Pope Pius XII Addresses British and Canadian Soldiers in 1944

Hat-tip to Chrysostom.

The joy on his face suggests to me that he wasn’t “Hitler’s Pope”, as some have wished to slander him.

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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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27 Responses to Pope Pius XII Addresses British and Canadian Soldiers in 1944

  1. Dan says:

    The allies had liberated Rome


  2. Roger says:

    Here we see Christs Vicar the Pope.
    The common Father of All MEN neither German, nor English, nor Japanese, nor Jew, nor Black, nor White. Men sons of Adam and Eve.
    The Common Father Of Christendom!! All who are of Christ!!!!
    Do not make the mistake of seeing the Pope as the Allies Pope!! That is worldly and unworthy of Christ who came for ALL.
    One Holy Catholic (All men!)
    Pastor Angelicus!
    Our Lord is the common Father of All and His Vicar (the sweet Christ on Earth is the Pope)
    The Papacy Authority is from Christ and is a Spiritual Authority BUT the Spiritual is the Master of the Flesh (the World). Man Flesh and Spirit , the Flesh is SELFISH and formed from the Earth. The Spirit is in the Image of Love (God is Love) . So with the Pope His Authority is the Spiritual Authority that subjugates the SELF of the Flesh.
    Pius XII was the last Pope who had the Authority of the Papacy because from 1960 (as Father Malachy Martin pointed out in 1998 the Papal Authority has been reduced within the Church).
    His Response is to invoke the Great Catholic Saints of England who place God before Caesar!
    St Thomas a’Beckett , Great Martyr Cardinal St John Fisher , St Thomas More . These gave their lives chosing Christ before Caesar!
    There is an untold true story of how Pope Pius XII persued negotiated Peace especially with Japan! Hiroshima was Catholic!
    We need to look back to 16th century and the overthrowing of the Common Father’s Authority in Christendom (Europe) and the Profanity of separation of Church and State (profanity because it places the State under the rule of Satan!!) . The deliberate imprisonment of the Papacy in that small State called the Vatican. The same avarice that created Capitolism by seizing bequests and endowments given to the Church, this was what Protestantism did!
    Pope Pius XII was the last Pope of the Old Tradition such that souls would knell to talk to him at the phone!
    After 1960 the Papacy has been sheered like a lamb, stripped off Crown, Throne etc.. John Paul II described as Geopolitical. We see how the world is treating CHRIST!! A modernised Papacy a Modernised Church. Modernised to comform to a Modern world?
    But Christ doesn’t change!! Christ is Eternal , it is Man that must change and this is the Faith!
    If the world has rejected Christ and His Authority what is left to the world but the State of fallen Man?
    We cannot as Catholic deny the Faith handed down from Christ. We cannot deny the Dogmas nor the truths of the Faith , this includes Creation! We MUST place God before MAN! This is what the early Church did and suffered martyrdom!!
    Fatima has this promise In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph (just as Our Lord Triumphed through the Cross!). The Cross is the only way that will bring this triumph about! we must Love All , We must also Place God before Man and like the Great saints expressly spoken off by Pope Pius XII if necessary suffer Persecution and ridicule in defence of the Truth!


  3. Toad says:

    This what it’s all about.
    Toad does not know either way, for sure. Nobody does. Or so he thinks.
    And his personal opinions regarding it are – no doubt – inane.

    Roger, at least 19 exclamation marks in a mere forty-eight lines of copy, is surely a trifle excessive? After all this is not The Beano, The Daily Telegraph, The Tablet, or OMG!!!
    It is?

    Let’s hope Kathleen gives us an account of her Chartres pilgrimage.
    Toad is agog. As are we all on CP&S, no doubt.


  4. golden chersonnese says:

    Now where have I seen that same very throne before, Brother B? One thing about thrones, they last for years:

    I understand that Pius XII excelled in the acquisition of languages. If that speech of His ex-Holiness to the British was off the cuff (or mostly unrehearsed), he had a gift indeed.


  5. Frere Rabit says:

    I have always been impressed by the number of prominent Jews who praised Pius XII. I am sorry to quote Wikipedia here (I always tell my students not to!) but it is a handy riposte when Wikipedia has already been quoted above, and shows than any point of view can be countered quickly and simply using Wiki and Google. No need to even engage our brains, is there?.




  6. Roger says:

    Well Toad the only vaild way is to look at the 20th Century from Heavens perspective. The St Malachi list which has proven to be a 100% accurate Prophecy is a way of indicating in Heavens eyes the Papacy appropriate to the time and era. Our Lord is master of History.
    Fatima remarkably prophecised Pope Pius XI with the start of the second world war.
    Pacelli well that entry is contrary to his reecorded speechs and the gratitude of jews for his help.

    What did the Fatima message say about Germany?What did Fatima say about Russia?
    Fatima expressly mentioned Russia! The Spainish Civil War was fought between Spainish Catholics and Communists who called themselves Reds and who murdered priests, bishops and religious this is well recorded.

    In 1960 the request was for the Consecration of Russia (Germany wasn’t mentioned). Further more in 1917 Germany was embroiled in the First World War so it isn’t as if Heaven wasn’t aware of Germany.

    The Truth? Well those who poured money into the Russian revolution in 1917 were the same who financial supported Hitler and presumably found it was appropriate to demonise Hitler rather than Stalin? The Moscow Vatican Treaty (1962 The Pact of Metz)? I doubt whether this would have got off the ground under Pius XII. The Consecration Of Russia to the immaculate Heart was shelved presumable because of that Treaty!

    Our Lord gives us the Pope appropriate to each era. The Papacy has been called for good reason the Eighth Sacrament because the Power and charism give by God to the Pope is outside of the Authority of Man to give. The Power of the keys can’t be delegated and from the time of Peter is held by one and only one! The Keys are spiritual Powers and Napoleon credited his downfall to laying his hands on the Pope (Father Malachy Martin).
    So Pius XII as Pope isn’t the same as Pacelli the Bishop/Cardinal!
    This has been the belief since Our Lord raised Peter to the Papacy and the Papal Power and Authority has passed down from then to now.

    Pope Pius XII Papacy was traditional and Autocratic it was also marian! He is the Great Pope of Fatima which he promulgated during his pontificate. The crowning glory the Dogma of the Assumption! He was Gods choice to take man into the Age of the Bomb!
    Let Cardinal Pacelli speak for himself in 1933.

    Suppose, dear friend, that Communism is the most visible among the organs of subversion against the Church and the tradition of Divine Revelation. Thus, we will witness the invasion of everything that is spiritual: philosophy, science, law, teaching, the arts, the media, literature, theater, and religion.

    I am concerned about the confidences of the Virgin to the little Lucia of Fatima. The persistence of the Good Lady in face of the danger that threatens the Church is a divine warning against the suicide that the modification of the Faith, liturgy, theology, and soul of the Church would represent.

    I hear around me partisans of novelties who want to demolish the Holy Sanctuary, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her adornments, and make her remorseful for her historical past. Well, my dear friend, I am convinced that the Church of Peter must affirm her past, or else she will dig her own tomb.

    I will fight this battle with the greatest energy both inside and outside the Church, even if the forces of evil may one day take advantage of my person, actions, or writings, as they try today to deform the History of the Church.


  7. Roger says:

    We must also remember that is was Pope Pius XII who Consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary in October 31st 1942 (October the month of Fatima) this was renewed Dec 8th 1942.
    Also Sacro Vergente his letter of July 7th 1952 Consecrating Russia to The Immaculate.
    1942 was a turning point in the war against the axis!
    Pope Pius XII reminded that Mary is ALWAYS victorious!!
    I am very grateful for this topic!
    If we are indeed living the Fatima events fortold in the third secret then Pope Pius XII is the example of standing up for and defending Fatima. The mud and dirt thrown against Pius XII should be seen as Our Lord in the garden Of Gethsemane about to be deserted and abandoned by his friends!


  8. Toad says:

    “I am sorry to quote Wikipedia here (I always tell my students not to!)”
    No need to be sorry is there, Rabit – just don’t do it!
    “No need to even engage our brains, is there?
    That we will have to leave to you to decide. You have greater experience in these matters than we do.


  9. Toad says:

    “Well Toad the only valid way is to look at the 20th Century from Heavens perspective. “

    Well, Roger, that might be true, but it puts it a bit out of Toad’s current reach for the time being.

    And, how are you and Rabit getting along? Like “a house on fire,” I shouldn’t wonder!


  10. Toad says:

    ” Well those who poured money into the Russian revolution in 1917 were the same who financial supported Hitler.”

    I find that highly unlikely, Roger, but I do not know. Can you elaborate a bit for us?
    Krupp, for example?


  11. jadis says:

    “Toad does not know either way, for sure. Nobody does. Or so he thinks.
    And his personal opinions regarding it are – no doubt – inane.”

    Not just inane – but predictable, boring, hoary gobshite.


  12. Cecilia says:

    Read Sir Martin Gilbert’s review of “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope”: http://spectator.org/archives/2006/08/18/hitlers-pope .
    “Where does this leave Pope Pius XII, the object of so much published hostility, and the main figure in Dalin’s short but powerful book? Can Pius really merit the words of Israel’s then Foreign Minister, Golda Meir (later Prime Minister of Israel), when she telegraphed to the Vatican on Pius’s death in 1958: “When fearful martyrdom came to our people in the decade of Nazi terror, the voice of the Pope was raised for the victims. The life of our times was enriched by a voice speaking out on the great moral truths above the tumult of daily conflict. We mourn a great servant of peace.”
    Those who were in charge of that Nazi terror during the war years held this same view during the war itself. After Pius XII delivered his Christmas message in December 1942, the Reich Security Main Office, the German government department in Berlin responsible for the deportation of the Jews, informed its representatives, who were in charge of encouraging local leaders to permit their Jews to be deported: “In a manner never known before, the Pope has repudiated the National Socialist New European Order…. Here he is virtually accusing the German people of injustice to the Jews, and makes himself the mouthpiece of the Jewish war criminals.”
    This was stern condemnation by the Nazis of a man who is now condemned for the opposite failing. Yet nine months later, Pius XII was to upset the Nazis even more. After the German occupation of Rome and the northern part of Italy, when the SS determined to introduce the Final Solution in all areas of Italy under German military control, Pius and the Vatican took the lead in seeking to frustrate the deportation plan.”
    Sir Martin Gilbert is a leading historian of the holocaust. His Wikipedia entry says “Gilbert describes himself as a proud practising Jew and a Zionist.”


  13. Cecilia says:

    Sorry, I don’t know why it appeared twice. Could someone edit the above for me please?


  14. Toad says:

    Just for the record, Toad does not think Pius 12th was “Hitler’s Pope.” Any more than he was Franco’s Pope.

    But Jadis is clearly spot on about Toad’s opinions. Well said!


  15. Frere Rabit says:

    I was reflecting on this post again this evening, after advising some friends about their planned trip to Assisi later in this summer. I remembered the American war cemetery near to the Rivotorto friary, on the plain below Assisi, where the first Franciscans had cared for the lepers in the 13th century. I used to sit there thinking how blessed were those poor young men to have fallen nearby to such a site of holy humanity. I also remembered my frequent cycle rides out from the Beda College in Rome to Anzio to walk around the war cemeteries, reflecting on the sacrifice made by so many. The words on the headstones were probably put together by grieving parents writing at some kitchen table in Manchester or Glasgow, and then the War Graves Commission put their sculptors into action to chisel their words on the Portland stone.

    The ecclesial politics of Rome are always complicated, but we must believe in our Popes. Pius XII has long been explored by historians of all opinions to the point where anything shady they could pin on him should have been found. It has not been found.

    This film is a piece of propaganda from the times, whatever way you want to see it! It hardly informs us one way or the other, but it is good to watch in order to understand the importance of prepared and rehearsed language in those times. We should sharpen up our own.


  16. Roger says:

    Franco and Pope Pius XII.
    With great joy we address you, dearest sons of Catholic Spain, to express our paternal congratulations for the gift of peace and victory, with which God has chosen to crown the Christian heroism of your faith and charity … As a pledge of the bountiful grace which you will receive from the Immaculate Virgin and the Apostle james, patrons of Spain … we give to you, our dear sons of Catholic Spain, to the Head of State and his illustrious Government, to the zealous Episcopate and its self-denying clergy, to the heroic combatants and to all the faithful, our apostolic benediction
    The signicance of Franco is linked to Fatima and Garabandal. Iberia was identified by Stalin as the soft underbelly of Europe (as indeed Wellington had proven against Napoleon). Spain, France, Italy and England the four countries specifically identified with Christendom and specifically mentioned at La Salette.
    Franco was a European Catholic ruler who restored the Catholic Faith against the growing secularisation of Christendom. Again the relentless and vociferous declamations against him continued for decades. With 50% unemployment in parts of Spain and the fracturing into autonomous regions Spain’s decline has been catastrophic since Francos death.
    The role of ursury and central banks came from Protestantism and has been the fuel of global capitolism and global socialism a World that has excluded Christ and is determined to destroy the Church (just as per the vision of Pope Leo XIII) .
    Science owes a huge debt to Hitler and his scientists and their work and research were seized by the West and Russia at the end of World War II. The reason I mention this is because of the vociferous voices against Pius XII calling him a Nazi come from those Atheist Scientists who are the gleeful beneficiers and indeed inheritors of Nazi Science.
    The Attacks on Pope Pius XII are part of the Mass Apostacy from Christ of the 20th Century. A Century determined to create a Christianity subservient to Governments and business! man before God.
    Pope Pius XII was the last Pope of Christendom in my opinion. He died in 1958 and the treaty of Rome was signed in 1957 and from that has come the secularised Europe on the corpse of Christendom.


  17. Roger says:

    The selective choice of English saints who placed God before the Crown! is hardly propaganda! St Edward the Confessor whose relics remain in Westminster Abbey , which is consecrated to ST PETER! To St Thomas A Beckett (the first Shrine destroyed by Henry VIII) who placed God before the King. St John Fisher (Cardinal martyr) for the Pope and St Thomas More.
    St John Fisher and St Thomas More Canonised before World War II by Pius XI (who was specifically mentioned at fatima).
    Their Blood poured out on England!
    The message is the here is the Common Father Of Christendom welcoming his children of England home to their true Home Rome! See in the Pope Our Lord welcoming His lost sheep!
    St John Fisher especially is important because he was a Prince of the Church and the Cardinals red is symbolic of martyrdom! I believe he was the only Prince of the Church to be martyred.
    Pius XII short speech is as relevant today as it was in 1944! Especially with a Secular Government defining marriage! The Crowns good servant BUT GOD’s First.


  18. Frere Rabit says:

    “Spain’s decline has been catastrophic since Francos death”

    That is entirely wrong. Before you make such assertions, I suggest you acquint yourself with the facts, as my A-level students have done in their case studies of economic and social development in Spain from 1976 to 2000, showing the remarkable transition of Spain in a very short period, becoming a nation with better health and educational standards than some of the oldest democracies in Europe. Not only that, but you need to realise this economic success was precisely the continuation of a successful programme put in place during the Franco regime, so there was actually a progression and not a contrast in the periods you mention.

    You need to realise, when you make such assertions on a respected blog such as this, that you cannot get away with nonsense off the top of your head. Please refrain from such ill considered rubbish.


  19. Roger says:

    Rabbit the article is dated 12th May 2013
    The assertion is from the Catholic Primate of Spain!
    “The Catholic Primate of Spain has called for a profound shift in Europe’s debt crisis policy to avert social collapse, warning that soaring unemployment in Spain and across southern Europe has become “very dangerous”.
    “The jobless rate in the Toledo region of Castilla-La Mancha is 31pc. The rate for youth has jumped to 64pc from 14pc at the peak of the credit bubble “


  20. Roger says:

    Also Rabbit I am aware that social benefits are linked to contributions and as with the unemployment benefit are liable to be cut off after a certain time. I am aware of my friends who live in the South that their repeat Drug perscriptions are with different Drug Companies (this has happened in Greece where there isn’t enough money to pay for prescribed Drugs). Your case studies are to 2000 well the crash happened in June 2007 when a comment was made about a global player selling ! This was followed by the Sub Prime , Banking etc..
    The financial crisis translated into an economic crisis as Governments switched funds from Social Services into propping up banks. The resulting Austerity economic policies are from Private Banking collapses dumped on the governments the result is to undermine the democracy’s because off course the elector has no say in economic and incidently foreign policy. The financial crisis in Europe is catastrophic because of Maastricht because the Nations have no control over their currencies being trapped within a single currency.

    According to father malachy Martin the Third Secret Of Fatima is dire and includes a breakdown of the global systems. Well this is what the financial and economic crisis is isn’t it global?

    Spain under Franco and Pius XII Papacy was Catholic.
    “..He outlawed anything that did not agree with catholic beliefs; this included contraceptives, homosexuality, practice of any other religion, prostitution, and divorce(all are presently legal). Franco even went as far has outlawing any other language than Spanish and took away all rights given to the autonomous regions of Spain. At this time church and state of Spain were one body and it was the responsibility of both to enforce the change towards unity. All forms of education and censorship were directed by the church. Franco was given the power from the Vatican to elect church officials, a rare privilege given by the Vatican..”

    I think it appropriateon this respectable blog to show that Pius XII wasn’t a national Socialist (Nazi) but praised Catholic Spain that under Franco OBEYED THE CHURCH AND ITS TEACHINGS!
    Franco was ostracised and treated as an outcast because of this wasn’t he?
    Since Francos death does this still hold true? Actually for the benefit of this repected blog Spain now has Divorce, Homosexuality, Abortion..


  21. Roger says:

    It is a source of wonder to me the opposition to the Catholic Faith and the cynical wordly opinions I find here.
    Our Lord and His Laws do not change! The Faith and revelation of the deposit of the Faith will grow as was promised. we don’t and never will go back to the middle ages because of this promise to grow and reveal the Faith. As an example consider the Dogmas the Immaculate Conception and The Assumption. The deposit of the Faith has grown and more been revealed!
    The Gospels expressly include lineage even back to Abraham (from Abraham the old Testament will take us to Sem [born before the Flood] and from Sem back to Adam) . If Our Lord wasn’t True Man (ie as was Adam) then what would be the point of the Passion and what would be the point of the Holy Sacrifice Of the Mass?
    Adam was the first man and was created Our Lord True God and True man Both Adam and Our Lord MEN!
    Created St John’s Gospel.
    The immaculate Conception (born without the Sin of Adam!! )
    Adam not HUG and MUG the orangutan!!
    Did St Peter believe in Evolution?
    How Old did Our Lord think the world was?
    How Old does Our Lady think the world is?
    Didn’t Our Lord and Our Lady and St Peter and St Paul and the Apostles believe in the Flood and Adam and Eve?
    If you do not like the Faith walk away! Thats what those did who couldn’t understand eat my body, drink my blood!
    Our Lord rose from the Dead! Show me one of the Evolutionists who can raise themselves from the dead?


  22. Frere Rabit says:

    Of course there is an economic crisis! I live here. We are all aware of it. Your original contrast was between the time of Franco and the decline afterwards, which was untrue. The international banking crisis is another matter. I shall not put up any further response to you as this is a waste of time and I have work to do.


  23. Roger says:


    Before Franco Spain was breaking appart was it not! Anarchist, Monarchists, Falange didn’t the government try to kill off Franco in the Canary Isles. It was a Dragon Rapide aircraft hired and flown out from Croydon Old Airport that transported Franco from the Canaries to Morrocco.
    Portugal at the time of Fatima was a Nation throwing off Christ!

    The Money that flooded into Spain after his death? That money wasn’t generated within Spain it was European money. The argument is keynesian theory borrow and spend, capitol projects seek investment.
    This came however at a Price and that Price was the catholic soul of Spain.
    After screaming that I was wrong you now understand that it was the Cardinal Archbishop of Spain. critic.
    I am not gloating over this! England has suffered from 16th Century when it lost its Catholic soul and like the Prodigal Son spent its Inheritance.
    Spain is today that Catholic Prodigal SON Rabit!

    Look at the History of the Netherlands, Central Banking, Free Markets and Multinational Private Business this from late 16th early 17th Century. The model was carried into England in 1688. The English economy created a hollow crown called Constitutional and the Bank of England was and still has nominees (its a private bank with shareholders). The Netherlands (Maastricht?) and battle between Catholic and Protestants.
    Now the international banking crisis ISN’T another matter. The separation of the State from the Church is pure Masonry (Visible Darkness) . The Spainish economy under Socialism (and Socialism and Capitolism are twin hands of Satan).
    The Only recorded time Our Lord was angry was when he used the whip in the Temple against the Money Changers! The Temple system was a rip off with the sale of ACCEPTABLE animals for sacrifice and a special Temple currency!
    Globalisation was the unleashing off these same private monies and free markets and national Banks upon the globe and Nations borroing to build infrastructure etc. etc. Borrowing , Borrowing more than could every be repaid!! Perpetual Debt!! The replacing of Christ with human rights! Human rights without Christ and this was the price paid by Spainb as it took the pieces of silver!

    We are talking here about the last Father of Christendom speaking not just to soldiers BUT to England!! Talking to the Prodigal Son with arms outstretched! This is Christ on Earth seeking the Lost!

    England and its Empire is on the Netherlands model!


  24. Frere Rabit says:

    Good to see you want to learn the whole history. Start with Hugh Thomas, then live in Spain in the 1960s, join the Falange, wear the blue shirt and sing `Cara al sol’ and return to the argument when you have something original to contribute. My right wing past is more than you could ever imagine possible. Viva España! So never think you can out-politic the rabit. I have just returned from two hours of bar politics between three different viewpoints of falangist opinion..
    Start lecturing people with experience of the Spanish right when you have done your homework, Sancho.


  25. Roger says:

    Rabit in vino veritas!
    I am not concerned with the Left nor the Right my interests lie in very different places. Spain , Greece, Portugal , Italy have been economically dumped together as the sick members of Europe. These require bailouts and austerity policies which have been demanded by the northern European members.
    Taking you back to the topic which is Pius XII addressing British and Canadian troops.
    Pius XII has been the subject a consistent campaign calling him Hitlers Pope and Anti Semetic I pointed out his support for Francos Catholic Spain.
    In the West the propaganda was against Franco by both the Left and the Right democracy’s indeed the west favoured the International Brigades and Franco was portrayed as a Facist.
    In the late 1960’s the Angry Brigade was a movement in England that was very much of the Left.
    The point being made is that Spain has come from being a Catholic theocracy to now resembling the Netherlands Protestant model that was dumped on England in 1688. Constitutional monarch, followed by the dramatic social changes (and Debts) poured into the country, bringing Spain into the modern world?
    The same thinking pervaded the Vatican from 1958 bringing the Faith into the Modern world and making it relevant!
    I stand by what I said about Spain after Franco, because in England we saw exactly the same. Blairs government awash with surplus money and making massive social changes. Brown the Chancellor spoke of the End of Boom and Bust economics. The Gold reserves were sold in late 90’s. Popular Capitolism! Credit freely available both private (credit cards) and public.
    BUT is was a fantasy economy building a debt Bubble. A pack of cards waiting to collapse and clearly this was known by those playing the market!
    Modern Warfare? well you can destroy an economy by bombs! But a much better way is through the power of Money because an economy can be brought to its knees overnight and without warning.
    Pius XII was the Pope of Fatima who obeyed Heaven without consideration to worldy opinions. He was called Autocractic and under a veiled language it was implied that he was a Facist and almost Dictatorial!
    In the Subject he is the Common Father chosen by Our Lord! The visible Peter sweet Christ on Earth. He Pius XII upheld the reverie due to Our Lord and the Faith.
    Now back to my statement which I stand by!
    Wealth and affluence is the death of the Faith. What did Our Lord tell the Rich young Man? What did he say about a camel and a rich man entering Heaven?
    Well next time to look at the floodgates of economic prosperity built of perpetual Debt you should understand just why the Apostacy of the 20th Century has taken place! Money and Debt and Christendom sold its Soul for the material! Loves of the body and slayers of the Soul!
    England has been seduced by masonry and perpetual Debt just as where the Netherlands.
    With this flood of Credit (debt) and the decline of the Faith we have seen the rise of Human Rights. Man has replaced God (isn’t this the Original Sin of Adam and Eve?)
    The accusers of Pius XII and Hitler etc.. Have killed more infants than Stalin and Hitler combined! Abortion and Human Rights. Divorce and Sodomy.
    Pius XII and 1944 thats 70 years ago! A different world BUT we should have the same Faith (Faith of Our Fathers) but do we?
    Do we have today the same faith of Our fathers? Do we today have the same belief and faith of the Apostles (they believed in Creation) ? Because if it is not the Same Faith then what has happened to the Apostolic part of Catholic?


  26. Frere Rabit says:

    You are a lucky man to have all that time on your hands to write at such length. I have exam marking to do all evening. i have no clue what you are on about. Goodnight.


  27. Roger says:

    Good night!


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