Vatican City, 30 May 2012 (VIS) – At the end of today’s general audience, the Holy Father made some remarks concerning recent developments in the Vatican.

“The events of recent days involving the Curia and my collaborators have brought sadness to my heart. However, I have never lost my firm certainty that, despite the weakness of man, despite difficulties and trials, the Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and the Lord will ensure she never lacks the help she needs to support her on her journey.

“Nonetheless there has been increasing conjecture, amplified by the communications media, which is entirely gratuitous, goes beyond the facts and presents a completely unrealistic image of the Holy See. Thus, I wish to reiterate my trust and encouragement to my closest collaborators and to all those people who every day, in silent faithlessness and with a spirit of sacrifice, help me carry out my ministry”.


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Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequítiam et insídias diáboli ésto præsídium.
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  1. toadspittle says:

    “Nonetheless there has been increasing conjecture, amplified by the communications media, which is entirely gratuitous, goes beyond the facts…”

    Well, of course, it’s amplified by the communications media – that’s what the communications media gets paid for. That’s why they use amplifiers.

    And, of course, there’s often a good deal of conjecture which may, or may not, go beyond the facts.
    If it didn’t, it would be fact, not conjecture.

    The “conjecture” is generally a result of the parties involved vainly trying to keep a lid on a scandal.
    Very likely true here, I conject.

    I often wonder what people would like the media” to do.
    Only “conject” about people they don’t like?
    But then, who is the “they,” and who are the people?

    Should we not “conject” about, say, the result of Greece giving up the Euro?


  2. kathleen says:

    The vindication you make of your old profession is admirable Toad! 😉
    But why so touchy?

    The word “amplify” could mean “to enlarge upon or add detail to (a story or statement)“, as seems likely in this case. IOW, the news item referred to seems to have been exaggerated somewhat by the media. The conjecture made goes “beyond the facts“; that’s what the Holy Father appears to be saying.

    Most people would agree that a large part of the media “amplifies” news items if they are in any way detrimental to the Catholic Church.
    So it’s good the HF reminds us we have the Holy Spirit’s protection, come what may.


  3. toadspittle says:

    “..the news item referred to seems to have been exaggerated somewhat by the media..”

    Really, Kathleen? What possible grounds do you have for conjecting that? It may, for all we know, have been grossly understated by the media. The conjecture can’t be seen to have gone beyond the facts until we know what the facts are.
    That’s why I get “touchy”. I don’t hold the “media” in tremendously high regard, after about half a century wading about in it, but I’m miffed when people who are talking through their birettas make utterly ignorant assertions about what it’s for, what it does, and how it goes about doing it.

    They seem to think it exists for their benefit. They are happy enough to ride the tiger when it suits them to.

    And, when it comes to “touchy,” well, just think of some of the responses on CP&S when The Dear Old Pope is depicted as being anything short of total perfection, or when Dawkins mildly suggests we’re all deluded!

    Still, the touchier the better!
    Conjects Touchy Old Toad.


  4. kathleen says:

    What possible grounds do you have for conjecting that?”

    Nothing more than the Holy Father’s honest words……. and my experience of the majority of the media’s negative attitude towards the Catholic Church for as long as I can remember.
    For an example, look at the sexual scandals of the last years. Although it is a fact that this is something far more common in Protestant churches, and even more common among ordinary secular institutions, it is portrayed as though it were first and foremost a Catholic problem. Wrong! This is a an absolutely false picture of a horrible evil in society.

    And IMO the responses on CP&S towards Dawkins are mostly fair and very rational.


  5. teresa says:

    The media certainly don’t exist for our benefits, instead, we are considered by the media to be existing for their benefits. We are consumers and we are easy preys for manipulation. that is why I don’t buy newspapers too often. I don’t have a television and listen quite seldom to the radio, though there are some quite good programmes on the radio as far as culture is concerned. Sometimes I buy a copy of newspaper for a long train ride, but I don’t read magazines any more. Anyway, I use the web and read whatever is interesting to me, disregarding who the writer is, and I watch old movies on youtube. I buy CDs of classic music and listen to bands on youtube, which will never appear in a mainstream channel. And there are so many good books to read. Why waste your time for TV. I invite the others to do the same, it makes your life happier and gives you more freedom.

    The era of grassroot media has arrived. Throw your TV-set away and unsubscribe the conventional newspapers. You won’t miss them.


  6. toadspittle says:


    “Why waste your time for TV?” asks Teresa.
    Total agreement from Toad, here. Apocalypse now!
    Infinitely better for us to waste our time dancing around on the head of a pin with Jabba, debating Medieval Christian Synthesis in the light of Heglian Dialectics.
    And much more fun, too!

    Yes, newspapers, on paper, are doomed. For better or worse.

    Toad has a powerful suspicion that The Great Butler Scandal will prove a bucketful of laughs such as would keep St. Philip Neri rolling in the aisles for a month of Sundays!
    Could always be wrong, of course.

    Interesting defence of the little Catholic contretemps over pedophilia from Kathleen. “Yes, we’re bad, but Protestants and the secular lot are much worse!”
    (Could it be that a somewhat higher standard is expected from Catholic priests than the rest of us? Absurd! Unfair! Why on earth should that be so?)


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