SSPX: Why is the Vatican’s proposal being kept “secret”?

From Vatican Insider
By G. Gal

A Latin missalIn France, the secrecy surrounding the “Doctrinal Preamble” sent by the Catholic Church to the Society of Saint Pius X to put an end to the schism between the two, is being hotly discussed

Can the Vatican’s “proposal” to the Lefebvrians remain a secret? In France (homeland of Archbishop Marcel François Lefebvre, excommunicated by the Holy See) the secrecy surrounding the “Doctrinal Preamble” which the Catholic Church sent to the traditionalist order to end the schism, continues to arouse debate.

Religious information channels such as the Catholic newspaper La Croix and the religious information website Baptises are posing the question of whether “a question that concerns everyone should not be discussed by everyone.” The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith delivered the text – which forms the basis for reconciliation – to the Society of Saint Pius X, without making it public. Controversy in France is now focused on the decision of keeping the document secret.The Vatican’s official communiqué merely says that “said Preamble states a number of the Catholic Church’s doctrinal principles and criteria for interpretation, that are necessary in order to guarantee loyalty to the Church’s Magisterium and the “sentire cum Ecclesia” (thinking with the Church), whilst leaving the study and theological explanation of single expressions and formulations present in the document of the Second Vatican Council and the successive Magisterium, open to legitimate discussion.”

According to Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of Saint Pius X, the discretion shown is normal in any important procedure and ensures seriousness. “The Doctrinal Preamble that was delivered to us happens to be a document which, as the accompanying note indicates, involves the need for certain clarifications and modifications. Mgr. Bernard Fellay commented. This is not the definitive text. We will shortly be sending a reply to this document, in which we will frankly point out the doctrinal positions we believe must absolutely be maintained. Since the beginning of our talks with the Holy See (and our interlocutors are well aware of this), we have been constantly preoccupied with trying to present our traditional approach with utmost sincerity. According to Fellay, Rome’s discretion is also down to the fact that this text, even in its current form and in need as it is of many clarifications, risks being opposed by the neo-liberals who do not acknowledge the simple idea of a discussion regarding the Council. This is because they believe this pastoral Council to be unquestionable and “non negotiable”, as if it were a dogmatic Council.

Despite all these precautions, the conclusions reached during the meeting of Superiors of the Society of Saint Pius X in Alban, on 7 October, were published on the Internet by different but agreeing sources.

Fellay pointed out that “Indiscretions are always present on the Internet. It is true that this Doctrinal Preamble cannot be given our approval, although there is space for a “legitimate discussion” of certain points made in the Council. It terms of how wide this margin for discussion is, the proposal I will make in the coming days to authorities in Rome and their reply will allow us to evaluate the possibilities we are left with. Whatever the result of these exchanges is, the final document that will be accepted or rejected will be made public.”

A group of French scholars, including Christine Pedotti, Anne Soupa, Thierry Jaillet, Gilles Marmasse, also recognise that the choice of secrecy shows consistency: this is about Vatican and Society of Pius X leaders concluding a process of reconciliation; only afterwards will they reveal which concessions they have chosen to make. But leaving it up to leaders to reach a solution violates the “sensus fidei”, that is, the ability of the faithful to perceive the truth of the faith. Rome is perfectly aware of the positions of the Lefebvrians, “and it is based on this accurate knowledge that Cardinal Levada presented the Doctrinal Preamble to Mgr. Fellay.”

Essentially, we would never have received a proposal that we could not have shared. The statement, made by the spokesman for the Society of Saint Pius X, Abbot Alain Lorans, during an interview published in the French weekly Catholic newspaper Famille chrétienne, does not leave much room for interpretation. Catholic news agency Adista, emphasised that the secret document will have to be signed if the order is to rejoin the Catholic Church: a few pages of “non negotiable doctrine.”

The hardest hurdle to overcome will be the Lefebvrians’ adherence to the Magisterium of the Second Vatican Council, which was completely rejected by the Lefebvrian traditionalists. The agreement with Rome, according to Lorans, would permanently solve the Society’s canonical situation, but above all, is that “it would give tradition, which has often received disdain or been oppressed over the course of the past 40 years, its right to “citizenship” within the Catholic Church”: a process which was begun by Benedict XVI with his Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum on the Tridentine Mass. And if, upon close examination, Mgr. Fellay decides to agree to the Preamble, “the fraternity will certainly be favourable towards this.” Lorans is certain of one thing: “Some insist that the points in the Council that are problematic could be discussed without this questioning their belonging to the Church. This would create awareness that these controversial texts do not require the adherence required by dogma.”

Others,” on the other hand, “insist that this Doctrinal Preamble should require full respect of the Council, its authenticity and the legitimacy of its teaching. These people believe that just the thought of the Second Vatican Council being discussed seems “a little too much”.” The Lefebvrian spokesman admits that there is a big difference between the note that the Secretary of State published back in 2009, before talks began with Lefebvre’s followers (which stated that “The necessary condition for a future recognition of the Society of Saint Pius X is a full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI himself”) and the communiqué sent after the meeting on September 14th (which leaves “the study and theological explanation of single expressions and formulations present in the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent Magisterium open to legitimate discussion”).

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19 Responses to SSPX: Why is the Vatican’s proposal being kept “secret”?

  1. pablo says:

    Three words:

    Bishop Richard Williamson.

    He is a Bishop much loved by the Faithful and greatly disdained by the Elitist of the SSPX.

    Bishop Bernard Fellay and his Office Help as I refer to them, took great pains to keep the Vatican document out of the hands of the good Bishop.

    After the Albano meeting, the Vatican stated it had no secrets.

    Some of the SSPX Priests and Bishop Williamson have told Bishop Fellay things done in darkness are of the Devil.

    Some of those that have stood up to the Elitists have been expelled or punished severely.

    The Elitists of the SSPX consider many of the Faithful ‘Parasites’ that must be purged from their Holy Presence.

    The Elitist group within the SSPX has been told by the pious, righteous SSPX members (of which there are many) they are abusing the graces God has given the SSPX, but like their predecessors, the Whitened Sepulcher Scribes and Pharisees, they hear not.

    There are many Holy Priests within the SSPX, and many of them are being punished by the aforementioned group for not bowing before them and acknowledging them as Lords and Masters.

    They are to be pitied.

    Bishop Bernard Fellay and his Office Help have painted themselves into a corner.

    Pray for the Holy Father and all his Priests Nuns, and Religious.

    I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.



  2. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Pablo – there is the seed of an exciting Vatican intrigue novel in your post. The plotting, the shadowy ‘ eminences grises’, the Machiavellian intrigue, the punishment (groan), the ‘Lords and Masters’ , the things done in darkness – don’t let Dan Brown get there first!

    But keep your identity secret – ‘they’ may wish to gag you.


  3. pablo says:

    Mr Whippy ,

    ‘They’ and I have already had at it.

    Divine Providence has not allowed victory to them.

    What intrigues me more than they question “Why do people who have absolutely no doubt God, The Holy Angels, the Virgin Mary exist, still persist on being on Satan’s side?” is the question “Why are Catholics so mean spirited towards those in Church Militant that fight Satan?”

    To not believe in the Supernatural is to not believe in God.

    My identity and location are not secret.

    Things done in secret are of the Devil.

    Please do not mention me and your hero Brown in the same breath.



  4. pablo says:

    By the way, here is a little something to keep you all busy today.

    I call it the New – New ‘Mass’.

    From Kiko and Carmen, the “In communion with Rome” Novus Ordo Nun:

    May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.



  5. toadspittle says:


    Toad smells brimstone, heresy and Masonism. Right, Pablo?
    Lot of pinheads dancing on an angel.

    That’ll learn yer, Whippy – to mention your hero Brown!
    Toad thought Pablo meant Tom, at first.
    “Flashman, you are a cad and a coward – and there’s no place for you at Rugby! Be off and , join SSPX!”


  6. pablo says:


    Which part of the Kiko and Carmen New -New Mass is your favorite?

    Since there is no such thing as heresy in your book, I thought you might enlighten us.


    And the Freemasons make good men better, right?



  7. teresa says:

    Just read something about WWII, Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher who sentenced 3000 people to death during the first three months of his ruling in Czechoslovakia, was obsessed with hatred against Freemasons, Catholics and Jews. No wonder Williamson is obsessed with both Jews and Freemasons. I just wonder why he calls himself a Catholic. The Freemasons belonged to the persecuted under the Nazis. The SSPX has taken a lot of Nazi-elements into its ideology, a friend of mine heard a high ranked SSPX priest speaking exactly of a “Jewish-Masonic conspiration”, an expression coined by the obnoxious Julius Streicher. For those who are interested:

    “Nazi propaganda continued to link Jews and Freemasons; Julius Streicher’s virulent publication Der Stuermer (The Assault Trooper) repeatedly printed cartoons and articles that attempted to portray a “Jewish-Masonic” conspiracy. Freemasonry also became a particular obsession of the chief of Security Police and SD, Reinhard Heydrich, who counted the Masons, along with the Jews and the political clergy, as the “most implacable enemies of the German race.” In 1935 Heydrich argued for the need to eliminate not only the visible manifestations of these “enemies,” but to root out from every German the “indirect influence of the Jewish spirit” — “a Jewish, liberal, and Masonic infectious residue that remains in the unconscious of many, above all in the academic and intellectual world.”

    Heydrich created a special section of the SS Security Service (Sicherheitsdienst–SD), Section II/111, to deal specifically with Freemasonry. The SD was particularly interested, as its personnel believed that Freemasonry exercised actual political power, shaped public opinion through control of the press, and was thus in a position to provoke war, subversion, and revolution. Later, Section VII B 1 of the Reich Security Main Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt; RSHA), an amalgamation of the SD and the Security Police formed in 1939, took over the section devoted to investigating Freemasonry. ”

    Excerpt from the Holocaust Encyclopaedia


  8. pablo says:

    Let me ask you this:

    Who was responsible for the murder by firing squad of the Roman Catholic Priests and Cristeros in Mexico.

    The Girl Scouts?

    “No conspiracy here, move along”, Right?

    Prescott Bush among other Americans, funded the Third Reich.



  9. teresa says:

    To answer your question pablo, I suggest reading a good history book though I have now little time to study the history of Latin America but perhaps Rick who runs a blog on Mexico will inform us when he happens to come here. As for your version of history, pablo, sorry but I won’t take it seriously….


  10. JabbaPapa says:

    As for your version of history, pablo, sorry but I won’t take it seriously….

    Nor will I, teresa, nor will I be taking seriously his continuous praise for Williamson, nor this new obsession with the Neocatechumenals, nor this apparent transformation of the Williamson camp from seeking to sow dissension within the Church to sowing it within the SSPX — all of this from a man (Williamson) whose Catholicity is dubious, and his ordination even moreso.


  11. JabbaPapa says:

    More on topic, I think that it is perfectly normal to keep an unfinished doctrinal document in the hands of the theologians until such a time as it can be deemed suitable for publication, because the Church is not in the business of publishing false doctrines.


  12. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Pablo, I didnt realise you had done battle with devils and dark forces, but you say you were victorious. Though it seems you did not escape some wounds, though they may be invisible.

    You are right to heavily criticise Toad, if as you perceptively say, there “is no heresy in (his) book”. If he doesn’t accept that there is heresy, then there’s no telling what other evil things he believes; I shudder to think. And the toad is a creature often mentioned in black magic, and perhaps by Freemasons too. I wonder……..

    Keep an eye on Mr.Toad, and whenever he goes wrong, correct him. It could be the saving of him, as I can’t believe he is completely lost to righteousness. I believe that already you are a steady hand on him. Oh yes.


  13. pablo says:

    “…Keep an eye on Mr.Toad,…”

    Actually Mr. Whippy, we have been keeping close watch on you.

    The comments here are good and lighthearted; hopefully no one gets their feelings hurt.

    A Padre once told me God allows us to get injured or ill that we stay humble as we witness victory; God deserves all the glory.

    For your consideration:

    Pray God allow us to face those that meet together against Him and His Christ and win souls for His greater glory.

    “…Though it seems you did not escape some wounds, though they may be invisible…”

    Thank God I have a Catholic Doctor that has the chrism of healing.

    He has saved my life several times after being injured.

    Please pray for him and the Bishops and Priests he cares for.

    One of them is a fallen Bishop; he became Bishop and had to deal with his good friend a Padre that had been decapitated, and he was arrested for having killed someone at the end of his Bishop capacity.

    He is suffering greatly.

    When you fight in a supernatural battle, injuries are present, the source is just difficult to find because they come from supernatural.

    When I see the trailer for the new exorcism movie, the girl pictured contorts her body into incredible positions; it is just a parlor trick of the Devil.

    Because he is not confined to a body or earthly physics, he can make a body do this.

    Stay focused on the cross of Jesus Christ at all times.

    Please pray for those that are most in need of God’s mercy, and for those poor souls I represent.

    And especially pray very hard for those Priest and Nuns Satan is punishing in private.

    I met one during confession, and his poor hands were trembling from having been pestered by Satan.Pray for Father Carlos C. as well.

    They have suffered attacks that have sent them reeling.

    “…before setting to work for God and to fight against the devil, first calculate your forces; and if you consider yourself well enough equipped to begin, you are a fool, because the tower to be built costs an outrageous price, and the enemy coming out to meet you is an angel, before whom you are of no account. Get to know yourself so well that you cannot contemplate yourself without flinching. Then there will be room for hope. In the sure knowledge that you are obliged to do the impossible in Him who strengthens you, then you are ready for a task which can be performed only through the Cross.”



  14. toadspittle says:


    “Thank God I have a Catholic Doctor that has the chrism of healing.
    He has saved my life several times after being injured.”

    ..and Pablo, if Toad is not mistaken, the kindly Doc advised you against handling sharp or easliy breakable objects, did he not?


  15. pablo says:

    He has advised me to stay away from self righteous holy rollers… it is obvious that I do not take this advice; I communicate with you freely in the Charity of Christian fraternity.

    Thank you for your kind words and sympathy towards those of us the Lord requires to earn our way into His heart through trials and tribulations.

    May God continue to bless you with comfort and abundance.



  16. JabbaPapa says:

    self righteous holy rollers


    hmf !!

    May God open your heart to the most gentle love of Saint Mary.


  17. pablo says:

    !!! hmf !!

    Smartest thing you’ve said so far.

    Mr. JabbaPappa, I concede to your genius.



  18. toadspittle says:


    What’s wrong with being a self-righteous holy-roller? Toad wants to know.

    No doubt, he will be told.


  19. pablo says:

    “…Toad wants to know. ..”


    No nuggets of wisdom to be found here.

    We’re all tapped out.

    It’s the Jews again, I’m afraid.



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