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Peter Kreeft: The simultaneous rise of militant Islam and homosexuality

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Ersatz Immortality

There are many ways by which people think they are going to survive death. 1) The Atheist: “I was never alive, so I’ll never be dead”. 2) The Agnostic “I neither know nor care”. 3) The Pagan: “I will live … Continue reading

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I tell you naught for your comfort, Yea, naught for your desire,…

This ballad needs no historical notes, for the simple reason that it does not profess to be historical. All of it that is not frankly fictitious, as in any prose romance about the past, is meant to emphasize tradition rather … Continue reading

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Blog Update

We are trialling some new features for this blog. Please give us your feedback here. 1) Widgets reordered: The sidebar to the right is now been reorganised. Shortcuts to recent comments have been moved to the top in order to … Continue reading

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