Quote of the Day: Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the Responsibility of Laity

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16 Responses to Quote of the Day: Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the Responsibility of Laity

  1. toadspittle says:


    To remind Don Santiago (who is a saint!) that he is a priest, would seem insufferable impertinence. To Toad.


  2. Pastorious says:

    Picky of me I know, but how did ArchB. Sheen write black letters on the board with a piece of white chalk? Does he know how this was done? Did he approve these words? Why were Archbishops left out of the equation?

    I think back with a shudder to the retouched photos of the Stalinist era. Was ArchBish Sheen set up?

    A plot worthy of John le Carré, I’ll warrant.

    [a moderator: for your information the quote was added to a photo of Archbishop Sheen, which happens to offer a vacant place for words where the blackboard is. I don’t think anyone can be so insensitive that he covers the face of the Archbishop with the words so the blackboard offers a natural place to put the quote. If you are deluded into believing that the author (who is not anyone of our team as the photo originated from Dr. D’Ambrosio) of the picture intended to create the illusion that Archbishop Sheen actually wrote these words on the blackboard then I am terribly sorry that it is not obvious enough for any person with moderate intelligence that nobody can write black words with a piece of white chalk. Sorry but there is nothing Stalinist in it.]


  3. toadspittle says:

    Toad naively assumed it was just a graphic way of demonstrating that at least one Archbishop was capable of doing joined-up writing.

    A skill rapidly waning , as “twittering” (whatever that is) waxes. Sad to say.


  4. Pastorious says:

    Dear me, this is all a bit complicated! Too difficult for me.

    However, you do confirm that words were added to a blank blackboard. That’s what I suspected, and I’m pleased to be assured that I was not “deluded”. Thanks!

    I made no reference *whatsoever* to the allegation that ‘the team’ did this. Not a single word or thought of it. I guessed that it was imported from somewhere else, ready made. So that notion is without foundation. !

    Thanks for getting back.


  5. Pastorious says:

    Toad mentions ‘twittering’. I think the word says it all – twits and the communications they make, called tweets. It seems there is a word limit ot 200 (?) and having seen examples on TV progs of tweets, it is surely a form of dumbing down. But hey, so is the Sun newspaper, or Springer Press stuff.
    In my forlorny musing way, I fear that all this will lead to catastrophe on the world stage, where citizens wilfully know less and less in an age where there is paradoxically more and more info. Lambs/slaughter- turkeys/Xmas-bread/circuses.
    I am afraid.


  6. johnkonnor72 says:

    …Yes…there seems to be some skullduggery afoot..if u notice the chalk is white however the script is black?!?…mmm…well maybe the good archbishop was in the habit of writing lines as a form of penance..” I must always wear my zuchetto and cape in public so the laity will see that tradition is not dead”…who knows?…and the black script is a cover up?…he is right its up to us to carry on tradition and preach the gospel when necessary even using words…this cover up was most probably done out of charity…to keep the archbishops penitential practices a secret…as well…just wanted to add..something bukowski might of said concerning our friend pastorius…there’s a bluebird in my heart that
    wants to get out
    but I’m too tough for him,
    I say, stay in there, I’m not going
    to let anybody see
    you……well i will let him out and say glad to see you back posting…


  7. Pastorious says:

    johnboy quotes Bukowski – if he means Charles Bukowski, then I’m sure he will be very careful in quoting him, as he has been known to be direct and colourful in his language and activities. 🙂


  8. johnkonnor72 says:

    2Zekiel 18:23- is it my will that a sinner should die, saith the Lord God, and not that he should be converted from his ways, and live?…anticipatory prayer padre pio mentioned is efficacious in winning graces for those who have passed on…since God exists outside of time..we are able to pray for the happy death of sinner even though they may have died years prior…God will apply the grace to the dying person since he saw the meritorious movement of a soul in the future and apply the medecine where its needed so to speak…if the sacrifice was not sufficient then the grace will be bestwoed upon another sinner for conversion…so says the good padre…keep praying 🙂


  9. johnkonnor72 says:

    …At pastorious. A plot worthy of john le Carre…haha…i think this scripture would do well in this situation…And when we were all fallen down on the ground, I heard a voice speaking to me in the Hebrew tongue: Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? It is hard for thee to kick against the goad…. 🙂


  10. toadspittle says:

    As Toad does his weekly “Cleaning Up The Old Act For Mass” routine, he ponders whether or not he should remind Don Santiago that he is a priest before it begins.

    On the whole, he thinks not.

    (The fact that, as Toad has pointed out before, Fulton Sheen sounds like something we house-proud house husbands spray on our “Dining Room Suites,” played no part in his decision.)


  11. Pastorious says:

    Toad, breakfast eggyolk scrubbed from his face, suited and booted in ‘is w’istle and flute and ready to light the candles at one end, is wise to avoid Fulton’s advice to remind his priest that he is a priest. That would only lead to tears.

    I wonder if Fully is related to that actor bloke?


  12. toadspittle says:

    What a very good question, Pastoiuoirous.
    In view of the movie which has brought droves of very nice Americans trudging through Toadstown. My wife met Martin, and we believe he’s not related, because his real name is “Estevez,” and is from Galicia. But Martin’s wife might have been nee Sheen, as she is Irish.
    So possibly…


  13. mmvc says:

    Here’s the answer to the riddle from the horse’s mouth:


  14. Pastorious says:

    Thank you mm for that link. How timely and (I think) remarkable that there IS a connection here, tho’ not a family relationship. Spooky!!

    Not having seen his film, I was very surprised to hear him speak of the camino in terms of “community”. In these days of extreme individualism (just look at Black Friday shopping video links) it is refreshing to feel that one is not alone in thinking that community, tho’ battered and bruised by banksters is alive and reasonably well. It is an antidote to the hungry beast of capital and selfishness.

    Thank you mm. 🙂


  15. toadspittle says:

    How wonderful! Thank you, Mmve. “Ask, and you shall receive,” as someone once said.
    (I think.)


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