Ceratonia siliqua, Carob, Locust, St. John’s-Bread,

It is a fair guess to say that the first life on Earth derived its metabolism from sunlight. This from Wikipedia:

The first photosynthetic organisms probably evolved about 3,500 million years ago, early in the evolutionary history of life, when all forms of life on Earth were microorganisms and the atmosphere had much more carbon dioxide. They most likely used hydrogen or hydrogen sulfide as sources of electrons, rather than water. Cyanobacteria appeared later, around 3,000 million years ago, and drastically changed the Earth when they began to oxygenate the atmosphere, beginning about 2,400 million years ago. This new atmosphere allowed the evolution of complex life such as protists. Eventually, no later than a billion years ago, one of these protists formed a symbiotic relationship with a cyanobacterium, producing the ancestor of many plants and algae. The chloroplasts in modern plants are the descendants of these ancient symbiotic cyanobacteria.

It is photosynthesis that takes carbon from the air and water from the earth to form sugars and oxygen. The sugars are used as a cellular energy source, or chained together to form cellulose which is the structural molecule for plants. Nitogen, potassium and other essential elements come in from the soil along with the water. None of this can be sustained without sunlight, though, which is why green plants are always structured to collect as much light as possible. Where light levels are low or absent, the plant must live on its sugar reserves, and oxygen production stops.

Without green plants and the oxygen they produce, higher life forms could not exist at all.

Their is much spiritual insight to be gained from plants. Their meekness, beauty and ability to grow from tiny seeds to enormous size and longevity are some. The way they track the sun with their leaves splayed open in gratitude. The life-giving oxy-gen they produce in superabundance to their own needs. Their fruits and foliage providing nourishment. The shelter they provide to the birds of the air, and the travelers beneath.

The analogy of sunlight to Divine Grace is very strong. Without Grace, there can be no spiritual growth, and without it, the soul shrivels and dies. A soul filled with Grace is a blessing to all those around them, even after it passes on.

Religion has moved on from sun worship to Son worship. The Son of God is a carpenter, who can tell good tree from bad, and can take each unique piece of rough-hewn timber and make of it a work of Art.

So, if like me you often feel a bit of a blockhead, take cheer. In God’s eye, you are a work in progress. He is making you from the dust of the earth and the life of His breath and Grace, and as long as you let Him, he will work on you until there is a beautiful finish.


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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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