News flash: EU wants to abolish Cross from Greek flag

Metropolitan Germanos of Patras blessing the flag of the Greek resistance at Agia Lavra Monastery (painting by Theodoros Vryzakis, 1865). (Source of the picture: Wikipedia)

By  on April 5, 2013

(from On March 25, on the occasion of the Greek Independence Day Parade, the  “new” Greek flags which fluttered in the wind in many Greek cities, appeared with only blue and white stripes, without the cross symbol of Christianity.

In the past few months, there have been reports that the European Union has been seriously discussing the possibility of abolishing religious symbols from six out of 27 EU countries that have the cross symbol on their flags: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta and Greece.

Flag of Greece (from 1978 until now)

Established during the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire, the colors of the Greek flag symbolize the sea that surrounds the country (blue) and the purity of the fighters’ cause (white). The cross proclaims the fledgling nation’s Christian faith in contrast to its Islamic rulers.The number of stripes is equal to the syllables of the Greek insurgents’ motto, “Liberty or death.”

The flag’s layout (stripes and a symbol on the upper left corner) is reminiscent of the American flag, a country whose success against the British inspired the Greeks, who claimed their own freedom not long after the Americans.

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22 Responses to News flash: EU wants to abolish Cross from Greek flag

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    Hey! The Greek flag is “A OK” in my view, but I’ve already told you people that the sideways cross, such as the one used in BB’s vacation spot is against God’s law and should be banned. For the edification of whichever CP&S shareholder wrote this piece, might I also add that the Maltese Cross and the Union Jack are not against God’s law, because they are not laid on their sides?


  2. Jim Evans says:

    Probably reasonable to believe that the ‘sideways cross’ that God fell under during His passion wasn’t against His own law, nor hated, no matter what johnhenrycn’s view is or what he says according to private interpretation. Geez….


  3. johnhenrycn says:

    God bless Jim Evans: you’re quite right and I apologize. My last comment was a bit of an “in” joke. Not at all serious. I love, for example, the Finnish flag, which my father was born conceived under. And that Åland Islands Landover Baptist Church website (Guaranteeing Salvation Since 1620)?? It’s a parody. You knew that, I’m sure 😉


  4. johnhenrycn says:

    …but in case you’re still wondering where I’m coming from, Mr Evans, do you not agree with me – that round ring over the “Å” in Åland Islands is a secret Masonic sign signalling their love of anal sex?


  5. johnhenrycn says:

    Love you all. Gone for a while. Catastrophic injuries (not my own) to attend to. One not so catastrophic, but so weird… elderly lady in a wheelchair in a bus, bus hits a speed bump, wheel chair tips over, lady tumbles out onto the floor of the bus…can no longer do the many things she used to do in a wheelchair… life sucks…according to Toad. But she isn’t thinking suicide.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    That top picture, added after the original post, brings to mind a recurring dream of mine – about coming into a gigantic room, with a narrow staircase on the right leading, in my dream, to a small upper room. The dream ends there. Haven’t had that dream for many a year.


  7. Jim Evans says:

    LOL…. After my post I found myself on the front porch laughing for spending nearly 6 minutes of the 10 minute YouTube ‘Thunder storm’ waiting on God’s wrath to strike…. Bawahahahahaha.


  8. toad says:

    We shall pray that your catastrophes turn out splendidly, JH.

    Life does not suck for everybody, all the time, just for nearly everybody, nearly all the time.
    So far, it has not sucked for Toad in any significant way.
    But clouds, no bigger than a man’s hand…etc., etc….

    As to flags…ban them all.
    If you must wave something, wave your underwear.


  9. johnhenrycn says:

    You’re an American, no?


  10. toad says:

    No JH, officially Briddish – Toad, however, regards himself as a Citizen of the World, (silly old amphibian that he is.) equally at home anywhere he hangs his hat. (Except The Peoples’ Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and possibly Utah.)


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    officially Briddish
    Look, you silly ex-pat, I was talking to our new acquaintance, Jim Evans, who is a darn sight more entertaining than you, which is not a compliment. Why is it that Canadians have a more finely attuned sense of irony than you native Brits? I hate using smily, winky faces 😉 but am forced to in order to be welcomed into the company of some of you barbarians. The rule is: assume I’m on your side and agree with you and like you, unless I expressly say otherwise.


  12. toad says:

    Woah, JH! Time you were in bed!

    Anyway, irony to one side – The headline on this comment is utterly inaccurate – the EU “wants” no such thing.
    “In the past few months, there have been reports that the European Union has been seriously discussing the possibility of abolishing religious symbols from six out of 27 EU countries …”
    This is all smoke, rumor and waffle, and twaddle, and it ain’t never gonna happen, because nobody wants it to.
    What “reports”? Where? Can we read them?
    And it’s cheering to see nobody on CP&S so far is buying this latest installment of paranoid, persecution-mania tripe.
    Suggests Toad, minus irony.(Insert gloomy face.)


  13. johnhenrycn says:

    I know – I’ve hurt your itsy bitsy feelings, Toad; but you’re a man, and can give as good as you get.


  14. toad says:

    Good God, JH, you’re like – in thinking you can ever hurt Toad’s feelings, except by unkind remarks about his animals.
    During a working lifetime in Fleet Street, and similar sinkholes, he has developed the carapace of a Galapagos Islands tortoise.


  15. johnhenrycn says:

    Just funnnin, Toad, with someone who doesn’t mind a tussle now and then. You’re right, though, bedtime is long past. But seriously, I never use smiley faces (the exception will prove the rule) and only use winky faces as a shortcut to tell people that I like them or what they say. Did John Henry Newman, who I chose as my confirmation name, ever use a winky face in his writings?


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    “…Galapagos Islands tortoise”:
    “On a walk of this kind…he usually saw tortoises, which he did not dislike at all – far from it – but they seemed rare on Gozo, and it was not until he had been going for some time that he heard a curious tock-tock-tock and saw a small one running, positively running across the road, perched high on its legs; it was being pursued by a larger tortoise, who, catching it up, butted it three times in quick succession: it was the clap of the shells that produced the tock-tock-tock. ‘Tyranny,’ said Jack, meaning to intervene: but either the last blows had subdued the smaller tortoise – a female – or she felt that she had shown all the reluctance that was called for; in any case she stopped. The male covered her, and maintaining himself precariously on her domed back with his ancient folded leathery legs, he raised his face to the sun, stretched up his neck, opened his mouth wide and uttered the strangest dying cry.”

    Actually, that scene is from a novel by Patrick O’Brian, describing the mating habits of the Maltese tortoise. But I thought your filthy mind might enjoy it.


  17. toad says:

    You know Toad too well, JH.

    And the prospect of Wittgenstein inserting a “smiley face” at the end of The Tractatus Logico Philosophicus conjours up unique visions.
    Perhaps, in Ludwig’s case, a horror-stricken one?


  18. toad says:

    It is not the practice here, and rightly so, to post comments in “Prayer Intentions.”
    However – regarding JH‘s latest – The Blessed Margaret is probably even now telling God not only that He needs to re-structure Heaven to put it on a profitable basis, but also how He ought to go about it.


  19. kathleen says:

    Thanks to JH and Toad for a good laugh from the above banter between you two rascals! 😆

    Hope the poor old lady you mention JH (your client ?) recovers as far as possible, and that she gets the compensation she deserves. Good for her, to stoically not let this setback depress her. Hope she makes the most of her suffering…. by offering it up for needy souls.

    Back to business, re: subject of this article. If those secularists in the EU get their way in banning the crosses in so many of the European flags – or even seriously ordering such a unthinkable violation of our identity – we might be in for a surprise! If Cameron’s plan for a vote to remain (or not) in the EU comes about, hidden Christian roots buried deep inside most Brits, might suddenly resurface in the face of such an outrage – removing the symbol of the cross from the Union Jack! What an outrageous idea!


  20. toad says:

    How can they take the crosses out of the Union Jack?
    It’s nothing but a series of crosses.
    Might as well take the bread, cheese, and pickle out of a cheese and pickle sandwich.

    Fear not Kathleen, the idea is patently absurd, and I’m highly dubious about anyone even mooting it in the first place.
    Smacks of an April Fool joke to me. But then, so does about 90% of life.


  21. Tiddles says:

    If the crosses are removed from the Union flag then it will have to be blank. Thats all it consists of. I for one dont believe this story, I must say. It reminds me of those crazed tales about the word black being erased from binbags and blackboards.

    Only for the bewildered I think.


  22. Senora Shem says:

    One preacher said that in the last day only one country which has cross in the flags will not join the event when the persecuation comes. The country which did not join with new world order.


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