The Curé’s Heart in Northwich

This morning the little church of St Wilfrid’s in Northwich was visited by the heart relic of St John Vianney. Father Mitchell in his short address at morning prayer, remarked that in a sense the Curé might have felt particularly ‘at home’ in the humble little country church built just six years after the saint’s death.

As at previous venues, the faithful gathered to pray especially for the renewal of parishes and for vocations to the priesthood and religious life through the intercession of St John Vianney whose relic they venerated.

One of the hallmarks of the relic tour has been the availability of numerous priests for confession. How fitting in the presence of the heart of the patron saint of parish priests who himself spent long hours in the confessional.

Below are some photos from this morning’s event at St Wilfrid’s. Unfortunately, only the official Diocesan photographer was allowed to take photos at the Shrewsbury event, a beautiful solemn Mass in honour of St John Vianney.

For more photos from today, as well as yesterday’s Mass at Liverpool Cathedral, please click here.

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