.

Three Capuchin friars

The Capuchins broke from the Franciscans in the 16th century saying the order had strayed from the tough regime of founder St. Francis.

They formed an offshoot which focused on living a very austere monastic life.

The Capuchins are named after their distinctive pointed hoods; ‘cappuccino’ means “pointed cowl” in Italian.

The Capuchin monks believe in living as simply as possible.

Neither monks nor monastery are allowed to own property, and the monks are expected to beg and rely on charity for all of their needs, never keeping more than a few days’ worth of food at any given time.

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