Fr Malachi Martin, A Prophet?

I am a big fan of Fr. MM, despite him being a controversial figure in the Church. He died in 1999. I have just discovered these two back-to-back radio interviews from 1992, and am struck by just how clear his vision of world events was then. They bear listening to today, if only to hear how very many of his predictions have come true.


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12 Responses to Fr Malachi Martin, A Prophet?

  1. Laura says:

    I have most of his books and the 6-book series of his interviews that I have always found fascinating. Oh, I didn’t read any of his novels but all of his interviews transcribed and I have many, many audio interviews. I always thought he was right on.

    Interestingly, he was very close friend of the late Fr. Alfred Kunz who was murdered and also another “traditionalist” priest who also was murdered but don’t remember who that was. Fr. Martin, it has been said, came out of his coma in the hospital and said that he was “pushed” — as if by an unseen force — he was also working on another novel that I think was to be revealing of something……….no idea what. Nor do I remember the name of his “novel-to-be”. But flags should be raised around the persons involved in taking over his web site, etc.


  2. kathleen says:

    I am also a fan of Malachi Martin‘s. I have listened to various of his recorded talks, although I have only read one of his books and some of his articles.

    Like Laura, I have always thought how perceptive and coherent he was, and not at all the crazy embittered man that his enemies have tried to paint him as. His bold outspokenness has rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way! He talks a lot of sense, and as BB points out, many of his warnings and predictons have already taken place.

    He left the Jesuit order because of the way they embraced Modernism and Liberalism in the 60’s and 70’s – and who could blame him?


  3. JabbaPapa says:

    He is a conspiracy theorist, and I find his views to be inherently untrustworthy.


  4. johnkonnor72 says:

    …i agree with malachi martin regarding the medjugorje phenomenon…he once said in an interview according to the old irish tale that the devil cannot cover his cloven hoof…and that is why the virgin of medjugorje appears with her feet covered by a cloud…i suppose this is a case of an enemy of an enemy being a friend …there is much truth in old wives tales and fairy stories…however you need to be objective and level headed…he also has mentioned something about the apostasy from within…the smoke of satan in the church and all that… he could be right some of his narrative prose characterizations of evil spirits are quite spot on when you weigh them against what the church fathers have mentioned…but i am no expert…so like the errant dingle-dodderer i am i will.. shamble on to the next blog….having left behind my unique flavour of intellectual spoor …. 😉


  5. kathleen says:


    Since reading your comment I have been delving a bit more into much of the information about Malachi Martin on the internet. (I have always valued your views on things! :-))
    I can certainly see why you call him a “conspiracy theorist” of course – and this is an opinion shared by many – but it is also a fact that many of these “theories” ring startlingly true! (John Konnor has pointed out a couple of them above.)

    As an exorcist, Malachi Martin had an intimate knowledge of the powers and wiles of the devil. He saw clearly how even a small percentage of clerics high up in the Vatican had fallen for his cunning strategies, and he wanted to warn us of this. His statements may sound wild and fanciful, but time has shown that he was not totally mistaken.
    Many believe that the atrocious attacks against Holy Purity (e.g. the recent sex scandals) are a direct result of this.

    Malachi Martin has been accused by his enemies of misbehaviour himself, but there has never been an iota of evidence for any of these accusations. That “hand” that pushed him down the stairs – that ultimately caused his death – sends a shiver down the spine. MM knew he was dying; he had no reason to make that up. Seems like the devil wanted to silence him once and for all!


  6. JabbaPapa says:

    Dear Kathleen, the particular charism of the exorcist is no guarantee of doctrinal orthodoxy.

    Exorcists are generally forbidden from teaching.


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  9. johnkonnor72 says:

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  11. Laura says:

    I do, however, have a problem with the advertisment of Tom Horn’s book, “Petrus Romanus” which is quite twisted. I bought it, started reading it, and was so horrified I couldn’t keep on reading.


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