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Newsflash: Pussy Riot, Freedom of Speech and Respect to Religion

Today the Daily Mail reported the trial in Russia against the Russian performers of Pussy Riot. The defendants were sentenced to two years’ jail. While it is reported that most Russians agree with this verdict, it sparks an unanimous protest in … Continue reading


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Shamelessness is Tastelessness: Chesterton on Shamelessness

From his As I was saying, Source: cse.dmu.ac.uk For one of the deepest troubles of the day is this fact: that something is being commended as a new taste which is simply the condition which finds everything tasteless. It is … Continue reading

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Would you be able to help the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate so that they can remain at Lanherne?

Eleven years ago, on 11th July 2001, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate came to Lanherne to continue the life of prayer and penance which the Carmelite Sisters had fulfilled there so admirably since the year 1794. It was decided … Continue reading

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