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Newsflash: Vatican Published Rules On Apparitions And Revelations

A crucial document on apparitions prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is now available in five languages From Vatican Insider ANDRÉS BELTRAMO ALVAREZ VATICAN CITY Visions, revelations, divine messages: The history of the Church is riddled … Continue reading

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How to Make Sound Arguments for the Faith

by Matthew Fradd From Catholic Answers Magazine If you frequent websites such as YouTube or Facebook, you’ve probably read the exchanges that take place on these forums. Sometimes they are intelligent and substantive, but often they resemble two toddlers squabbling: … Continue reading

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I am stuck in my spiritual growth… how do I get unstuck? This is frustrating! Part II of II

From the Catholic Spiritual Direction Sister Carmen Laudis OCD Q: Dear Sister Carmen, I feel like I am stuck in mansion somewhere in mansion one or two. Is this normal? Where do most people get stuck in the journey through … Continue reading

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