Bishop Mark Davies asks Shrewsbury faithful to stand united with Pope Francis

The Rt Rev. Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, in welcoming the election of Pope Francis, is asking the Catholics of his diocese to stand united with the new Pope.

The Pope is neither a celebrity nor a politician but a person entrusted with the same office that Our Lord bestowed on St Peter the Apostle, Bishop Davies says in a pastoral letter to be read out in churches throughout the Diocese of Shrewsbury over the weekend of Sunday March 17.

Every Pope is called to be the “rock” upon which the Church is built, and to be the universal pastor of the whole Church, confirming “us in the faith”, he says. “In the Catholic heart there is a not only a recognition of the vital ministry of the Pope, but a love for the Pope.”

Bishop Davies says that fidelity to the teachings of the Successor of St Peter will be fundamental to the renewal of authentic Catholic life in the Diocese of Shrewsbury.

“I am certain there can be no progress for the Church in the Shrewsbury Diocese without this living, faithful, loving unity with the See of St. Peter, with our Holy Father, Pope Francis,” the Bishop says in his letter.

Bishop Davies also asks every parish and religious community in the diocese to offer a Mass for Pope Francis on Wednesday March 20 following his installation in Rome on Tuesday March 19.

He  also invites each of the faithful to offer a small act of self-denial for the success of the mission of the Pope.

Bishop Davies says: “Our Catholic faith leads us to recognise and promise today, as I promised on the day I became a bishop, to be faithful, obedient and united under the authority of the Successor of the Apostle Peter (Rite for the Ordination of Bishops).

“In the Catholic heart, there is not only a recognition of the vital ministry of the Pope, but a love for the Pope.”

He continues: “Amid testing times, the Pope must always be ready to face a form of martyrdom.

“The Pope is neither a politician nor a celebrity, but always a witness to the Truth, to the One who was crucified, to the Faith handed down by the Apostles.

“The word ‘martyr’ means ‘witness’ and describes those who suffer and die for Christ. In these hopeful and challenging days, when the Church sees a great expansion of her life on a global scale with more Catholics and more vocations than at any moment in her history, together with the sad phenomenon of the de-Christianisation of societies like our own, much is asked of the Pope.

“This moment surely invites us to renew personally our loyalty to the Pope chosen to guide the Church in these testing times. In the faithful witness Pope Francis will give, often in the face of opposition, may you and I always stand steadfastly and courageously with St. Peter’s Successor. I ask you to renew this promise with me today.”

(source: Shrewsbury diocese website)

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7 Responses to Bishop Mark Davies asks Shrewsbury faithful to stand united with Pope Francis

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    Has anyone else seen the latest Damian Thompson blog post on Pope Francis? Really, I despair for him. Damian, that is. It was just meant as a fun piece, but what a juvenile masquerading as an adult he is.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Another thing…I always laugh when the “Live Traffic Feed” on the right side of the screen says “Etobicoke, Canada arrived 44 seconds ago”. That’s meant to refer to me, even though I last set foot in Etobicoke, Canada over ten years ago, and haven’t lived there since the 50s. So much for the ability of Big Brother to keep track of our comings and goings.


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    …and another thing… When I went to confession on Saturday, returning to the pews to do my very heavy penance, I glanced at the Hymnal, noticed that the dedication page is inscribed by Raymond John Lahey, and wanted to vomit. Now, I know replacing every Catholic Book of Worship III, which is the one now in use in my great country (but not in my parish, thanks be to God) is going to be an expensive exercise, and travelling across my great country for the next 30 years (ad multos annos!) and surreptitiously (“The Peace of Christ Be With You”) ripping out the dedication pages from each and every one of them is not going to happen; but it is absolutely revolting and unnacceptable that this situation continue. What to do? I will not rest until it is remedied, one way or the other. Actually, I think that I will write to the Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins, this week ( when he returns from Rome and after I finish the trial in which I’m currently engaged about a backed up septic system) and respectfully demand their removal from every parish in the land, or his diocese at least, and burning. I will let you know his response.


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Sorry for being a bore, but if you would like to have an excellent and traditional hymnal, I can heartily recommend
    The St Michael Hymnal
    , privately published by St Boniface Roman (sigh) Catholic Church in Lafayette, Indiana, the prefatory page of which ends with Ad Majorem Gloria Dei!


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    “St Boniface Roman (sigh) Catholic Church”
    Actually, I should have written <St Boniface Roman (sigh) Catholic (sigh) Church", because both words are absolutely unnecessary. I remember my welcome into the R.C.I.A. program by the parish priest at St Agatha Church at 1839 Notre Dame Drive, St Agatha, Ontario, just around the corner from the monastery of the Discalced Carmelite Sisters of St Joseph. Nota bene: no Roman and no Catholic and (pace Professor Jabba) no possessive apostrophes, genetive or otherwise.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    Sorry, Professor.


  7. cheryl goodman/ c/o janet young says:

    Hi i would like to know how to get a hold of bishop mark davise as he use to be a priest at st john bosco church in blackley manchester he may know my sister Janet young she would like a blessing from him as she as blood cancer and would like to see him again i would be greatfull if you can contact me


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