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Progressive Inhumanity, Part Three: Hatred of the Past

by Anthony Esolen From Crisis Magazine I have long thought that the term “progressive” was a dodge, because no one could tell me exactly where we were supposed to be headed and why.  It seemed to me that the term … Continue reading

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Mr Cameron is trying to please Christian voters by saying nice things to us: Archbishop Nichols approves. We mustn’t, however, be taken in.

He will press forward with gay ‘marriage’ whatever we say By William Oddie David Cameron listens to the Westminster Abbey boys’ choir at an Easter reception for religious leaders at 10 Downing Street Archbishop Vincent Nichols has now given his … Continue reading


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Pope Pius XII: the Martyrdom of Silence

There is a story about a desire once expressed by the young Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII) which was fulfilled in such startling intensity, that no one – least of all the boy himself – could ever have believed … Continue reading

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