Jesus instead of Jihad – Every year six million Muslims convert to Christianity

By Giuseppe Nardi

From the blog: Pope Benedict Emeritus and Jesus: God’s Face

Islamist (Cairo / Abuja) violence is rapidly increasing in Africa. Muslim terrorist groups increasingly operate in countries which were until recently calm and stable. Islamist wildfire spreads. The sociologist Massimo Introvigne, the 2011 representative of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) against persecution and discrimination of Christians, sees a targeted strategy behind the phenomenon of Islamic violence . “The Islamists are convinced that the decisive battle about whether the world is Muslim or Christian will take place in Africa.” Even more importantly, according to Introvigne, “Islam is going to lose this battle. So it responds with bombs. ”

It was the Libyan Islamic scholar and director of a training center for imams and preachers of the Koran, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qataani, who, already a few years ago, in an interview with the Arab-Muslim television station Al-Jazeera, raised the alarm. He did it with a highly explosive statement, very little noticed in the West: “In Africa alone, every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity, 16,000 every day, six million a year.” Introvigne confirmed the figures, which are now the same as in 2006, when Al-Qataani raised the alarm. African Christianity has a great inner strength. The contact of Muslims to Christianity leads millions of Muslims to be baptized. One could say that they “fly” to leave Islam. Despite the associated dangers to life and limb.

The Conversion Movement from Islam to Christianity is not only in Africa

The move to conversion from Islam to Christianity is taking place not only in Africa. The baptism of the former Egyptian Muslim Magdi Allam by Pope Benedict XVI. at the Easter Vigil in 2008 was the most spectacular and most visible element of this movement.  Allam shows how many Muslim converts in addition adopt a typical Christian name. He opted for Cristiano. This refers to the personal name Christian. In his case, however, for Allam there is a broader sense that will say: Magdi “the Christian”–no longer the Muslim–“Allam”.

Empirical studies are not available. Careful observers, as the sociologist Introvigne can have an idea about the numbers, based on various criteria of largely unnoticed and ongoing phenomena. According to the British Times about 15 percent of Muslim immigrants to Europe have abandoned Islam and become Christians. In the UK the number is now estimated at 200,000. In France, every year about 15,000 Muslims become Christians, some 10,000 of them Catholics, the rest Protestants of various denominations, especially of independent churches.

Growth of Islam only by high birth rate in Islamic states – Christianity is growing by adult baptisms

In Africa, as reported by Sheikh Al-Qataani to Al-Jazeera, “Islam has always been the main religion. There were times when 30 African languages ​​were written in Arabic script. “Today’s size relationship between Islam and Christianity make clear how much Islam has declined in recent years. Al-Qataani made a comparison directly between Islam and the Catholic Church, “without counting the members of other Christian denominations”. To increase the Christians by the millions of Muslims who convert to Christianity, said Sheikh Al-Qataani: “These are huge numbers.”

Introvigne confirms the conversion movement against the initially expressed assumption of Al Qataani who could have intentionally over-estimated the numbers to arouse the Islamic world. “The global growth of Islam is almost exclusively from the high birth rate in Muslim countries where thanks to Western medicine, infant mortality has been substantially reduced,” said Introvigne. Outside the Islamic States of Islam there is a decrease. The growth of the Christians results, in contrast, mainly from adult baptisms. The evangelical Wolfgang Simpson wrote: “Over the past two decades, more Muslims came to Christ than in all previous centuries.”

Father Joseph Hergets evangelization of Muslims

Priests like the Austrian Lazarist Father Josef Herget, the founder of the Institute of St. Justin in Mariazell are among the silent but active missionaries who lead the Muslims from Islam to Christ. They live dangerously. Father Herget wrote back in 1975, when the issue of Islam in the West was being given little weight, his master’s thesis on the topic:Christian preaching in the Islamic world . Another, the Egyptian Coptic priest Zakaria Botros was named “enemy number one of Islam” by Islamic scholars of the Arab-Islamic newspaper Al-Insan al-Jadid.  Botros television broadcasts via satellite from the U.S., in which he deals with the problematic parts of the Koran (Jihad, status of women, stonings, etc.) from a Christian perspective, may lead to secret mass conversions among Muslims. His mastery of the Arabic language and his knowledge of Islamic sources allow him to directly contact an Arab-Muslim audience in the Middle East.

The conversions were suspended, as many viewers of Botros transmitter Alfady after initial outrage was clear that the ulema are not able to convincingly answer to the broadcasts Botros. Botros and Hergets deal with Islam in a different way from the usual Western criticism that focuses on political and social issues and often betrays a condescending racist undertone. This form of criticism is also a caused by the fact that many in the West ignore the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa. Such criticism is seen as prejudiced, external interference, to the vast majority of Muslims. They usually respond downright irritated in the ranks of the Islamists, militias and terrorist groups because too many politically charged issues come into play, in which the West is not perceived as the morally superior side, but mutated into the enemy. Botros and Herget, to stay with the two representatives of the evangelization of Muslims, on the other hand, bring salvation. This is the crucial difference which opens the hearts of many Muslims, and at the same time offers a way out of a spiral of violence with harsh confrontations.

Radical Islam can be defused only by religion, not secularism, materialism and feminism

Raymond Ibrahim wrote in the National Review : “Many Western critics do not understand that it is necessary to defuse the radical Islamism and in its place suggest something Theo centric and spiritually satisfying, not secularism, democracy, consumerism, materialism, or feminism. The ‘truths’ of a religion can be challenged only by the truth of another religion. Father Zakaria Botros fights fire with fire “.

People seem to no longer tolerate the direct or indirect violence. Roman Silantjew, secretary of the Interreligious Council of Russia, said that in the successor states of the former Soviet Union, two million Muslims have converted to Christianity. One of the main reasons for this is the desire for peace, which they find in Christianity.

Two million converts in Russia, 250,000 in Malaysia, 80,000 in Algeria

In Algeria, there were approximately 80,000 Muslims who were baptized, which prompted the country’s government to enact laws against Christian proselytism. In these years, Moroccan media continued to report the baptism of tens of thousands of citizens. People see war and crisis zones in Islam and they decide for Christ, as the representative of an evangelical community in Sudan said.

In Malaysia, according to the Mufti of Perak, 250,000 Muslims have submitted officially to the authorities the application for change a of religion to Christianity. Such a change is only allowed for members of ethnic minorities. On the number of Malays who were baptized in secret, there is no information.

People recognize Christianity as a religion of peace, Islam as a religion of violence

Protestant and Pentecostal communities move quite differently, sometimes very irresponsibly, to the chagrin of the indigenous Christian churches in Islamic countries who are victims of Islamist reprisals. The Catholic Church is more reserved. The Egyptian Jesuit Samir Khalil Samir, a leading expert in the Islamic world and the Pope’s adviser, reported that the Catholic clergy “sometimes even discourages conversions in Islamic states for fear or misunderstanding, ecumenism’. It is otherwise is in European countries. Khalil admits that the situation is not easy. Independent Church communities “come and go, but the Church was 2000 years ago, it is today and it will be tomorrow. “Independent Church groups, because of their small structures being barely palpable, or because they are not officially registered in most countries, are not as vulnerable to attack. The situation is quite different for the Catholic Church and the Eastern Churches. They are officially registered. The authorities know all the Christian places and know what families belong to the church. They are vulnerable to attack because of its visibility and not only in a particular country, but also in other countries.

Differences between evangelical communities and the Catholic Church

The indigenous churches were accustomed coexistence with Muslims for centuries and in a certain form. A form tolerating conversion to Islam, but not vice versa to Christianity. Time and the Islamic sword have made these Christians resign themselves to defend their own area and not to reach out. It is a form of self-defense, which has been firmly entrenched in the mentality of the Eastern Christians, and could only be overcome slowly. Overcoming that worries Christians very much, given the often life-threatening situations.

Missionaries from the outside, however, often lack the necessary familiarity with the cultural sensitivities, which could lead to dangerous confusion among the Muslim population. Between these extremes, it was necessary to find ways of evangelization. Working in this area there are several Catholic initiatives, such as those of the Austrian Father Josef Herget and his Catechetical Instructions.

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56 Responses to Jesus instead of Jihad – Every year six million Muslims convert to Christianity

  1. JabbaPapa says:

    This is THE most unreported story of 21st Century religion.

    The number of Muslims in Africa is withering, whilst the number of Christians is blossoming.


  2. golden chersonnese says:

    The information about apostates in Malaysia really does appear to be fanciful. In fact it led, however directly or indirectly, to the Catholic church in Silibin (in the named mufti’s state capital) being besieged one Sunday morning by about 300 Muslims.

    What is clear is that a significant number of Christians, mainly from among the indigenous peoples, are lost when they take indigenous Muslim spouses and must convert to Islam first.


  3. Toad says:

    Well, if that’s not the best news we’ve heard all day, then Toad doesn’t know what is!
    Not poor old Hugo, for sure.

    At this rate there won’t be a chador, or even a yashmak, visible between Saudi Arabia High Street and The Old Kent Road, we’ll all be happy, peaceful Catholics together, (nothing else will do, of course) and everything will be peachy.


  4. JabbaPapa says:

    Toad — just remember that you’ll have to be providing all of us converts with living space and Moratinos mattresses in years to come !!!


  5. Frere Rabit says:

    Here is Spain battles between Muslims and Christians are part of the annual fiesta cycle. In the nearby town of Vilajoiosa, once every year half the town dresses up as Moors and the other half of the town dresses up as Christians. Then the Christians drive the Moors into the sea, amid explosions and swordfights, with a healthy disregard for Health & Safety. Everyone gets drunk. Great to see these traditions are catching on further afield.


  6. Toad says:

    I’ve also heard that everybody wants to be Moors, because the outfits are more snazzy.


  7. Frere Rabit says:

    Not only the outfits, but the animals too.

    In the traditional processions of Moors and Christians, there are camels in the infidels’ ranks, and they always sway along in an exotic manner, adding a certain charm to the ranks of the Moorish faction. Their horses are better kitted out too. The Christians can only produce the occasional ox cart, which gets a subdued round of applause. Heaven knows why people are flocking to be baptised in Africa. Here in Vilajoiosa it is much m,ore fashionable to be a Moor…

    …until they all get driven into the sea at the end of the fiestas. Hooray!


  8. johnhenrycn says:

    Everyone knows that camels are <a href=""<indiginous to Canada; so I don’t know why they should feature in some Iberian backwater.


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    Let me try that again:
    Everyone knows that camels are <a href=""<indiginous to Canada; so I don’t know why they feature in some Iberian backwater.


  10. Despicable Dan says:

    johnhenry knows teasingly little of Iberia, its backwaters and its place in European history.

    The chance of a fine tagine or couscous would have some embracing the Koran and chanting Allah-o- Akbar, so fine is Muslim cuisine. Yet it is pleasing to read of Christians displaying their superior knowledge of the wheeled oxcart.


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    Just a little joke, Danny Boy, based on recent discoveries of camel remains in the Canadian Arctic from 3½ million years ago, sometime before Iberia had any 😉


  12. johnhenrycn says:

    Back on topic…driving home this evening, I noticed the electronic sign in front of our local Islamic Centre has a new message: “Before you die, give.” Just saying.


  13. Toad says:

    If JH is lacking any information regarding Iberian backwaters, he knows where to get it, Dan.


  14. annem040359 says:

    To those who come to both to faith in Christ and to become Catholic from the Muslim communities I say, welcome home and God Bless!


  15. Erik Hoff says:

    I agreed…..I’m an Indonesian Man. But, even in Indonesian there are too many Christian’s people had to convert to Islam, but, I’d have to defend it my self as “A Christians People” untill my self Death…

    Me…I’m gonna serve with “Our Father” in LIFE and DEATH…!!!!!
    Aren’t you?!
    Isn’t it?!

    LONG LIVE OUR LORD…..!!!!!


  16. kathleen says:

    Good for you, Erik!

    (And I’m sorry you had to wait so long for your comment to pass through our ‘Moderation’ process; we are a bit short-staffed on Sundays! ;-))


  17. Sara Luki says:

    If that’s the case why number of Muslims is rapidly increasing. Six million people is not a joke under this number Muslims would have been wiped in the world. But why do people accept Islam that’s major question we should have asked ourselves. the point of believing one god without having disintegration. how they criticize peoples behavior. Do Christians really follow all Jesus teachings. if so why we hate Muslims, why we don’t want to be closer and know their teachings. For instance why we don,t circumcise while Jesus was, women are preaching in churches why?! Contradictions in our bibles. and having lot of bibles which always being edited, under this circumstance and others which I did not mention. its not easy to wipe Islam in this world. What we are suppose do do is to adapt Islam teaching in our churches and modify our preachings. I really love Jesus. but most of the preachers, pastors and bishops have been lien g in Jesus name. Performing Satan miracle in Jesus name. use of voodoos, and other satanic oils. Is this the situation we are pulling Muslims in Christianity?!!!!!!!!


  18. Gargantua says:

    From 17.47 by Frere Rabit.

    ” a healthy disregard for Health & Safety”.

    If it weren’t for Health and Safety many thousands of construction workers (for example) would be dead or maimed.

    Do you drive, take a bus, train or plane? Do you use buildings? Yes? Then try to understand H & S. It is reckless to do otherwise.

    How do people survive who wilfully ignore their health and their safety and that of others?


  19. Brother Burrito says:

    John 15:13 “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.

    Ask any missionary.


  20. Gargantua says:

    And he began to speak to them in parables. “A man planted a vineyard and put a fence around it and dug a pit for the winepress and built a tower, and leased it to tenants and went into another country.”

    That fence !

    “Ephesians 6:11″
    Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”
    Hard hat and safety boots!


  21. Brother Burrito says:


    How do you manage to be so witty?


  22. Toadspitttle says:

    ..With God’s help, no doubt, Burro. God clearly has a highly-developed sense of humour.

    “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends”..
    It’s always seemed to me that even greater love would be to lay down his life for his enemies.

    Sara Luki makes some very pertinent points. More important than, say, altar rails, communion in the hand, or “the sign of peace.”


  23. The Raven says:

    Pertinent, Toad?

    Is that a new synonym for “barking”?


  24. GC says:

    Sara Luki, can I ask if you are In Africa or Asia somewhere?


  25. Gargantua says:

    BB, You responded kindly to me with a biblical quote and I responded in like manner, thinking you’d click and enjoy the lighthearted spirit of it..Nothing worse than misunderstood humour – mea culpa.

    On Frere Rabit’s point, I’m guessing that he has never worked in places where H & S are essential to life. Our surgeons, we hope, scrub up before an operation, (which is H&S) the food handlers likewise and so on. The utterly ignorant Daily Mail sneers at safety issues (for others of course) but I hoped that here others would be more aware, where we love our neighbour as ourselves..

    In this I am reassured.


  26. Gargantua says:

    Re; the ‘barking’ comment. Sara is not a native English speaker. A little kindness and understanding are required here, don’t we think?


  27. Toadspitttle says:

    It’s when the barking stops, you need to worry, Raven. That’s when the biting starts.
    Anyway, as Islam is, as the story avers, inexorably being converted to Christianity, there’s no need to do either, is there?
    Just relax and wait.


  28. Gargantua says:

    Aspects of Islam are definitely not my cup of tea. I shudder in fear of stonings, fatwahs, grim ayatollahs and amputations . Our auto-da-fe times are long behind us. However..

    “Islam is going to lose this battle. So it responds with bombs. “ It sez in the article..

    Anyone else who responds likewise with bombs? Hmmm….


  29. Gargantua says:

    “In the UK the number (of Muslim – Catholic converts) is now estimated at 200,000. In France, every year about 15,000 Muslims become Christians, some 10,000 of them Catholics, the rest Protestants of various denominations, especially of independent churches.”

    It is clear that Islam (some of the Koran comes from the Bible, recognition of Jesus etc) is pretty ‘firm’ on issues to do with marriage, homosexuality,(gay marriage -hah!) the role of women, prayer, fasting and devotion, and the primacy of religious values in the governing of a State. At least on these broad matters, it’s clear that there won’t be a problem in principle for Muslims to convert to Catholicism.


  30. Toadspitttle says:

    Only ‘slightly’ off topic here – but I read recently, (and can’t now locate the source) that when the Israelites first arrived in The Promised Land, they were instructed by God (yes, Him) to slaughter all the inhabitants together with all their domestic animals, which they duly cheerfully did, with His divine assistance, in order to render the place ‘ethnically cleansed.’ .
    I suppose ants, flies, rabbits, goats and wild camels (is there such a thing?) were spared.

    Or is this, as I hope, just utter, pernicious nonsense?


  31. Gargantua says:

    (JH – of March 6 / 23.04.)

    Would you consider being a speaker at a Catholic/Muslim conference as promoted by the Catholic Church?,8599,1856185,00.html › News › Vatican‎

    Perhaps later?


  32. Gargantua says:

    ” to slaughter all the inhabitants together with all their domestic animals”

    Goodness gracious, nothing has changed in 2000 years ‘over there’!

    I put it down to halal/kosher superstitions.


  33. Gargantua says:

    Says the article…..

    The sociologist Massimo Introvigne, the 2011 representative of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)

    Says OSCE……”With 57 States from Europe, Central Asia and North America, the OSCE is the world’s largest regional security organization. It offers a forum for political negotiations and decision-making in the fields of early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation, and puts the political will of its participating States into practice through its unique network of field missions.”

    On checking the States involved,(well, we have the word “with”) there is no information . Nada, nix, nothing.

    I’ve never heard of OSCE but then again someone more informed will help me out. There are many things of which, like Manuel,” I know nothing”.

    I also must say that in the putative goals and aims of OSCE, they have been massive failures. In my opinion. Can anyone point to a success?

    But I am ill at ease with this ‘organisation’. Could the person who presented this article clarify OSCE’s provenance and authenticity?

    It sounds to me like a gravy train.

    As always, correct me.


  34. The Raven says:

    Says Gargantua:

    Re; the ‘barking’ comment. Sara is not a native English speaker. A little kindness and understanding are required here, don’t we think?

    Said “Sara”:

    Performing Satan miracle in Jesus name. use of voodoos, and other satanic oils. Is this the situation we are pulling Muslims in Christianity?!!!!!!!!

    Quoth the Raven:
    Barking. And that’s being charitable.

    I am unimpressed by your inclination to take offence on another’s behalf.


  35. Gargantua says:

    My comment was a plea for courtesy, a little bit of love for your neighbour , given that Sara is not a native speaker and also that many who say they are Christian do practice voodoo. You know this.

    The selfless thing to do would have been to enlighten Sara. You could still do this. If you want.


  36. The Raven says:


    Sara’s comment was presented with a clear agenda: to make a case for Islam; that Sara makes that case while making the pretence to being a Christian is not an unusual tactic (go to Jessica’s blog and look for comments left by “St Bosco”, for example).

    The fact that Sara is clearly not a native speaker really doesn’t impede my reading of his or her comment nor the intention behind it.

    Perhaps you ought to spend your upcoming retreat pondering your own willingness to play the Pharisee?


  37. Sara Luki says:

    Its true I’m not an English speaker, I just wanted to narrate some points. Which will lead us to proper faith. G.C wanted to know where am I from. I am from Africa. May bless you all. Thanks


  38. Toadspitttle says:

    Hmm. Would Toad say, “I am from Europe?” Nope. Maybe Raven’s onto something.

    One of Toad’s writers once submitted a story to him containing the words, “Yannick Noah learned his tennis in the back streets of Africa.”


  39. Toadspitttle says:

    Ever optimistic – Toad tries again.

    Only ‘slightly’ off topic here – but I read recently, (and can’t now locate the source) that when the Israelites first arrived in The Promised Land, they were instructed by God (yes, Him the eternal God) to slaughter all the inhabitants together with all their domestic animals, which they duly cheerfully did, with His divine assistance, in order to render the place ‘ethnically cleansed’ fro the Chosen.
    I suppose ants, flies, rabbits, goats and wild camels (is there such a thing?) were spared.

    Assuming from the silence, that this appalling farrago is (Biblically, at least – who knows about factually?) true – well! It’s one thing bumping off a lot of no doubt scurrilous Arabs – but horses, cows, sheep, goats – even dogs!
    That strikes me, if true, as pretty unpleasant. If not unforgivable.
    And takes a bit of explaining

    Or is this, as I hope, just utter, pernicious nonsense?


  40. johnhenrycn says:

    Sara “I am from Africa” Luki doesn’t even speak English as well as the Boss Squirrel who showed up at my door yesterday. I could see his gang smircking and loitering around my flower garden.

    Nice bed of tulip bulbs you’ve just planted, Mister. Should look real pretty come April. Be a shame if anything was to happen to them. Yep, a real shame.”

    So, I’m off to buy a great big bag of bulk peanuts to dole out on a weekly basis until the ground freezes. Do animal hoodlums in Europe run protection rackets too?


  41. johnhenrycn says:

    One spelling error (^) inserted so that Gaga, who’s feeling ignored, can play Where’s Waldo? by himself, and then say “Tsk” when he finds it.


  42. The Raven says:


    You’re talking about the book of Joshua. You’ll need a maximalist, like Roger, to get excited about defending the relevant passage.


  43. Toadspitttle says:

    Joshua, eh, Raven? Toad will be on to it toot sweet, as GC likes to parle.
    (But why do you feel it is beyond your purview (GC again!) to comment?
    Too indefensible? God too nasty? All too boring?
    The last, it would seem.)

    Toad goes hunting the Bible – the inedible in pursuit of the unspeakable.
    (Sorry Oscar. “You will be, Toad, you will be.”)


  44. GC says:

    Dreadful Toad, of course Toad would have already known that research clearly indicates that GC has not once used any of the words “parle”, “purview” or “bonza” on CP&S. That is just so much Toadal expectoration that we have all come to . . . well . . . expect from Toad.

    Raven, I think Toad is respitting Deuterononmy 20:16-18, the original launching being on CP&S in December 2010. Toads have a three year cycle, just like the Lectionary. (But then again, I could be wrong.)

    But then of course, there is before Deuteronomy and Joshua the book of Exodus:

    “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin.”
    (Exodus 34:6-7)

    (“Inconsistent”, thought Toad.)


  45. Arnold25 says:

    I’m Indonesian and i was Islam so were my family. One day my mother met Jesus in her dream. All my family are Christian now. We love Jesus and share His love to many young people. Thank’s God, many young people turn back to Jesus. Pray for Indonesia..


  46. Shadaan says:

    These abrahamic religions are all troublesome and problematic. Humans invented religions to serve as anchors and guides for leading a good life; to help people make sense of the world, even if that meant believing in elaborate accounts of supernatural beings without a shred of evidence. It does not matter whether one is a muslim or christian or how many converted to the other religion. This whole ideas is so troublesome that people live like zombies who has no brain of their own. The live off a 6000 year old book that has the most unrealistic information and practically talks nonsense.


  47. Timmer Joel says:

    praise the lord in the jesus christ


  48. simon says:

    Shadaan if it were not for jesus you would not be breathing today.Never say that again and know that jesus loves you no matter how many times you dishonour him.He may not be just but he is full of unconditional love for everyone.God bless you


  49. Anselm says:

    Jesus is calling all of us. Shalom


  50. Bakry nahari says:

    listen before giving false information many people say Islam revolts to violents yet in the past Roman catholics use to kill any one who forsakened them so just because there were no media broadcasting stereotypical imagery describing Christianity in the past. Now I don’t hate Christianity but I hate when people say millions of Muslims converting to christianity yet they were born into a Muslim family but in their heart they had to faith so they are no classified. IN addition to this the reason why people convert from Islam is because their parents or even government. now if you have grown in a western world were everything is civilized it shows that more people convert to Islam as they understand it and given their faith too it. Last but not least scientists have proven the Quran hasn’t changed for a century and as you can see most things that the Quran suggest is correct.


  51. Thomas says:

    In Brunei, you are forced to be Muslim if you want to have a better career and facilities. If you are poor and you are Christian, don’t expect the Muslim community will help you out. We are the infidel. If you are Muslim, I don’t think you can convert to Christianity. I have lived in Asia for 30 years and never see anyone converting from Muslim to Christianity. This is the reason why I say this article is misleading. In Malaysia and Indonesia, some professional occupation ‘forces’ you to be Muslim if you want to be accepted. I think this article is misleading that there are many Muslim converts around the world. I wish it were true. Just to be clear, I am a proud Catholic. At the moment, I have to shield my children from the Muslim teaching. I don’t really worry about myself as I am a practising Catholic and went to Catholic school left by a wonderful nun. However, how about our children? It is fasting season and now my children are fed all of the Muslim teaching in International school. It is really worrying. I, as a Catholic parent, have high concern about this. I take them to church in the weekend and also pray with them a lot. I hope the church will provide more advice and also facilities for the minority Christian in Far East Asia. Our family doesn’t have financial problem and we try to help the Christian families who have financial problems here but it is not enough. There are many Christian children who are abandoned and can’t go to school because lack of funding here. Some of them may need to convert to Muslim for the scholarship. I just want to raise this issue here and hoping someone with good hearts pass this message to those who can do something. God bless you all.


  52. kathleen says:

    Thank you Thomas for giving us your own interesting personal experience. Life most certainly is very difficult for Christians living in Muslim-dominated countries, and you show great courage and faith in your efforts to keep your children in the True Faith. Islam does not tolerate anything but its own heretical creed, and this should be a wake-up call for all of us in the West as more and more Muslims pour into our societies… in the hope to one day take over!!

    I think GC above has already pointed out that the figures given in the article of conversion from Islam to Christianity are probably exaggerated, though I believe the greatest part of those who are converting to Christianity live in Africa, and many of these converts come from African tribal religions originally and not from Islam.


  53. GC says:

    Thomas, I hear there are now 3 Bruneian-born priests assisting Bishop Cornelius Sim in his office of chief shepherd of the 20,000 Catholics in Brunei, about 5% of the population. I recall the days when Bishop Cornelius was virtually alone in Brunei after Cardinal Vaughan’s Mill Hill fathers were forced to leave some decades ago.

    Does the Church there not assist the poorer families to send their children to the Catholic schools there, 3 in number, I believe? If not, it would be a great thing if financial resources were found to support them. I suppose the Brunei government does not finance the Catholic schools there; so support has to be found elsewhere for the poorer Catholic children.

    Well-educated Catholic children could only be for the good of Brunei, after all, though I’ve no doubt the government there may hope that these children become muslims eventually, if they were to stay in Brunei.


  54. realistic cat says:

    People need to stop getting obsessed with Asia and Africa, and rather focus on trying to save Christianity from dying in the Western world and also deal with the growing number of cults/pentecostal sects in Christianity itself, that makes a mockery of the whole religion.


  55. rashid ahmed says:

    hi,am 26 years old,from kenya.i was born as a muslim,but i tried to be christian in a church secretly,my family threated me to kill me if i convert,am afraid.they my kill me,but i do read the bible secretly away from home.i know one day they may kill me,please help me get out of this scenario.i thank juses to show me the not free worshiping,am very afraid.please help me run out of this islamic faith.give me your advice may help me.thank you,


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