Help with Confession

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5 Responses to Help with Confession

  1. Frere Rabit says:

    A good instructive video. It reminds me once again how relieved I am that I was never ordained, as I had no real vocation to it in the first place! Also, it is perhaps a good moment, for those of us retiring one again – en masse – from the disaster of Damian Thompson’s blog, to confess our sins after battling with the nonsense for so long!


  2. Brother Burrito says:

    Going to Confession should be as easy and natural as washing one’s face. I wish our priests would more readily provide an easily accessible (indoor) bathroom, at decent hours, for adequate lengths of time

    Constant awareness of one’s own sinfulness is a shortcut to sanctity. If you overdo this, it becomes “scrupulousness” which is the moral equivalent of scrubbing one’s face with industrial detergent. Ouch!

    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, within reason!


  3. V. Quast says:

    How often might one go to confession? If one goes and feels he has not committed any sin say since his las confession – does one go for “conversation” or blessing?


  4. johnkonnor72 says:

    …..The key is to do a regular examination of conscience…there are many good ones posted for those who are just starting the spiritual journey….confession of mortal sins is mandatory…since the commission of mortal sin removes sanctfying grace from the soul….one could go on forever discussing the benefits….confession is the key tool one uses to learn and know oneself…to excel in virtue and allow one to participate more intimately with God’s’grace….venial sins are removed with proper disposition during the mass…in many sinners who have strayed from the church for a longtime their soul is a like a garden full of weeds and vines…it takes quite alot of pruning to get the ground free and ready to seed it with new virtue……


  5. kathleen says:

    V. Quast,
    Thanks for this question, because I think it is one shared my many.

    I remember a conversation when a fellow parishioner made a comment similar to V. Quast’s, saying she hardly ever went to Confession because she “couldn’t think of any sins to confess”!
    (This person just happened to be one of the worst gossips around, and pretty arrogant to boot.)
    I kept quiet about this of course, but her comment was a good eye-opener and shake-up for me….. I began to wonder how many of my own sins I was overlooking when I go to Confession!!!
    Humility – a virtue one can never have too much of – is essential to be able to really bare one’s soul when making a sincere examination of conscience. Then one can discover all those nasty little sins tucked away that pride has deterred us from noticing!


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