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The Index Librorum Prohibitorum – The list of forbidden books, facts rarely known and the discussion on censorship

Human history is not a comic book and is not just black and white, neatly divided into the good and the bad. Do you know that the Index Liborum Prohibitorum, while being, for most modern men and women,  a symbol … Continue reading

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The Church and Mussolini: Italy, Abyssinia, Spain and Austria

By Harry Schnitker, Ph.D. From CNA By the early 1930s, the Church and Mussolini both realized that the Concordat and the Lateran Treaty had not really delivered what they had expected. For the Church, the happiness at having a modicum … Continue reading

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St. Bridget’s Revelations: Book I, Chapter 1

Yesterday, 23th. July, was the Feast Day of St. Bridget of Sweden. From age seven on, Bridget had visions of Christ crucified. Her visions formed the basis for her activity—always with the emphasis on charity rather than spiritual favours. She … Continue reading

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