St John Vianney on Bad Company


My dear brethren, I call that man bad company who is without religion, who does not concern himself with either the commandments of God or those of the Church, who does not recognize Lent or Easter, who seldom comes to church or, if he does come, then only to scandalize others by his irreligious ways. You ought to shun his company; otherwise you will not be long in becoming like him without your even noticing it. He will teach you, with his bad talk as much as by his bad example, to despise the holiest things and to neglect your own most sacred duties. He will begin to turn your devotion into ridicule, to make some jokes about religion and its ministers. He will speak to you at length, in scandalous terms, about the priests or about Confession to such effect that he will cause you to lose entirely your taste for the frequent reception of the Sacraments. He will discuss the instructions of your pastors only in order to turn them into ridicule, and you can be quite certain that if you keep company with him for any length of time, you will see that, without even realizing it, you will begin to lose all taste for anything which is profitable towards the salvation of your soul. I call bad company, my dear brethren, this young or this old slanderer who has nothing but bad and foul words in his mouth.

Take good care, my children, for this type of person has a poison of his own! If you frequent his company, you may be quite certain that you will imbibe it and that, without a miracle of grace, you will die spiritually. The Devil will make good use of this wretch to sully your imagination and to corrupt your heart. I would call that person bad company, my dear brethren, who is curious or restless or backbiting, who wants to know all that goes on in other people’s houses, and who is always ready to form judgments about what he does not see at all. The Holy Ghost tells us that these people are not only hateful to the whole world but are also accursed of God. Fly from them, my dear brethren; otherwise you will become like them. You yourselves will perish with them.

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4 Responses to St John Vianney on Bad Company

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    This sounds like Toadspittle and Mr Whippy! 😉


  2. We should perhaps remember, now and then, that when St. John Vianney arrived in the village of Ars, it consisted almost entirely of the sort of people he describes as being “bad company.” It was through a “miracle of grace,” though, that he was able to turn that kind of thinking around, not only in Ars but also throughout much of France.


  3. toadspittle says:

    God knows how he would have described Fleet Street in the nineteen-sixties.
    Saint John Vianney on Incredulity.


  4. rebrites says:

    Toad might be Bad Company, but he´s a lot more fun at parties than that sour old Vianney fellow.


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