Ottawa’s award-winning way of killing off childhood

A tell-all exhibition in a national museum normalizes sexual experimentation for kids — with government funding.

From Mercator Net
By Michael Coren

I suppose there is something grotesquely timely about it all. The same week as the President of the United States, the most powerful politician in the world, allegedly decides fundamentally vital social policy after listening to advice from his two young daughters, the children of Canada are once again thrown into an adult swamp and used and abused by adults.

This time it’s about pictures at an exhibition so to speak, but old Mussorgsky would be spinning in his grave. In Ottawa, the capital of the first Anglo-Saxon, English-speaking country to introduce same-sex marriage, “Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition”, is on display at the publicly-funded Canada Science and Technology Museum. And just in case you can’t catch it right now, the thing runs until the beginning of 2013.

Which is in itself a little odd, in that most of these temporary exhibits have a very short run, and several museums devoted to the sacrifice and heroism of Canadian soldiers and airmen, for example, are currently struggling to even survive due to financial hardships.

In case you assume that the reference to same-sex marriage is gratuitous, it’s essential to any understanding of why and how cultures become obsessed with the public display of sex. The re-definition of marriage based merely on the demands of an intensely fashionable sexual preference rather than immutable natural law has allowed ancient social institutions to become victim to the whims of personal desire and lust. It wasn’t so much marriage that was re-defined, but the human person. We were now to be classified simply by our sexuality, and sex was promoted as the pre-eminent of human aspects. More than this, what has always been a child-centred institution was now perverted into an adult-one.

So it was inevitable that such a culture would want to sexualize children as young as possible. It’s the mantra of much of the Western world: claim to protect children, but determine to destroy childhood.

The exhibition itself is a mixture of the clinical and the prurient. Juxtaposed with scientific depictions of eggs and sperm and explanations of procreation are tales of why abortion is so important and, hard to believe really, videos of boys and girls masturbating. Whatever we think of self-abuse, and I regard it as one of those mortal sin things, kids have been able to get the hang of it for quite a long time now. They don’t need instructional videos. But I’m sure that a few adults would like to take a look — it’s what is known as child pornography, and the police spend enormous amounts of time and money trying to stop it and incarcerate the perpetrators.

A campaign for normalization

What the exhibition is actually about, of course, is normalization. There are no barriers, no right and wrong, no absolutes, and no “normal” in the brave new post-Kinsey world of sex studies and sexual freedom.

One of Canada’s leading magazine writers and frequent award winners wrote not long ago that “inter-generational love” should be seriously considered, and that a child-adult sex ring is no different from a hockey school, both involving fun, pleasure, and some risk and danger. That there are people like him around is not surprising; that he is still welcome into the halls of mainstream journalism and praised by his peers is what is genuinely disturbing.

Normal has to be defeated, claim these zealots. So another video presents some neurotic woman moaning on – forgive the word – about the delights of having multiple lovers, although the word love is seldom mentioned. In more robust times she would have been known as a slut, but today that word is considered offensive. Well, yes, it is. Because what it describes is indeed offensive, and anti-human, degrading and, ironically, invariably for the pleasure of men and the subjugation of women.

Yet another film has a dozen people being interviewed about sexual orientation and there is not a heterosexual among them. Which is horribly dishonest, in that the vast majority of the world’s population is heterosexual, but also entirely predictable because the agenda behind all this is to expunge any nature of heterosexuality and even any concept of gender. In Canada we now have a proposed sex education curriculum in two of the largest provinces teaching children that there are in fact seven genders. “Twin-spirited” is my favourite, mainly because I’m not sure what it is.

Will no one protest?

The exhibition is open to everyone, but children under the age of twelve have to be accompanied by an adult. So a five or an eight-year-old can go along to watch the porn movies, see graphic pictures of naked women and stare at the illustrations of people copulating, as long as some dunderhead or pervert who has managed to reach the age of eighteen holds their hand, or some other part of their anatomy.

It’s not as if kids are unaware of their own sexuality and the realities of sex, and children have never been as exposed and often indoctrinated as they are today, but it’s the campaign to accelerate the learning process, make public what should be private, eliminate notions of love and romance, assume that sex is morally neutral, and encourage children to act upon every any impulse and lust, that is so profoundly malicious.

Smaller exhibitions and in particular trendy art galleries have been indulging in this sort of thing for a generation now. I once escorted a politician around one such in Toronto, where half the hall was devoted to sadomasochism, with an enormous photograph of a sad lady spread-eagled on a car, being whipped by a chap in a mask. The politician seemed more upset that the picture had received a government grant but the car had been made in Germany and not Canada! In other words, with some exceptions our leaders are indifferent, and those of us who criticize this nonsense will be condemned as frightened prudes.

Rise up, frightened prudes of the world, before it’s too late.

Michael Coren is a broadcaster and writer living in Toronto, Canada. His latest book is Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity, available at His website is

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23 Responses to Ottawa’s award-winning way of killing off childhood

  1. kathleen says:

    Will no one protest?”

    That is what this ‘frightened prude’ would like to know!! But what can we do if our politicians allow such a scandalous exhibition to take place? How can this evil attempt to destroy children’s innocence and virtue be permitted? And in the great civilised country of Canada of all places!


  2. toadspittle says:

    “And in the great civilised country of Canada of all places!”

    Too true, Kathleen. If the ·”Sexhibition” was taking place in Mongolia, or Iceland, or The Peoples’ Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Zanzibar – nobody would give a damn, would they?.

    And since when has Canada been an “Anglo-Saxon” country? Try telling them that in Montreal!
    (Since when has anywhere been an “Anglo-Saxon” country, come to that? The Norman Conquest?)

    And just what awards has this preposterous fiasco won, anyway? It doesn’t say.

    And why should “old Mussorgsky” be spinning in his grave any more than “old Mahler,” or “old Mozart?”

    And why aren’t any frightened prudes protesting? What are they frightened of, exactly? Flashers?

    Kathleen is right. We should be told!


  3. shieldsheafson says:

    Knowing what we now know and what our generation has allowed to happen, is anyone surprised that western society measures the highest expressions of human dignity in abortion clinics, euthanasia, needle exchange programs and the ennoblement of sodomy?
    Sic transit gloria mundi


  4. shieldsheafson says:

    Oh, I should have mentioned that Wirral Council will be celebrating ‘diversity’ by raising the rainbow flag for “IDAHO day” on the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord.

    May 17 is celebrated as International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The rainbow flag is an internationally recognised symbol of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual pride and has been raised to mark IDAHO day at key Wirral Council buildings since 2010.

    Ian Coleman, deputy chief executive of Wirral Council, explained: “Everyone in Wirral has the right to live and work in an environment of inclusion and respect and it is of great importance that we lead by example on equality issues: Flying the rainbow flag from key council buildings represents our commitment to tackling prejudice and celebrating the diversity of our society.”

    IDAHO day marks the date in 1990 that homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases. The special day is also supported by Merseyside Police, who will also be flying the rainbow flag at police stations across the county.

    May God have mercy on us.


  5. toadspittle says:

    “….the highest expressions of human dignity in abortion clinics, euthanasia, needle exchange programs and the enoblement of sodomy—“ I don’t know anyone – sodomite or not – who would suggest that any of these things are any sort of expression of human dignity at all, never mind the highest.
    Do you know any such people, Shieldsheafson?

    As for sodomy – it’s one thing allowing it – quite another enobling it.


  6. shieldsheafson says:

    Irony (Socratic), dear Toad.


  7. teresa says:

    The allusion to Murssorgsky is due to his famous composition “Pictures at an exhibition”.


  8. toadspittle says:

    Wot? Only one picture by Celibidache? Rip off!


  9. toadspittle says:

    Dangerous busines, irony. As we se here.
    Teresa will confirm this. (or Modest would, were he not still twirling.)


  10. kathleen says:

    Toad you do get some strange ideas! Who said Canada was an ‘Anglo Saxon’ country? I didn’t. It has been built up on an immigration from many different countries.

    What I meant to infer was that such things like this scandalous exhibition should not be allowed to take place in countries that have a legal system that is presumably there to protect children from such damaging abuse.
    Having said that, Shieldsheafson’s perceptive mention of all the other ‘abuses’ against human dignity all our western countries not only permits, but also encourages, makes me realise it was a unnecessary thing to say anyway.
    And one could add forced ‘sex education’ to the list of horrors.


  11. toadspittle says:

    “In Ottawa, the capital of the first Anglo-Saxon, English-speaking country to introduce same-sex marriage,”

    That’s where I got the strange idea, Kathleen. And yes, it is very odd, as you say. Line 10 in the piece above. Or am I just being thick?

    Would you educate children about sex in any fashion?


  12. kathleen says:

    Oh yes, sorry Toad. I thought you were referring to my comment.

    Would I educate children about sex ‘in any fashion‘? No, not in any fashion, but in a Christian context – as God’s great gift to men – stressing its beauty and special place in His design for men to procreate. So special is it that it needs to be kept for a man and a woman within the safeguards of Holy Matrimony.
    After this, the biological ‘facts of life’ can be taught in a straightforward manner without any luridness.


  13. toadspittle says:

    What would you consider “luridness” Kathleen?


  14. kathleen says:

    I think that’s pretty obvious Toad :-).
    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs if one cannot distinguish between explaining sex within the context of its biology, and flaunting it in a pornographic manner.


  15. toadspittle says:

    What would you consider ” a pornographic manner” Kathleen? Diagrams?


  16. toadspittle says:

    Kathleen thinks that knowing what constitutes “Luridness” is an easy matter. I think not.
    For example, to me the hideous jewellery worn by many Catholic clerics – giant gold crosses on thick gold chains, giant gold rings, coupled with gaudily-coloured “vestments” bedecked with embroidery and lace – are “lurid.” Bling, in fact.
    That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them – a bit of lurid bling is fine with me. On other people, of course, wouldn’t wear it myself (too “conservative.”).
    But not with Kathleen, it seems. At least, not that kind of lurid.
    Of course she, like many Catholics, find nothing “lurid” in scenes of people being whipped and flayed and crucified naked. (or usually nearly naked – (though I believe Christ was crucified stark naked, but that’s another issue) and having their buttocks cut off with red-hot scissors, and beheaded, and disembowelled and shot full of arrows, stuff like that.
    But a diagram of a couple enjoying themselves – that’s lurid. And pornographic.
    I see.

    Luridness is in the eye of the beholder. Thinks Toad.

    Kathleen reminds me of my old Mum, Eileen.
    She could stand any amount of gratitous violence on the telly, seemed to enjoy it, in fact, particularly John Wayne punching peoples’ lights out — but hated the merest hint of sex.

    God knows how she managed to have me. Perhaps this is unfair. If so, I’m sorry.


  17. Jerry says:

    Normal has to be defeated, claim these zealots. So another video presents some neurotic woman moaning on – forgive the word – about the delights of having multiple lovers, although the word love is seldom mentioned.

    Hold on ….. the woman in question is apparently talking about the delights of these encounters. Therefore not “moaning” (as in complaining)
    It is the author of the article who has introduced the word “moaning” (clearly the wrong word in its primary meaning), merely so they could make the pun, and then offer a patently insincere apology for doing so.

    Is the author aware of the irony in their “sexing up” the piece needlessly and very clumsily?? Pathetic


  18. toadspittle says:


    …and the buffoon also thinks Canada is an “Anglo-Saxon” country.
    Merde alors, as they say in Montreal.


  19. teresa says:

    To have multiple-lovers is wrong. It destroys relationship and mutual trust. Even in our oversexed society, men and women long for love and a long lasting relationship, which must be based on honesty and trust. To teach children that having multiple-lovers is “delightful” and something to be imitated, is destroying the very foundation of human society: the mutual trust.

    Having multiple-lovers implies cheating or regarding the others merely as sexual objects.

    Even in the postmodern culture of today, people know deep in their heart, that having casual sex encounters is not delightful, it might be “fashionable”, as promoted by our sex educators, social workers or porno-industry, but it doesn’t bring delight to one’s life.

    There is a film called “Shame”, which shows exactly how destructive it is to substitute love through sex which is promoted by our society and cheered at by “open-minded” persons. And no, this film is not produced by closed-minded bigots like us, it was produced by these who experienced the presumed “delight” of sex liberation. There is a nice review in the Telegraph, which begins with the line: “Shame is set in a world — this world — in which sex has gone viral…”


  20. toadspittle says:


    Nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism, Teresa – as you and I both know very well.
    Jerry objects to the tone (or so I think) and the misuse of language.
    Rightly so, in my opinion.


  21. Jerry says:

    I agree with your comments above Teresa


  22. kathleen says:

    Your comment to me yesterday at 7:05 was extremely mean Toad :cry:!

    Just because I don’t hold the same libertine attitude as you on sex does not make me either a hypocrite, a prude….. or a lover of violence and violent movies. (Your linking of unrelated subjects is getting increasingly bizarre.)


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