How Does Your Garden Grow

Andrea Mantegna (Isola di Carturo, circa 1431 – Mantua, 1506)
The Agony in the Garden

Published in response to all the bad news this week:

When you know that God is with you and loves you, your life is infinitely different to, and better than, when you think you have lost Him by your sins.

The Master was asked “What is the secret of inner peace?”

His succinct and simple answer was “Whole-hearted co-operation with the inevitable”.

On another occasion, He was asked, “What is reality?”

He replied “Reality is what happens while you make other plans”. He said many other unsettling and puzzling things. Not all His hearers understood, for their hearts were hard.

Criticized for His radical pacifism and inactivism, the Master merely carried on praying to his Father in Heaven, and living apart with his disciples to whom He taught the words of life. He was no quietist though, and ceaselessly worked to relieve the poor and suffering. He insisted that action must follow love, and be inspired by it.

He could even lose his temper, especially when confronted by the pretend holiness of the pompous professional religious. His popularity grew as the common people began to appreciate His sagaciousness, and the many miracles that happened at His bidding. Goodness seemed to stream out of Him, but He remained humble. “Why do you call me good?” He said. “No one is good–except God alone.”

He never wept, except for grief over others, near and far.

The religious authorities found Him to be undermining their leadership and power structure, and accused Him of  blasphemy and heresy. They turned the people against Him, and arranged His capture, trial and execution, with the help of a traitor.

As He hung slowly dying in agony, they taunted Him “Are you whole-heartedly co-operating with the inevitable now?”, and “Do you have some other plan to come down from your cross?”

The Master just smiled through His pain. Everything was going to plan.

The earth quaked, the sky darkened, and the temple veil was torn. He died.

A senior soldier supervising His execution said, “Truly, this man is in complete control of everything”.

About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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