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Vatican Requests 1,500-Year-Old Bible Held In Turkey

The Vatican has allegedly issued an official request to examine a 1,500-year-old Bible that has been held in Turkey for the past 12 years, According to a report by National Turk, the Bible was seized from a gang of smugglers … Continue reading

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Lenten Reading – St John Vianney’s Catechism on the Word of God

CHAPTER 5: Catechism on the Word of God My children, the Word of God is of no little importance! These were Our Lord’s first words to His Apostles: “Go and teach”… to show us that instruction is before everything. My children, … Continue reading

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What Does Jesus Mean by Hypocrisy? It’s Deeper than You Think

By: Msgr. Charles Pope In the Gospel from Ash Jesus gives an extended teaching on the problem of hypocrisy. You can read it here: Matthew 6 – On Hypocrisy. In the modern age we have tended to reduce the notion … Continue reading

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Girl, 14, gets death threats for defending marriage

Secularists / Atheists pride themselves in being “non-violent” and “tolerant”. But what happened recently in the U.S. reveals their another, less flattering side. (Of course, any critique of atheists, quite indifferent as to whether of them in general or only … Continue reading

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St John Vianney – Catechism on the Blessed Virgin

CHAPTER 4: Catechism on the Blessed Virgin The Father takes pleasure in looking upon the heart of the most Holy Virgin Mary, as the masterpiece of His hands; for we always like our own work, especially when it is well … Continue reading

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Cardinal George: Liberty of Religion is more than Freedom of Worship, and Bring Back the Separation of Church and State, the State, Shouldn’t Make Its Way Into the Church

The provision of health care should not demand “giving up” religious liberty. Liberty of religion is more than freedom of worship. Freedom of worship was guaranteed in the Constitution of the former Soviet Union. You could go to church, if … Continue reading

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Evangelization Council’s Pilot Project Under Way This Lent

ROME, FEB. 22, 2012 ( During Lent, 12 European dioceses are participating in a special new evangelization project. The effort comes as a way to prepare for the October synod of bishops on this theme. Mission Metropolis is the name … Continue reading

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I like dogs better than people, am I off base?

From Catholic Spiritual Direction Q: Dear Dan, I was telling a friend of mine the other day that I really prefer dogs to people. He told me that I needed to pray about this and that he thought it was … Continue reading

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Religious tolerance? – A Reflection regarding the Quran burning by U.S. soldiers in Afganistan

The repercussions following the accidental burning of the Koran in Afghanistan have been extreme, violent and have put Western citizens in extreme danger. Whilst the act itself is reprehensible, it was what it was, an ill considered accident, The consequences … Continue reading

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St John Vianney – Catechism on the Holy Spirit

CHAPTER 3: Catechism on the Holy Spirit O my children, how beautiful it is! The Father is our Creator, the Son is our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit is our Guide…. Man by himself is nothing, but with the Holy … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “My Brother the Pope”

Here is a ZENIT– exclusive excerpt from “My Brother the Pope,” by Monsignor Georg Ratzinger as told to Michael Hesemann. Ignatius Press will release the English translation of the book March 1. From Chapter IX: Pope Like probably most Catholics, … Continue reading

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Renewing our relationship with God. The Holy Father’s reflection at the Angelus in Rome today.

“The season of Lent is a time to renew and strengthen our relationship with God through daily prayer, acts of penance, works of fraternal charity”, said Pope Benedict XVI this Sunday before reciting the midday Angelus prayer with thousands of … Continue reading

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Lenten Reading from St John Vianney – Catechism on the Love of God

CHAPTER 2: Catechism on the Love of God Our body is a vessel of corruption; it is meant for death and for the worms, nothing more! And yet we devote ourselves to satisfying it, rather than to enriching our soul, … Continue reading

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Bishop Mark Davies: On Life Everlasting

A Pastoral Letter On Life Everlasting to be read in all churches and chapels of Shrewsbury Diocese on the First Sunday of Lent, 26th February 2012. My dear brothers and sisters, As Lent begins we are reminded of something often … Continue reading

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Biblical Reflection for First Sunday of Lent. E.F: Dominica I in Quadragesima.

The ways of the desert By Father Thomas Rosica First Sunday of Lent – February 26, 2012 The readings for this Sunday are: Genesis 9:8-15; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:12-15 Extraordinary Form: 2 Corinthians 6: 1-10, Matthew 4: 1-11 Does anyone … Continue reading

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