Film about St Winefride’s Well

Some of you enjoyed a film made by my son about the Dome of Home church in the Wirral. Here’s another he has made, this time about the oldest site of continuous Christian pilgrimage in Great Britain, St Winefride’s Well.

Saint Winifred’s* feast day was on Sunday, and the film contains footage of this year’s feast day Mass at the Well, which was celebrated by Bishop Peter Brignall of the Wrexham Diocese.

(*There is some ambiguity as to the spelling of the Saint’s name, but generally it is spelt differently from the name given to the Well.)

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15 Responses to Film about St Winefride’s Well

  1. kathleen says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Maryla! You really do have a very talented son.

    I’m hoping to visit this lovely shrine with my sister, and a friend from Chartres, in the early Autumn, and this lovely little film of this holy place is making me all the more eager to go!


  2. mmvc says:

    Thank you, dear Kathleen. I will pass your kind comment on to Philip.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit to the shrine. You might want to combine it with a trip to the Franciscan friary in nearby Pantasaph – a bit of a haven with a shrine to Padre Pio and hill-walk stations of the cross…


  3. Roger says:

    Its a beautiful film Its also close to Teresa Higginsons grave is in Neston


  4. Tiddles says:

    You may find that the pilgrimage to Iona is the oldest Christian pilgrim way in Great Britain.


  5. mmvc says:

    You may be right, Tiddles. The claim about St Winefride’s Well is made here:'s_Well
    But I won’t argue!


  6. Tiddles says:

    Thanks mm. There is an unfortunate tendency among the English to make remarkable claims which are unfounded. If they had claimed this for England and not Great Britain, they would get away with it. However GB (which only came into existence in 1603), is not England.

    In these islands the English were late to Christianity. And it shows.

    I saw the wiki reference and it is wrong by centuries.


  7. Dan says:

    Top quality movie! Was your son commissioned to make it, or was it just a personal project?


  8. Tiddles says:

    mm! the plot thickens! The film does not make the claim for Gt Britain as advertised, but the British Isles. So it is definitely wrong. A pity that they dont know a single thing about their history, politics and religion.

    There is no awareness of many earlier Christian sites and pilgrimage. Ireland brought Christianity to these islands so early on. Winifrede is a Winnie come lately.


  9. Brother Burrito says:

    Actually Tiddles, the earliest Christian object found in Wales is a vessel with the ancient Christian symbol the Chi-Rho, dated 375 AD and found in the Roman town of Caerwent.
    Christianity arrived in Wales with the Romans.
    The Irish saints were responsible for a reinvigoration of the Faith in Britain much later.


  10. Tiddles says:

    Thanks Mr Burrito

    But the issue is of pilgrimage not Christian objects,


  11. mmvc says:

    Tiddles, I think the point that the film (and the site) actually make, is not that St Winefride’s is the oldest site of pilgrimage, rather that it is the oldest site of *continuous* pilgrimage in the British Isles. During the Reformation, Iona seemed to reduce in significance quite dramatically (e.g. the history of Iona’s monastic life is documented here: . With the Well, however, due to the connection mentioned in the film between Henry VIII and his grandmother (who built the chapel), there may have been some dispensation given to visiting the well – briefly mentioned here:

    Having said that, with such a long history we obviously can’t be certain of anything. It may well be that Iona has indeed been continuously visited by pilgrims, but we probably can’t prove anything either way.

    Dan: my son made it as a very low-budget personal project, but he is hoping to make films more regularly, and possibly as a career.


  12. Brother Burrito says:


    (Long time no chat!) I took the family to Holywell for the day in 2006. Mass was presided by CMO’C.

    St Winefride realising that all the pilgrims wouldn’t be able to bathe in her well sent an almighty cloudburst instead!

    A very memorable day indeed. St Winefride should be made the patron of umbrella organisations 😉


  13. mmvc says:

    Time to make another pilgrimage perhaps, BB? Who knows, you might be blessed with some sunshine. But take that brolly along just in case…


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    A place of pilgrimage in England.


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