Pray for the Christians in Syria

Pray for the Christians in Syria

From ACN:

Dear Reader,

The situation in Syria is very grave. We ask your prayers so that the country does not fall into the hands of extremists. We ask for your prayers for the safe release of two kidnapped Archbishops. We ask for your prayers for the repose of the soul of Rev. Deacon Fautuh murdered this week in Aleppo. We ask your prayers for all who are suffering because of the conflict in Syria.

You can light a candle here: and take a moment of silence and prayer.

No doubt, Christians in Syria have become targets of attacks and kidnapping. There is a sad and violent humanitarian drama unfolding in Syria. During the two years of civil war, some 70 thousand people have been killed, and close to one million Syrians have become refugees.

Since the escalation of violence in Syria, Aid to the Church in need donors responded generously with prayers and donations for emergency aid.  We thank you for your support and we ask you to continue praying with the Holy Father for peace and reconciliation in Syria.

Yours in Christ,
Father Hugh and EFC

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2 Responses to Pray for the Christians in Syria

  1. kathleen says:

    The so-called “Arab Spring” in the Middle East and N. Africa, where the dictators have been ousted and replaced by something worse – islamic fundamentalists or weak incompetent political parties, unable to govern the rabble rousers – is anything but springlike for the Christian inhabitants of these countries! They are the ones paying the price of the utter confusion, violence and anarchy now reigning, having become the brunt of the hatred and bellicose attitudes from vast numbers of believers in the ‘religion of peace’!

    Recent attacks in Egypt against the Coptic Christians, with collaboration from some members of the police force!


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    War on Christians Update: Syria


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