Communion in the Hand – Video explanation Part 1 & 2

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15 Responses to Communion in the Hand – Video explanation Part 1 & 2

  1. toadspittle says:


    If this capering presenter is not “Gay.” then Toad is a monkey’s nephew.

    Maybe we should consider re-naming “Catholicism, Pure & Simple” as “Catholicism, Pure & Not Very Bright”

    Wadda think?


  2. Laura Sedivy says:

    Gay? No. But he’s certainly theatrical and God bless him for his passion for God and His true presence in the Eucharist.


  3. toadspittle says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Laura. I don’t for a moment disapprove of the gurning young jackanapes’ “theatricality,” as you so nicely puit it.
    Theatricality seldom comes amiss, as Noel Coward might have said.
    Probably did.
    And it’s nice to see young people enjoying themselves in a good cause.

    I do find the crucifix dangling from his “bracelet” (it may even be a rosary) not altogether sympathetic to my sober old British taste, but as we seem to be constantly repeating on here, “Takes all sorts, etc..”


  4. Laura Sedivy says:

    Lest the world be a boring place………….(grin)

    I think that is a rosary on his wrist. Guess they don’t make manly ones.

    Did you notice, though, that he is married and has a son?


  5. toadspittle says:

    No, I didn’t. Is he really old enough to be married?
    Not a child bridegroom?

    Guess I’ll be a monkey’s nephew.

    It’s one thing when the priests start looking young, it’s another when the popes start to…


  6. Laura Sedivy says:

    I was really shocked, too, because he looks like a teenager- LOL! I’ve seen his vids before on YT but this was the first time I noticed his wedding ring (and on the left hand) and I only looked because he said he named his son (partially) after the very Holy Bishop Athanasius (SP?) Schneider (who I also love & adore — Dominus ‘Est!). This was the 2nd video.


  7. Jerry says:

    If this capering presenter is not “Gay.” then Toad is a monkey’s nephew.

    That was my thought as well Toad. I allowed myself a guilty chuckle. He is certainly a very poor speaker


  8. A discussion about whether or not the presenter is a homosexual is entirely irrelevant to the topic of receiving the Eucharist reverently. Provided that any man or woman has been Baptized, is aware of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and has been to confession since(if) he or she has committed a mortal sin, then the Eucharist cannot be rightfully denied according to Canon Law.


  9. toadspittle says:

    “A discussion about whether or not the presenter is a homosexual is entirely irrelevant to the topic of receiving the Eucharist reverently.”
    Dear Sed is quite right to be cross, and we should all be ashamed of ourselves, and pull ourselves together (in a manner of speaking.)

    But I have to ask Laura what the young whippersnapper actually called his son. Was it Athanasius?
    Or was it Schneider? Or Dominus? Or just plain Bishop?


  10. Thank you for posting these two videos. The young man is very earnest, perhaps too earnest, but what he says is good and true.


  11. toadspittle says:

    To be mildly serious, how does the presenter – or anybody – imagine the priest himself can handle the hosts without fragments falling off?

    Do they hold a plate under one’s chin to catch them?
    I seem to remember they used to.


  12. Laura Sedivy says:

    Hey, Toad —

    He named his son Athanasius (sp?).

    The priest is SUPPOSED to only — ONLY use his forefinger and thumb and the priest is always very cautious in how he handles his fingers for this very reason. Yes, they used to use a paten but not any more …..unless you are at the TLM (which I seek out). And in this TLM mass the patten follows the host from the priest’s sign of the cross to under the chin of the communicant.


  13. Elisabeth says:

    The zeal of youth.


  14. teresa says:

    That is St. Athansius who is the name’s patron of his son (and of Bishop Schneider as well). St. Athanasius was a Holy Bishop of the Early Church who was expelled from his sea but restored later.


  15. clementaustin says:

    TheMaronite rite only has communion by the mouth because body is dipped in the the blood by the priest/ deacon. Is this called “unction” , maybe. Don’t like the youths manner at all, the histairics are annoying. Cheers ya’ll.


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