One million ‘faith cards’ arrive in parishes

By Madeleine Teahan (Catholic Herald)

One million ‘faith cards’ arrive in parishes

Photo: Mazur/

Cards for Catholics are now being distributed throughout 24 dioceses in England and Wales.

The card states that the carrier is Catholic and states six things that Catholics are called to do.

A spokeswoman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said that the cards are being distributed gradually over the next month in order to make sure the exercise is not too costly.

She said there had been enquiries about the cards from 12 different countries including America, Sweden and Australia who want to imitate the initiative.

Additional cards are also being distributed through the Catholic Education Service, Prison Chaplaincy, Caritas Social Action Network and at the FLAME Youth Congress.

Bishop Kieran Conry of Arundel and Brighton, chairman of the Bishops’ Department for Evangelisation and Catechesis, said: “We all carry a variety of cards in our purses and wallets which reflect something of our identity and the things that are important to us. The faith card for Catholics aims to offer a daily reminder of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We can’t summarise the whole of our faith in bullet points, but we hope that the card simply inspires people to do, read and learn more.”

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12 Responses to One million ‘faith cards’ arrive in parishes

  1. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    This is a great wheeze, first (?) used by the Labour Party to elect Tony Blair, the putative war criminal. All you ‘traditionalists’ had better get ‘modern’. (Oooh those horrible ‘moderns’. )

    There’s nothing wrong with it, and it can focus the minds of Catholics on what’s what (in a soundbite sense). I well know that précis is reductive, but I really like it. A severe practice, but it makes one focus on basics, key points.

    Bishop Conry has got it sussed.

    But I do wish ‘we had been told’ (!) what the six points are!


  2. Jerry says:

    But I do wish ‘we had been told’ (!) what the six points are!

    I decide to find an answer to your question.

    They say:

    As a Catholic I,

    [Wall Eyed Mr Whippy]

    Am called to:
    Share with others the joy of knowing Jesus Christ
    Celebrate the Sacraments regularly
    Humbly submit to Jabba Pappa who knows more about theology than I do.
    Love my neighbour as myself
    Use the gifts that I’ve been given wisely
    Forgive as I have been forgiven

    In the event of an emergency please contact a catholic priest


  3. toadspittle says:


    …but what is the card for?

    To wave at non-Catholics (i.e. Jehovah’s Witnesses) to frighten them off?
    To remind the owner not to eat bacon sandwiches on Fridays?
    To yet again demonstrate that “God moves in mysterious ways”?
    To scrape ice off the car windshield on winter mornings?

    Do the card’s instigators believe that Catholics can’t remember what it’s all about without a “prompt”?
    Jabba will put us right.

    “In case of emergency, please contact a Catholic priest.”If you can find one that’s not in do-doo up to his dog collar for maltreating lesbians or pederasty or for being in favour of Vat II reforms.
    On second thoughts, forget it, because the bearer will be comfortably dead by time you do.


  4. kathleen says:

    Toad: 😆

    Although figures differ slightly, it is believed there are close to four and a half million Catholics in England and Wales….. and about five million in the whole of the UK, which includes Scotland and Northern Ireland too of course. (That’s about one in 12 people incidentally!) Therefore there won’t be enough to go round; one million ‘faith cards’ will fall far short of the numbers needed, surely?


  5. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    Kathleen, you say there are too many Catholics for the number of cards available. Could this be because Catholics have large families and that you are reconsidering Catholic teaching on family planning to help with this card problem?
    If so, I am shocked.

    Surely Dad can read his card to all the family round the hearth? Later it can be photocopied.

    Jerry, thank you for your research and filling in my name as an example, and I cite number 7, -“I forgive you as I have been forgiven”. You certainly have found some excellent points in the card, with one of them quite unexpected in such a document.



  6. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    I was rather disappointed to read that the Prison Chaplaincy will also be distributing these cards, obviously to Catholic jailbirds.

    Perhaps if they’d read their SixPoint card first they wouldn’t be in chokey.


  7. toadspittle says:

    Re: Kathleen’s comment at 10.01 am today:

    Toad has no idea how many Catholics there are in the world these days, let alone in the U.K., and couldn’t really care even a teeny-weeny-weeny fragment.

    It is not a numbers game, as she will no doubt heartily agree. (Except when it suits Catholics to play the numbers game, which is frequently.)

    Quality, not quantity, is what is to be striven for.

    But If she is suggesting that there won’t be sufficient “Catholic” cards to go around the vast multitude, well the unlucky faithful will simply have to use their Tesco, Waitrose, Mr. Piggy-Wiggy, Friends of Richard Dawkins, or World-Wide Porno-Video Club cards to scrape the ice off their windshields, just like the rest of us PSB’s, he thinks.

    But he still has no idea of what the card is supposed to be for.

    Assuming, of course, that the card is “supposed” to be for anything in particular.

    Is it for sale?

    That would make sense.

    (If, only as pitifully few as one in 12 people in the U.K. are now Catholic, maybe a name change is in order, pronto?)


  8. toadspittle says:

    “Perhaps if they’d read their SixPoint card first they wouldn’t be in chokey.” muses Mr. W.E.W.
    Well, unless we can contact poor old Omvendt, who is, it seems, still doing at least a “carpet”, if not an actual “lagging”, we will prolly never know.


  9. Wall Eyed Mr Whippy says:

    I am shocked to read that Omvendt may be banged up and queuing for a SixPoint card before slopping out. Oh well.

    Toad says he does not know how many Cathos there are, but I can tell him that there are 85 million Anglicans at large; it said so on the telly today. And there’s a job going. Big collection plate, and five star property portfolio.

    I mused that if CP&Srs, as members of the senior service, could be candidates for the vacant post of ArchBish, then who might be a good candidate.

    I ruled out the girls as for the moment at least they are excluded from this job. If it were possible, then that Rebrites might be OK, for she’s into finger clicking and swaying, but not in the hats she’d have to wear. Kathleen (oh! language) and G would sigh (understandably) too much for people’s liking.

    I ruled myself out only because of eyesight problems. But I’ve got a beard.
    Toad, no. Too difficult, contrary. Would upset the sleeping congregation, and scatter their sweets.
    Jerry? Huh.
    Raven? Too inclined, as he says, to pulling legs. Not good with Jeremy Paxman.
    Jabba? good on the academic stuff, but won’t be ready to meet the public for a while yet.
    Omvendt? not due for release.
    Mr. Badger would be good, but ‘e ‘as done a runner.

    There are others of course, but that’ll do for now. So that leaves…

    …Robert John Bennet, brother of Gordon. What say you? White smoke? Habeamus archbish?


  10. toadspittle says:


    In some incomprehensible way, all this “ticketing” reminds Toad of once being asked to buy tickets for “The Policeman’s Ball.” On demurring, on the grounds that he couldn’t dance, he was then told that it was not a dance, but a raffle.
    Truly God moves, etc, etc, in mysterious, etc. etc.


  11. Jerry says:

    Mr. Badger would be good, but ‘e ‘as done a runner.

    I’m sure he’d be very happy to hear about your kind words, Whippy. I never had the pleasure of talking to him on CP&S, alas Badger seemed to stop posting at exactly the same time as Jerry started. Ah well.


  12. Jerry says:

    Truly God moves, etc, etc, in mysterious, etc. etc.

    That again Toad… last time Augustine annoyed someone this much he’d stolen fruit 😉


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