Extraordinary Form Mass for Primary School Children

From New Liturgical Movement
By Melanie Bullivant

On Thursday 24th May 2012, Fr. George Grynowski celebrated Mass according to the usus antiquior for the Junior school children of St. John Fisher Primary School, West Heath, Birmingham. It was our second annual Extraordinary Form Mass with the children and was preceded by an assembly in school the day before, during which Fr. George gave the children a short talk about the history of the Mass and explained the differences between the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms. Today’s Low Mass included three commentaries, which the children read before the Offertory, before the Canon and after Holy Communion. The Regina Caeli was sung after Mass, following a request from one of the children in the assembly. The children completed a written reflection about the Mass when they returned to school. The many positive comments included, “I liked that it was spoken in Latin, how it should be all the time”; “It is silent and more peaceful” and “It was quiet which gave me more time to pray”. One third of the children in Year 5 said they preferred Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

School children receiving Holy Communion at EF Mass
in St. John Fisher Church, West Heath

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4 Responses to Extraordinary Form Mass for Primary School Children

  1. Sister Terese Peter says:

    The school children at St. John Bosco in NY also went to the Extraordinary Mass at St. Stanislaus Church. Most of them had never been exposed to the Latin Mass before. It was wonderful to see–85 children plus teachers and parents went to Ascension Thursday Mass together! I would encourage all Catholic schools to do likewise. It is the right of these children to have the Deposit of Faith–all of it, not just the few crumbs sprinkled about them from time to time.


  2. toadspittle says:

    “One third of the children in Year 5 said they preferred Mass in the Extraordinary Form.”

    What did two thirds of the children in year 5 say?

    What did they say in years 4, 6, 7,8,9 and 10? Were there no negative comments? Probably not. Children are generally pretty easy-going.

    Toad thinks we should be told, though.
    Just to keep us all honest.
    Indeed we all want that, surely?


  3. Sister Terese Peter says:

    Year 5 is a British level of school–not the same as the U.S. grade levels. When we took our students to the Latin Mass for Ascension Thursday, the only “negative” comments were from the older kids (grades 6-8), and only a few of them. They preferred the English version. However, the readings & Gospel were read in English, so they were ok with that. In addition, they all had booklets to follow with English/Latin for the entire Mass. Toad: you do get around, don’t you??


  4. toadspittle says:

    “Toad: you do get around, don’t you??”

    No, Sister Terese, not if I can possibly help it.
    I am deeply unwilling to ever leave my little house these days, apart from walking the dogs..


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